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  1. It's been... a couple years. I've been looking about the past couple days, and the forum appears a wasteland. As it pertains to YGO (I've read about Links and the new rules), is there still a competitive forum of sorts? How's the health of the game? Where is everyone? Where do I go if not DG? As for DG itself, is it mostly just a casket for the older users who've made it home? I don't see many of the "older" frequents, mostly just the hardcore guys who made genuine connections via DG.
  2. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    I don't think that Ealy is all that much of "just a body." He's probably a situational pass rusher, but to get one for minimal salary and to slide down 8 spots is a solid trade. I also highly doubt that BB/NE think this is a poor draft. If anything, I think that sliding picks around and acquiring players allows them to be more flexible with the draft. They needed an upgrade at WR, weren't going to get one at 32, so they essentially drafted Brandin Cooks at 32. They still have two 3rds, a 4th, two 5ths, and a 6th and 7th. Now, they're shopping Butler (and/or he's shopping himself) for a 1st. Assuming they get one, it will be, in all likelyhood, be higher than 32. What I see is BB shrewdly leveraging Jimmy G, and quite possibly Butler, into Gilmore, Cooks, Allen, Ealy,and higher picks than they had (yes, I know that Gilmore is a FA signing, but without his signing, moving Butler would be awful). Cooks' frustration reportedly stemmed from being increasingly used as a clear-out runner for other wideouts. It may not be about targets for him, simply that he doesn't want to be running decoy for others. In 2015, at LT, Joeckel surrendered 1 sack in weeks 1-16 before surrendering 5 in week 17. He's shown the ability to perform. Fwiw, Okung is now the NFL's highest paid OT by APY, and he isn't close to worth it. For as much talk as there has been about them "not trying" or "not caring" about the o-line, the guys they have had have been paid insane amounts for relatively average (at best in most cases) players, not to mention they've spent plenty of picks on lineman. Just hasn't quite worked out. Now, I may want to see them take Cam Robinson in RD1, and perhaps Ahkello Witherspoon in RD2 (he has the length and speed, and actually leads all incoming rookies in passes defensed last year; shows good ball skills/tracking). I'd like to just insert someone into the RT spot and just have them be decent. Gilliam was horrible until he got benched late in the year, so I don't want to go through that again. Fant has the upside/ability to play LT at a high level, but he probably needs another year, so I'm more than OK with Joeckel being the guy there for a year, then see what the FA market brings, and let Fant compete for the job. Excited to see Ohdiambo v Glowinski at LG. Ifedi should be a fixture somewhere on the right for a long time. Jacksonville... Man, if only Bortles didn't break (and there are worries that Wentz may be Bortles 2.0, given the way his delivery developed over the season), and they had gotten this talent for Bradley.. Oh well, that defense might be pretty good, but if they don't fix Bortles, or replace him, they're gonna have another "dominant 4-12 campaign." Speaking of Gus, this draft may just go amazingly for the Falcons, LA Chargers, and Santa Clara 49ers (damn name changes...). Both LAC and SC will be implementing the "Seattle defense," and of course Quinn in Atlanta, and this draft has so many DBs with Seattle's preferred physical profile.
  3. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Ealy may not be great, but if BB wants him, then he's probably going to be effective in some capacity, not to mention they got him for 8 spots worth of draft value. Cooks apparently grew frustrated because NO increasingly used him as a decoy or strictly to clear DBs out of an area to create space for other wideouts. Also, Bill thinks Gilmore is amazing. There's a ton of money early in the deal, and was pointed out that his first 2 years are worth only $1M less than Revis' 2-year deal with them. I may not think Butler is all that great of a corner, but he is a good one. Now, if they do leverage Jimmy G into a bevy of picks, you're essentially trading Jimmy G for Kony Ealy, Brandin Cooks, and whatever plus you get in the trade. Pretty damn upsetting that Seattle seems to move almost entirely in the shadows. Was reported 2-3 days ago that Luke Joeckel signed a 1-yr deal worth up to $8M, but there are no contract details, and there has been no official announcement. Add to that that they're trying to sign TJ Lang, and as soon as he gets on the plane, no one knows if he ever made it there, if he's still there, if he left, or what their offer was. Tbh, I like the Joeckel signing. Injuries have stunted his growth, as has poor coaching. He could be average for Seattle given his athletic profile. It's speculated that it's a 1-year, $5M deal with incentives, which looks damn amazing considering the deals that several average-to-above-average tackles have gotten. If they do land Lang, can't see them take a lineman until late in the draft. They love Fant's upside and seem to be willing to let him compete for the starting job. All 2 or 3 of the good tackles in this draft will get overdrafted out of Seattle's range, so here's hoping they draft Kevin King.
  4. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Maybe on the straight-up trade, but consider NE's overall offseason: +Stephon Gilmore +Dwayne Allen +Brandin Cooks +Kony Ealy -Donta Hightower* -Martellus Bennett -Jabaal Sheard *Could still be re-signed. They could also be leveraging Jimmy G into a massive reload in terms of picks, via Cleveland, which has gone out of its way to acquire draft picks. Also, now that Cleveland is moving on from RG3, ready to confess that he's garbage, and has been ever since his rookie year?
  5. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Lol GG NFL
  6. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Doubtful. Dude is getting an insane paycheck for what he's actually worth. If he had stayed in Denver, he'd have ended up benched and would also have signed a smaller contract.
  7. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    You're so wrong it's ridiculous. The Cowboys are 2-1 against teams with winning records. Their opponents are a combined 30-50-2 (0.366). Even if you take out the two NFL clunkers, they're 29-32-2 (0.460). They've played only 3 games against the league's top 16 scoring defenses, and 4 games against the league's top 16 scoring offenses. Among the best? Certainly. Indisputably, with no one even close? Absolutely not. I'd count New England, Seattle, the AFCW trio, and Dallas as being the "real contenders," and at some point we may be looking at taking Denver out of that group, and KC will only get better with Houston returning. Dallas is essentially what Carolina was lat year: a more-than-likely mediocre team that gets to play a bunch of bad teams.
  8. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    The Browns have the worst line in football. surrendering the second most sacks and the most QB hits (by comparison, they've given up 21 sacks to Indianapolis's 25 (most sacks allowed), and 61 hits to Tampa's 51 (second most hits allowed)). Joe Thomas isn't helping that line do anything. Trading him isn't going to cause the line to crater any more than it already has. Their offense is 24th in both passing yards and scoring (23rd in passing TDs). What production is Hue really coaxing out? Poor production out of bad players? If this team won't be competing for the division or playoffs for another 2-3 years, what value does Joe Thomas have in 2-3 years? Retired? Greatly diminished play? Joe Thomas is not helping you win games now or next year. Their losing record every year since his second year indicates that.
  9. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    I also highly contest that Joe Thomas has much value to Cleveland. The team is 0-7, has no quarterback, a poor line outside of Thomas, a defense that is 2nd worst in yards, 3rd worst in points, and has maybe 2 good offensive tools in Pryor and Barnidge. Crowell and Johnson are fine, but neither is an Elliott/Peterson kind of "franchise back." So what exactly is Joe Thomas helping you do? Nothing. They're on their 4th quarterback this season, due to injury. This team is nowhere near competing with anyone other than the worst teams in the league, which Cleveland may actually be if they aren't already. Thomas is 31. By the time they're close to competing, he'll be retiring, so if you can get a 3, or any return draft pick for him really, you should pull that trigger.
  10. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    The pressure was coming off the edges (Sowell was horrible, Gilliam was awful), not as much up the gut, but Sowell was getting absolutely annihilated in the run game. Rookie back-up, ex-basketballer, George Fant appeared to be an upgrade half the time, though it's tough to tell because Graham actually did a lot good chipping down the stretch. Either way, the interior guys haven't been the problem so far. Sure, Germain has had his lumps (rookie, so it's not like it isn't expected, especially after missing the first few weeks), and Glowinski has made a few mistakes, but Britt has been very solid, if not good, but the tackles have been awful on the whole, which when combined with Wilson's injuries, is just collapsing the run game. It's also fair to point out the number of dropped passes that would have been first downs on third down (specifically talking the Arizona game). Maybe the worst thing about the Arizona game is that no one will notice just how amazing Seattle's defense was.
  11. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    He's 31, will be 32 in December, yeah, and his cap hit would only be like $5mm this year, and jump to $10mm next year, but also would have no more guaranteed money, so they could actually cut him after this season or next and not owe him a dime. Yeah, it'd be a steep price to pay, but if I'm Cleveland, I look at Joe Thomas and think "if I can get at minimum a 3," because yeah, he's 31/32, you're 0-7, have no quarterback, no defense, you need to get all the picks you can so you can rebuild that team from the ground up, and I pull the trigger if I can.
  12. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    In real time you couldn't see him graze the guy. As for the kickers... Idk what to tell ya, both missed easy kicks in good climates, though I wonder if footing was a factor for them. Hauschka had been footing it around all game, we saw Sherman lose footing, and I'm sure some other players lost footing at points as well (looked hella cut up throughout). Poor fields seem to be a problem for teams that grow grass on trays. The one thing I hate about people talking about kicking is that they expect it to just be "automatic" when in reality it's strictly biomechanics + physics, and like we all know, change a variable, get a different outcome. No, no one was lucky. It was the outcome we deserved to get. Really hoping that Schneider gives Cleveland a call and tells them they can have our 2 for Joe Thomas. Gilliam was bad, but Sowell was atrocious. Too many times I saw him buckle in the run game when there would otherwise be a lot of room for Michael. Was very interesting to see Fant do relatively well (by comparison) in both aspects (though Graham was chipping like a mofo), so perhaps he could be a long term answer in a couple years. Of course, the tackles killed out pass game. Wasn't until the last 21 minutes of play that when the tackles weren't getting killed the ball started moving. Problem isn't the interior guys, it's the tackles. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be a horrible year for tackles.
  13. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    God, all this "luck" shit. Walsh missed because: kicking a goddamn rock in the cold (which this from way back in 2012 says that the temperature alone dropped the chances of him making the kick dramatically at that distance), had to try to aim it, and rushed it to avoid a block which was literally 1" from happening on his last kick. I consider things strictly out of player control that only affects one team to be "luck" (ie, the way a ball bounces on a fumble). I don't consider the missed PI to be "luck" because then Atlanta was also "lucky" to not be called for either illegal use of hands/hands to the face on Julio Jones or Andy Levitre (who could have also been called for holding; after smashing Cassius Marsh in the face, he immediately gets beat inside, just turns around and tackles him from behind into the rest of the line). Also, NFL Films seems to be covering up that Atlanta could have been flagged. Their recap of the game (Wilson Mic'd Up), when they show the last play, they show Julio running free from earlier in the game, while it was sunny out (still show the pre-snap stuff, cut to Julio running free earlier in the game, go back to PI part). Joe knows how this goes.
  14. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    Fuck you guys. Homerism my ass. You're all just bitching due to recency bias. Quit being pieces of shit and acknowledge more than just the very last thing you saw.
  15. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    And on that very play Julio was open behind Sherman due to illegal hands to the face (you can see it on nfl.com's highlight of the play; they switch to show Julio releasing off the line, he wants an outside release, gives Sherman a big hand to the face and damn near throws him to the ground), which also wasn't called, so technically should have been offsetting penalties.