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  1. Case Closed/Detective Conan

    1080 Version   720 Version
  2. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    Draggluon is also is Shadow Specters, and is pretty insane in the mirror as well.
  3. League of Legends

    because they got nerfed to shit after you bought a skin
  4. Prophecy - Discussion

    Cursed Seal is probably the most devastating card vs Prophecy save for getting EEV'd with no tower.
  5. First [2013 NAWCQ Report]

    Good shit son, you've always been a great player. Good luck at Vegas, I might just go to support you.
  6. League of Legends

    Lol what? BotRK is viable to rush on over half the ADCs. Yeah, it's terrible to rush on Draven, Ezreal, Caitlyn, and MF, and Ashe, but it's good on all the others. 
  7. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    My god JJ Watt is a beast. 7.5 Sacks as a 3-4 DE through 4 games? Ridiculous.
  8. The Official 2012-2013 NFL Thread

    Texans 3-0 for the first time in their history. Couldn't be more proud. Also, best moment of the week, [img]http://www.imagecpr.com/imagecpr.com uploads/2012/09/TEBOW-HELMET.gif[/img]
  9. My Body As A Shield

    One thing MBaaS has over lance though is that it can stop NoC in decks like Geargias/GKs. (If NoC becomes a popular side card again.)
  10. I'm back, turkeys. Also, IRL deck

    I think the best part about this deck is the 1 Yellow Gadget sided.
  11. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

    I wouldn't play this card atm, but once TCG Heiratics get Gustaph, Dyna absolutely shits on them.
  12. I like to shoot hoops, not brothers.

  13. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

  14. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    holy shit mike miller
  15. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    flagrant, what