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  1. Red Dragon Archfiend

    can confirm: look back years into my post history (^:
  2. Dark Synchro - Omega Hand Loop

    Gofu needs to be properly special summoned before summoning it with something like ddr
  3. Rank 1 Spam

    Jester Confit? also the speedroid engine can be used to make rank 1's, since you can search red-eyed dice with terrortop and use the dice to mod terrortop's level to 1, allowing you to go into an S0 or something
  4. Old School Cube

    I don't think anyone who cube drafts uses erratas, they take away a lot of flavor from the cube imo
  5. Denglong, Origin of the Yang Zing

    holy shit
  6. Old School Cube

    I wouldn't say it's not allowed to exist within cube, but it's very high in terms of power level. I'd say it dwindles a bit if your cube has an extra deck, and there still a decent number of checks to it.
  7. Old School Cube

    I do have a lot to say about this cube, as I have wanted to delve into the territory of constructing a cube with multiple copy cards, though I haven't gotten around to it yet because to me it seems very difficult when you're adding an extra dimension to design. Personally my favorite perk to having multiple copies of cards is that it becomes easier to draft and play cards that synergize with types and attributes, as you have also realized. As an extension I'd love to see the four Elemental Lords integrated, but it might be more difficult to resolve some than others. They might be too powerful, but they seem challenging enough to summon that their payoff is worth it. There are a lot of niche spells and traps that have remained in my cube that could fit perfectly in here. I'd have to go back in check, but for one I think Punch in the Box fits quite well in here. Also, do you think Kozmoll Wickedwitch is a bit too powerful in this cube? It's a 1900 beater that also can't die to card effects/battle, so the only way around it is to stick a bigger monster on the board or negate its effect. It's notoriously strong in my cubes but I guess there's more effect negation in here, so it might be a bit weaker. EDIT: The Mecha Phantom Beasts are a pretty good engine, multiple Megaraptors Tetherwolfs Blackfalcons etc, some might be stronger than others though. Another cool engine would be Jurrac Guiaba, Velo, and Dino. Dino is crazy in cube and the other two are pretty good card advantage wise. Evilswarms are a bit of a stretch, but a lot of them are decent on their own and when you draft copies of Kerykeion you can get some good value.
  8. the level eater + coral dragon into stardust charge warrior with librarian on board play is inspirational though i'm moreso committed to abusing the fact that once you get librarian on the board you can play almost all of your assault blackwing synchros with level eater to draw like ten cards then stick a quasar or something to the board because sohaya is busted. quasar is pretty weak but your extra deck is also very limited because of trading space for drawing more cards in the combo, so idk. when sohaya comes out there will be six level 7's, three level 5's, and three level 12's to make (armageddon with gofu makes the 12 very easy to make, and then it can copy a previous level to make quasar easier), so that's a lot of space, but at the same time, that's an insane amount of card draw.
  9. Dueling Network

    Or you could just have the RPS process while showing the duel screen, without hands being drawn If you want extra deck size to be public at that instance might as well show deck size as well
  10. Gold Gadget

    I think it's important to note that this card is light, and not earth like the rest of the gadgets Light machine -> can be used with Cyber Eltanin and Cyber Repair Plant, discarded for Galaxy Soldier, etc Can make light specific Xyzs with other lights (Tsukuyomi, Paladynamo), and can also support chaos engines (Gold Gadget -> Shadow Mist for instant BLS access? You can argue that Goldfish is better because of Dweller and Mask Change II though) Gold Gadget -> Vylon Cube -> Vylon Sigma for easy Vylon combos, but those are pretty dated
  11. League of Legends

  12. Dueling Network

    brb downloading YVD
  13. Saffira, Queen of Dragons .deck

    Back Jack can only set normal traps off the top of your deck
  14. Premium Gold: Infinite Kozmos
  15. Dragon Ravine discard Trickclown?