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  1. RIP Rest In Pussy

    3 Stellarknight Deneb 3 Stellarknight Ukuhlae 3 Stellarknight Altair 1 Stellarknight Vega   3 Reinforcement of the Army 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Pot of Duality 3 Upstart Goblin 1 Forbidden Chalice 1 Soul Charge   3 Vanity's Emptiness 3 Dimensional Prison 3 Call of the Haunted 2 Stellarnova Alpha 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning   1 Grand Mole 1 Thunder King 1 Soul Drain 1 Macro Cosmos 2 Full House 2 Royal Command 2 Chain Dis 2 Pulling the Rug 3 Shadow Mirror   2 Delteros 2 Castel 1 Cowboy 1 Emeral 1 Omega 1 Starleige 1 Honor Ark 1 Exciton Knight 1 Dweller 1 Diamond Dire 1 Rhapsody 1 Carnigorgon 1 Black Ship
  2. Nutella for YCS London

    Where's your Starleige?
  3. Satellarknight - Discussion

    This what I am testing. 3 Deneb 3 Altair 3 Ukuhulae 1 Vega 3 Rota 3 MST 3 Upstart 3 Duality 1 Soul Charge 1 Chalice 3 Vanity 3 Prison 3 Call 2 Breakthrough 2 Alphanova 1 Warning 1 Compulse 1 Bottomless
  4. Lightsworn - Discussion

    I ended up cutting Foolish. I don't know how much I will like Wulf after but it acts as a Psuedo Gardna sometimes, I usually just drop his ass in defense and he blocks.
  5. Lightsworn - Discussion

    It was a good find and something to reflect on but I don't see either of those lists being that great. After consideration I dropped Foolish and Rota for the 2 sided Lance for two Ryko. What are your guys thoughts on boarding Metaion? Against Soul Charge boards it clears them minus Gaios Felgrans. It also has implications against Shaddoll for clearing their Fusion without them getting their spell back.
  6. Lightsworn - Discussion

    How is no foolish working for you? I like it a lot.
  7. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Both have their applications but I have become more concerned with getting Raiden asap. It tested Lance and it was pretty good but I found myself needing names more. :/
  8. Lightsworn - Discussion

    I've been messing with this standard list with a wonky side deck. 3 JD 1 Diablos 3 Eclipse 1 Redox 1 Blaster 2 Maxx C 2 Trooper 3 Necro 3 Lumina 2 Lyla 2 Raiden 1 Jain 1 Wulf 1 Ehren 1 Garoth 1 Honest 3 Recharge 3 Soul Charge 1 Charge 1 Foolish 1 Rota 3 Nest I dropped Minerva for Rota because Minerva sucks. Kuribandit is awful too. 1 Maxx C 2 Crow 2 Metaion 3 MST 2 Lance 2 Spiritualism 3 Breakthrough Extra is standard. What you guys think?
  9. Anyone going to this have 3 NeedleBug Nest and a Metaionthe Timelord they'll sell?
  10. Going to this. Never been to a NYC regional hope it's worth the drive.
  11. Is Yu-Gi-Oh your Drug or your Remedy?

    It personally for me has changed. When I was younger I was addicted spent all my time involved in it and couldn't miss locals for anything. As I got older and started working dating typical 17 year old things Yugioh came into perspective. It's just a game, I have fun with it, try to relax and if I have time I go to an event. If work or nursing school tells me no I have other things then I obviously do those. I know countless players who call into work just to go to locals for fuck's sake. I also learned the more relaxed you are and the more fun you try to have, the better you actually become.
  12. Pittsburgh

    I have a feeling your correct. I'll test a more unfair version.
  13. Pittsburgh

    I tested 3 for a while and I understand how good the card is but this deck is just so inconsistent at times. Recharge isn't a stand alone card, it always needs to be paired with something else. Maybe I am wrong completely. Or maybe I am right. Further testing should prove either way. This is just the progress I have made.
  14. Pittsburgh

    I posted a more explained thread. Mods please lock this.
  15. Pittsburgh

    Monsters 29   3 Judgment Dragon 1 Lightray Diablos 3 Eclipse Wyvern 1 Redox 1 Blaster 3 Necro Gardna 2 Card Trooper 2 Kuribandit 3 Lumina 2 Lyla 2 Raiden 1 Garoth 1 Jain 1 Wulf 1 Ehren  1 Minerva 1 Honest   Spells 7   2 Soul Charge 2 Solar Recharge 2 Forbidden Lance 1 Charge of the Light Brigade   Traps 4   2 Pheonix Wing Wind Blast 2 Breakthrough Skill   Explanations:   Monster Line-Up: I only play 2 Kuribandit because drawing it in multiples out right sucks. Trooper is the best choice by far by your limited in how many copies you may play. My choice of Dragon Rulers is simple, Trooper for Redox food and Blaster because he is humongous.    Spell Line-Up: 2 Forbidden Lance, this is for the slower decks that you can normally out pace but once your normal summon is stopped you struggle to reach the late game. 2 Soul Charge/2 Solar Recharge, they are not same card by far but have the same reasoning for only using two copies. They are too often dead for me. While Recharge does help you get out of the early stages of the game, it also is an inherent -1 every turn your waiting for a name to hit your hand. This is sort of like how Chaos Dragons didn't always max out on the card formats ago. Soul Charge was a card that I felt safe cutting to two. Resolving one is game breaking and I never really like two in my hand, while I do gain a field, the draw back of not breaking apart their board through battle is hindering.   Trap Line-Up: No Needlebug Nest, I simply can't find the card and testing with and without it I found myself losing control of how much I am milling and just found it excessive. It's terrible logic but the card just isn't for me. 2 Breakthrough Skill, it is the nuts against artifacts and is another piece of protection that you don't mind milling. 2 PWWB, I thought about this card for a very long time. It had many applications I loved. While testing Beckoning Light I found I like being able to dump pieces of my hand away in exchange for other cards. Wing Blast on the other provided the dumping I want but with a piece of protection. I also found in testing I was able to put 8000k on board versus a monster, but then was able to Wing Blast it away for the kill, also has applications against Emptiness/Spark locks against decks that can do it.    Side 15   3 Maxx C 1 D.D. Crow 2 Ryko Lightsworn Hunter 2 Spiritualism 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Threatening Roar 2 Vanity's Emptiness   Maxx C-Obviously for decks that go off and special and kill you, pretty simple. D.D. Crow-Paired with Maxx C for a piece of disruption against decks that go off and kill you. Ryko-This is a searchable out to oppressive cards such as Ophion, Emptiness etc. It's key against slow decks and picking off advantage as well. Spiritualism-This is just for Infernity. Your goal is to draw this after they Maxx C play it and go off. They are a combo deck that once it's set up have so many way to just break apart your normal summon attempts that are crucial to stick. MST-It's MST, it's for floodgates and to pick off backrow against slow decks. Roar-This is an interesting concept, it's there as a trap Swift Scarecrow, it's rare this deck can be completely set up by turn one and this ensures you reach your second turn while playing against fast decks like Sylvan, Water, the mirror etc.  Emptiness-This is for going first against the fast combo based decks obviously. You make a big guy set this and win.   Extra   1 Leviair 1 Mechquipped 1 Alucard 1 Lavalval Chain 1 ARK 1 Diagusto Emeral 1 Big Eye 1 Dracosack 1 Felgrand 1 Black Rose 1 Michael 1 Spark Dragon 1 Stardust 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Crimson Blader   Spark Dragon is to lock people with Emptiness. Crimson Blader is for Sylvans, Water and the Mirror. Everything is pretty much standard, I just don't have an Exciton.