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  1. Monarch - Discussion

    If you play this deck without Econ... you're gonna have a bad time.
  2. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='dexer008' timestamp='1348476182' post='3287583'] You could use either card, I might test puppet plant over gemini imps soon because I think I have to much dark world hate in the side deck anyways. [/quote] Puppet plant has been excellent for me. Especially now that we will start seeing a lot more six sams...
  3. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='dexer008' timestamp='1348461845' post='3287419'] [quote name='L0rdAceX' timestamp='1348459152' post='3287371'] I like it and I'll definitely be testing it. Is it 41 or am I counting something wrong? There is one thing I'm iffy on, why don't you play Vanity's Fiend mained/sided? [/quote] To be honest, I have never really liked the card, I find even though his effect is good and all he is just to vulnerable and unlike the monarchs he doesn't do anything to net you any advantage when he's played except for the control. I mean I guess I could test him in the side for wind-ups, but I still feel iffy on the card, he is 50/50 for me. I also really hate it can't be special summoned back by reborn or LADD. And yeah, the deck is 41, I threw in BLS I think because he is a win condition himself and he isn't to hard to pull out in this deck. [/quote] For me, Vanitys fiend has been invaluable. I usually win my games 2 and three solely based on his effect alone. There is never a time where I have him and I wish I didn't have him. If you are DESPERATELY afraid of him getting removed, play lance. It solves your problem with vanitys fiend being a prime spell/trap target and it is also good for saving your monarchs at times. Of course, if the deck you are playing against runs thunderkings, lance probably isn't the best option for saving fiend .... >_>;;
  4. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='xXGGnoReXx' timestamp='1348409979' post='3286689'] [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1348389125' post='3286618'] its one of the best cards you can play in here [/quote] Exactly what I thought, specially in a format with huge beaters, give them Treeborn or if you run Dupe give them Dupe while taking one of their monsters and just benefiting from it. [/quote] It is a good card, but the deck already has problems fitting everything in it. The cards you would have to take out to run creature swap are usually better in the long run than creature swap. Enemy controller is still way better and gets the same thing accomplished and then some.
  5. YCS Indianapolis.

    Kohl topped. Oh well, get over it. Hating on someone cause they are a douche is one thing, hating on someone cause they did well in something though? That seems pretty douchey to me.
  6. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='dexer008' timestamp='1348183828' post='3285325'] ^ that and there are easier ways to beat dark world, namely d.d. crow and s/t hate for the gates. [/quote] That and dark world isn't that hard of a match up for this deck in the first place.
  7. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='Lucky666' timestamp='1347901759' post='3282840'] [quote name='laddmonarch' timestamp='1347900443' post='3282828'] You don't play dark hole? [/quote] No I do not play dark hole because there is no further play afterwards like every other deck can do. You guys can neg me all you want but I have never felt the need to have dark hole. [/quote] Umm, you say that you don't main dark hole cause there aren't plays afterwards.... instead you main 2 duality? Perfect logic bro.
  8. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='piggyman86' timestamp='1347882102' post='3282716'] It's just about impossible to beat wind up with this deck if you dont start with veiler and even then its still in their favor by a lot. [/quote] Game 1 is hard. Game 2 and 3 usually aren't so much I find. Vanity's fiend and LADD are really good. Wind Ups are the one deck where dropping LADD early ends up being better for you in the long run.
  9. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1347861059' post='3282590'] i just think the tgu set up is faster / makes for better exceeds as opposed to the phoenix. dont get me wrong, when the opponent is wide open im going to bring him out, but most of the time i felt like i needed a zenmaines more than a phoenix. [/quote] How often are you making phoenix without a leviair....?
  10. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='Bergy' timestamp='1347668967' post='3281123'] I always thought that the fact that Eclipse Wyvern could get LaDD. Is there any way to make a build that can utilize that? [/quote] Probably could, but it's a little too gimmicky. Ladd isn't THAT big of a deal in the deck. The deck barely has room for all of the options we want to play as it is... I made the mistake of trying to play without veilers to fit in gimmicky crap... needless to say, I had a bad time.
  11. Monarch - Discussion

    Wind ups hurt... such a hard match up. Currently trying out different options to handle it but nothing has been consistent yet. As much as I said I hated it earlier, main deck vanity fiend may be necessary. I have three and a kristya side decked right now. Works great if I can get them out in time...
  12. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='piggyman86' timestamp='1347335357' post='3277925'] How do people feel about standard monarch vs lancer frogs?? Personally I feel regular monarchs are more consistant but sea lancer is such a cool concept [/quote] Do you consider frog monarchs to be regular monarchs? Frog monarch over lancer frogs all day. Lancer ends up just being a gimmick that may get you wins from the surprise factor but isn't near as solid a deck as regular frognarchs. Frognarch is FAR more consistent in my testing. At any event with more than 6 rounds you would most definitely find frognarch to be the better choice.
  13. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='dexer008' timestamp='1347330092' post='3277827'] ^ I agree with you on the frogs and rank 2's, they're cool but arn't needed every game. Like, I've sided 2 dupe and ronin at one stage for the hero/ anti-meta aspect, but never have really mained more the n3 swap, 2 treeborn, 1 ronin, and it's been fine. God cards seems iffy to me, I'm not to sure on Slifer, Think I would use Obelisk over it any time because Obelisk is more reliable and less likely to be destroyed. [/quote] I'm loving a single god card so much right now. Still can't decide which one I like best, but I'm definitely going to keep one mained. Admittedly, I could cut the card altogether and the deck probably wouldn't miss it, but having that one extra power card is so nice. I've never once regretted having it and like I said, dropping it usually means game for me. I tend to hold onto it until late game though. At that point they have so little resources they just can't recover from a 4000 un-targetable beat stick, or summon a monster to get over Slifer (I've always had at least 3 in hand when I drop him so I've never had one at less that 3k)
  14. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='arroganceclause' timestamp='1347327334' post='3277759'] Akeem, i feel like you don't have enough targets for ronintoad. I would try to fit in at LEAST one dupe, however I think I agree with you on TGU. It's great for consistency. I would probably drop a veiler. With 3 soul exchange, you might want to run another tribute LIGHT monster, like Ohka or CyDra etc... I'm a huge fan of Fader, but maybe that's because I'm too insecure to go without it. [/quote] I run the same with only one ronintoad and have absolutely no problems. It is very hard to fit everything in the deck as it is, so adding more frogs makes you play less of other stuff that is usually more useful. In my testing, spamming the rank twos doesn't work very well. Usually I only need to make one or two a game unless I'm doing diagusto phoenix shenanigans. Having the extra monarchs/ladd/whatever has always worked better for me. Slifer is so clutch in this deck. I've been switching back and forth between him and obelisk. I've never had an issue getting them out and when I do drop them it is usually game. I'm going to need to test a bit more with them to say if I'm going to keep maining one or the other though.
  15. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='Akeem' timestamp='1347257445' post='3277008'] Okay this Monarch Discussion is bleh. So here's my suggestions for Frog Monarchs. 1) Jinzo should seriously be considered to be run at 1-2 in Frog Monarchs 2) Vanity Fiend or TKR should be considered to be run in the deck 3) 2 Zaborgs would be dope along side BLS - EotB 4) Snatch should be just tech'd or not run at all in this deck. It's more of a filler than anything and it is a bad bad top-deck 5) LADD should probably be ran in 3s in order to stop bullshit in this meta. 6) Find a way to summon LADD First turn Nuff of dat I'm done with my 2 cents. But this arch-type has potential to blind-side ppl [/quote] I disagree with maining jinzo. He has worked way better for me in the sideboard. Traps just aren't so much of an issue that maining him is necessary. I tried vanity fiend main and it works alright. Not sure if I am going to continue maining it though. I end up having to play much slower with him and he can get you into a real bind against a faster deck should they draw an out to him. Late game he is absolutely clutch though. I would definitely side a couple. I wouldn't play TKR at all. Zaborg has been great for me. He is mostly there for bls though, so I could see some people not running it. Snatch has been broken in my testing. Mvp of the deck by far. It gives back that "oomph" we lost with fishborg. Of course, you have be able to use it properly. If you don't think before you use snatcher, you're gonna have a bad time. I run two LADD. He works great, I think three is too many though. I like to keep anything that needs multiple tributes to a minimum though. Much more consistent in my experience. LADD first turn is a waste. Yeah, you make them neg a bunch to get rid of him, but he is way more potent when saved until late game when they don't have a hand full of stuff to do that with. Tour guide builds have been working stupidly well. Almost to the point where I wouldn't play the deck without it main. I'm currently trying out gold sarc. It's working way better than I thought it would...