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  1. Red Dragon Archfiend

    can confirm: look back years into my post history (^:
  2. now i can do degenerate gemknight shit more consistently wait they limited beatrice fuck
  3. Dark Synchro - Omega Hand Loop

    Gofu needs to be properly special summoned before summoning it with something like ddr
  4. Rank 1 Spam

    Jester Confit? also the speedroid engine can be used to make rank 1's, since you can search red-eyed dice with terrortop and use the dice to mod terrortop's level to 1, allowing you to go into an S0 or something
  5. The YGOrganization -[SPDS] New Darklords

    You can use Grave of the Super Ancient Organism against this deck which seems pretty good (until they use the trap on it)
  6. The YGOrganization -[SPDS] New Darklords

    If you play trade in you can use the revival spell to go superbia -> kristya or it might be easy enough to hard summon kristya with the level 7 An important mechanic to consider: Superbia can miss the timing If you use a Darklord to copy the revival spell, Superbia will miss the timing if it is your target since it shuffles the spell back into the deck after the effect of the spell. This means that a single Darklord cannot get you to bring back Kristya. You have to hard cast the spell from your hand to bring up Superbia -> Kristya, or you can use Call/Oasis.
  7. real talk why did construct fuse with tierra to make a tellarknight xyz
  8. Old School Cube

    I don't think anyone who cube drafts uses erratas, they take away a lot of flavor from the cube imo
  9. Denglong, Origin of the Yang Zing

    holy shit
  10. I'd be confident in assuming the art on the second mat is one of the new Subterror cards we're getting as exclusives next set.
  11. Old School Cube

    I wouldn't say it's not allowed to exist within cube, but it's very high in terms of power level. I'd say it dwindles a bit if your cube has an extra deck, and there still a decent number of checks to it.
  12. The YGOrganization -[OCG] ‘Treatoad’

    but then im not summoning swap frog
  13. The YGOrganization -[OCG] ‘Treatoad’