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  1.   Electric Virus does help going second post-side, though that kind of hinges on them not drawing Strike and/or you having a wait to bait it out. Otherwise, I'm honestly starting to come into the same conclusion as you, though to be completely honest, every mirror right now is pretty much aids in their own way. 
  2. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    PC building noob looking into his first build.   I'll put the budget at around $800. I can go about a hundred more than this, though I'd personally wanna cap it at $800   I don't have any real big needs.  Moderate gaming for League, WoW, and Hearthstone.  The most intensive game I play right now is CSGO. That said, running more premium stuff on Steam would be nice, like say, MGS5 or Fallout 4. But if that'll push the budget too much, I don't mind settling for less.   I'm looking into streaming, but mainly for Hearthstone and DN.  Not looking to stream anything else.   I have my peripherals covered except for Windows. Might buy a second monitor in the future, but that can definitely wait.    I don't plan on starting this project until around next month, so I'm open to any good parts (if any) that would come out during that time frame.
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Without 1st turn Djinn and Laval Chain being a thing, is there a reason to run Veiler over BTS anymore?
  4. SJC Edison TGU Plant format(s) Shock Lock Windups 
  5. Best Individual Seasons of Television

    Survivor 4, 6, and 7
  6. Patrick Hoban And The Djinn Debate

    "Of course I lied, this is poker!" is actually a very relevant quote for this situation. (and an example of why Tony G is awesome, haha)
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I've been playing mainly Control Warrior lately, mainly because I still have to level up for the class's golden cards, haha.   How the heck do you win the Mech Mage matchup with this?  It seems no matter what changes I make to my build, it's a near autolose, especially if they drop Chugga and/or play everything right on curve
  8. Josh Graham - an 'Impact'-ing Tale of grand theft.

    Well this is a turn of events:  Josh is currently on a team again: http://www.liquidhearth.com/forum/hearthstone/472612-impact-bring-team-ihearthu-to-5-6   What's pretty disturbing are these words from his manager at the bottom of the page   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]
  9. YCS Anaheim - Nov 22/14

    Two of my teammates are two of those X-2s that didn't make it.  I cannot even imagine how they are feeling right now
  10. ARGCS Seattle, WA November 15-16, 2014

    I think it's more than just advertising; There's just so many people within the playerbase that doesn't want to get their ass handed to them in a much more competitive environment, especially for a $30 entry with no entry packs.  Either ARG needs to cater a bit more to the casuals or the mentality of the playerbase as a whole needs to change.
  11. Final Fantasy

    Also it just occured to me, which Tactics are you referring? There's a lot of them.     The first Tactics  =)
  12. Final Fantasy

    To be honest I haven't really played 13 haha.  I stand by the others though I actually did forget about 10-2 and might lump it in the bottom as well...
  13. Final Fantasy

    My personal order has always been 6 > Tactics > 4 > everything else >>>>>>>>> X and 8   I'm actually working on a 9 replay right now and I'm actually liking it better than I thought I did, so it might rise up.
  14. 5ds Legendary Collection

    http://i.imgur.com/4yubFV8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RGGvw4t.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kc7qupj.jpg   Secret/Ultra/Super   Dat Secret Fiendish tho
  15. another online dating thread

    Currently on OKC and have tried the others before.  I will echo everyone's sentiments that it's probably the best one.  I've met a couple girls from there now, though I haven't met the one with that connection yet.   Online dating for men is honestly a giant crapshoot unless you are really attractive.  But my personal tip for being on there for about half a year mind is to keep in mind that women in general receive a lot more messages than men do, so they have a lot more work filtering out the crap.  That means there are much more men vying for an individuals attention.  That means you have to know how to make yourself standout from the average man.  Don't make your profile or your messages generic.  Tailor your profile to present the best self you can be and tailor your messages for that particular woman.  Reference her profile, show that you have read it, and try to strike a conversation that appeals to her unique self.  This can be easier said than done, because in my experience, a lot of women don't really have standout profiles themselves (and honestly, if your a woman, it's probably the same for men too).   As sad as it is, your photos DO mean a lot, so make sure you take good ones.  Go for full body shots if possible.  Your surroundings can also reflect your personality a bit more.