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  1. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    With skill drain what is people's thoughts on the life points cost? Since upstart is practically a staple in this deck and I'm pretty sure that 3 soul charge is also a must, don't we think the extra 1k is too much of a heavy cost or is it that flat out good it won't matter. Though soul charging rulers up while you have drain up seems good lol
  2. Hands Up

    The logic around that tengus was to have searchable floaters from tenki however I've noticed I always end up never searching it. Making edits to main post now PWWB theirs very rarely monster you wish to just pitch away. Pot Of Dichotomy, you don't get all the different types into your grave until late game and by then it's too late to play because you have had a deck card in your hand all game and your on the verg of losing because of that.
  3. Hands Up

    [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Fire Fist deck [/font]   [font='comic sans ms', cursive]14[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Maxx C[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Brotherhood of fire fist - bear[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Fire Hand[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Ice Hand[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Gorilla [/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Coach Solider Wolfbark[/font]     [font='comic sans ms', cursive]15[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Fire Formation Tenki[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Forbidden Lance[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]3x Upstart Goblin[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Soul Charge  [/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Mystical Space Typhoon [/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Fire Formation Tensu[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Book Of Moon[/font]   [font='comic sans ms', cursive]11[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Fiendish Chain[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Dimensional Prison[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Breakthrough Skill[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Torrential Tribute[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]2x Black Horn Of Heaven[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Compulsory Evacuation Device[/font] [font='comic sans ms', cursive]Bottomless Trap Hole [/font] Extra 2x Tiger King 2x Cardinal 1x Exciton Knight 2x Abyss Dweller 2x Number 101 honour Ark 1x Diamond Dire Wulf 1x Black Ship Of Corn 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Bujintei kagutsuchi 1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn 1x Steelswarm Roach Pretty simple deck design, core fire monsters to give you a flow of monsters and the hands and tengus are all floaters. you want to set up boards with traps and floaters generating you plus's, still not sure weather this deck has enough strength to compete but in theory it seems strong though.
  4. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

          This sums everything up, Consistancy is the most important thing  and since this games isn't determined by the skill level of the player, having the most consistent and powerful deck is the number 1 priority.
  5. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Why comment? I just don't understand why so many people on this site are such faggots. If I say I'm currently testing it in my deck, that obviously means I'm not going to directly cut it after one day of playing. Yeah it sucks drawing later and there are other cards that I'll be trying to replace it with, but where is your insight? Reasoning? Anything? I Feel Ashes isn't very good since its not always optimal to draw it and when the decks tight id rather give its space to a card that will help me throughout the game   However it can be good when you are grinding with rulers, but personally its not for me 
  6. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    your playing a deck based around the power of the combos and to get the 4 monster boards/otks you need the 2 lv6's. Since its a CoC target I'm happy to play to 2, if you want to break boards of xyzs and syncho's you need the most powerful combos you have access to. I'm happy to play 2 lab. Just my Preferance. 
  7. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Never realizes ill cut Leo, what cards do you actually cut to fit upstart in? @Deceptions already metioned this.
  8. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Seems Smart, Might Swap out both the fiendish and force for 2 horn and 2 emp and see how that does.
  9. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    i actually really like one Day, its good when you open you with a dead hand, it draws you a card and protects you for a turn.   Shrine i can see where it might come in handy at 3, what would you cut? also what would you cut for soul?
  10. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    This is the list Iv been testing, got good results so far.      The cards in the side deck are stuff i am considering to main.    Reckless: Not sure weather its worth cutting some of the defensive traps for it.   Upstart: The life gain is a issue, i don't like giving my opponent more life since they technically get free soul charge summons.   Soul Charge: I hate opening multiples of this card, not sure yet weather its a must at 3.   Maxx c: up to now this seem to be a staple.    Kind of want to here what other players opinions on the cards I'm considering and the deck it self. Who thinks its a must to play (Reckless + Upstart)? Who thinks you should play the Swift with the maxx c's?    also for some reason i feel like Mythic = Debris/Trigon/Ruler and Hieratic = Dragunity Ruler    Edit I'm uk so we don't have SD Spark D.
  11. Dark World - Discussion

    EEV isn't getting replaced by dribe in anyway mate, i just down feel its good vs everything, that just me. if you really want to play a EEV in the main then thats fine i just personally rather side.    and give your opponent cards of bribe makes no difference since when you bribe something its purely to protect grapha from the super threats i.e. Dim Prison, Bottomless And threat's that help Your opponent REMOVE A GRAPHA FROM THE FIELD or STOPS SETTING UP YOUR GRAPHA PLAY once your life is 3000 or below, Since he's you main protection.   Cards i want to fit are like One Day, Foolish, Full House, Mirror Force, Trap Stun, EEV(if had a extra spot it could go in) Dark Hole, all of those do stop on their on and either help you set up, push combos or defend.   - - - - - - - - - -   Personally the MAIN way this deck looses is to ITS SELF (brick hands) high numbers of independent draw cards help's stop this from happening since you have more cards to play with. More Cards = More Potential to have card combinations of Discard Targets and Discard Outlets. Cards like Trance Archfiend do nothing when you open no monsters, however HOPE/Reckless Greed/Upstart/One Day all help you out without really need other cards to work (except hope for escape but if you aren't making play's your most liking taking damage so it isn't that limiting.    Further more cards like CCD, Raven, Trance and tour guide all give your opponent stuff to veiler, breakthrough skill......etc    Allure is ok but isn't always ideal, if i was playing allure and wanted to play more monster than 9/10 then 1-2 Tour guide would be ok option since it has benefits of bring back banished snoww's and add more fiends to the grave to fuel Gates of the Dark World. 
  12. Dark World - Discussion

    You want to draw huge amounts of cards for the fact that you end up with grapha grapha gateway drain bribe bribe which is a strong lockup against most decks. EEV is a side deck card in my opinion followed by DDV. Cards like trance archfiend take up space that is needed the fact is I want to fit so many more cards in here but I havnt figured it 100% out yet. Also just to clarify that even though it practically the same to longs build (actually peter gross deck) but the deck bearly has any room for change so until I restructure the concept to fit more cards the deck. I am planning on posting a new list once reconstructed. The reason why I perfer this build is the best card is grapha, he it technically a dark dragon ruler since he creates this floating resource, once the field spell is out he's 3k which is huge right know.
  13. Dark World - Discussion

    It's similar but it is the best build IMO
  14. Dark World - Discussion

    Turbo Versions of Dark world are far superior, Why? Let Me give a Example deck 3x Grapha 3x Snoww 3x Broww 1x Beige 3x Gates of the Dark Worlds 2x Gateway From Dark World 1x Dark hole 1x Foolish Burial 3x Upstart 3x Dragged Down Into The Grave 3x Dark World Dealings 15 3x Skill Drain 3x Hope For Escape 3x Dark Bribe 3x Reckless Greed 1x Torrential Tribute 1x Trap Stun When it comes down to ratios; 9 Draw/Discard Outlets vs 10 Monsters so you have split numbers this should give balanced mix between with 9 alternative Draw cards it's really easy to open consistent hands that allow you to drop grapha. More Monsters; playing Silver or gold...etc these cards give you more dead cards and less ways to get rid of them. Dark world dies to itself when this happens, and it's the only reason most players don't keep a X-1/2 record at YCSs or Regionals. Extra Draw Power; Cards like reckless, hope or upstart all give you faster ways to get to your combos without having DW + Discard Outlet. Lock Down Cards; Skill Drain and Bride are fantastic, having a drain, bride and Grapha your in a strong position. Drain is a constant effect lock and most decks basic outs are effect based so your increasing the chances of you opponent struggling to fend off a grapha. bribe helps you to deal with problem S/T which helps improve your set up. Making reads, this is to me why dark worlds are good, you have a lot of ways to make a reads on your opponent since you have cards like dealings and dragged down. Dealings; this tells you what they don't want and allows you to rule out possibilities of cards coming up and plays they are intending on making. Dragged Down: Hand Destruction, this allows you to put your self in a strong position and your opponent in a bad one. You trigger one of your beneficial DW Eff and remove a power card from your Opponents hand which can be huge. These are the main selling points for me on this build, I found it alto better than the other builds/variants. Love to here what other people think.
  15. Agents Or Angles

    yes i missed that card, what should i cut for angle of zera