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  1. Banish Agents?

    Tru, was a quick post  was going to update later.   later going add combos, play style, versus meta etc.   @  Paraliel  Sik never though of that going to try that for sure thanks.
  2. Banish Agents?

    http://i.imgur.com/ctMW3l9.png         Cool deck... testing as be surprisingly amazing.  Side in testing  might cut soul charge (light of redemption) or the agent of miracles jupiter  oh and 45 deck for no shine ball in hand - yes ive cut the deck to 40 didnt like it) im happy with 45 Easy match ups- shadolls, BA, stellers,Ritual beast  Hard match ups- Nekroz (they set up to quick)    Deck is cheap and consistent ( - been smashing locals and on dn went from 910 to 1386 play mostly decks above. 18-3 unexpected deck ( new players dont know how to play against  it)      For DExter. Monster 30 the agent of creation - venus x2 mystical shine ball x3 the agent of mystery - earth x3 master hyperion x3 dimensional alchemist  x3 Combo Piece of the deck- Recycle  lightray sorcerer  x2 ( alch, sky, valley, master) never dead. banish Dante construct YES!! to goood  Honest x2 effect veiler  x2 (steller-nekroz)  might do 1 veiler and third herald Herald of Orange Light x2 star seraph scepter x2 Draw Engine( fairy) star seraph sovereign x3 ( if dead i use it for herald or cards from the sky) Cyber Valley x1 (mind control)    Spells: 12 cards from the sky x3 draw engine  pot of duality x3 light of redemption x1 (  awesome. can get anything back Might do 3)  plus lots of deck banish  dark hole x1 book of moon  x1 ( hole, moon raigeki mind- jin outs Raigeki x1 mind control x1   Soul Charge x1 ( win condition )   Royal Decree x3( GReat. might try the solemn scolding vanity instead)     Thoughts?? test in for yourself wont disappoint. cheers   http://i.imgur.com/lqh5MaU.pngupdate
  3. Frog Monarch 2015

    Last Post On this deck   Finally happy with my list http://i.imgur.com/ojNyCoG.png 
  4. Frog Monarch 2015

    the mirror and warning were for steller and quil was just test it.... did ok.   Thanks guys  * Updated Decklist http://i.imgur.com/Uk05Aop.png    side note: i still want to add chaos hunter or artifact lancea  in side deck 
  5. Frog Monarch 2015

    Ill test it looks good. thanks
  6. Frog Monarch 2015

    http://i.imgur.com/bTEdNv2.png (old list)   Testing very well. only hard match up stellers and quilphort   Techs right now mask change II very good acid blowout might go Two and lance to proctect my Fiends and plays. i play them over enemy controller and mained mst.   side is mostly for steller but decent agasist everything ( side mvp right now mirror force unexpected)   might add share the pain. Dont have an out for Tower vs quilphort. expect moster plus gachi   Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?   Cheers.   Edit: Deck update   Testing D.D crow(Very good agaist steller lol) ,Chaos Hunter,     Jurrac Titano in side deck      Deck update:  http://i.imgur.com/pgcYzOj.pngMay
  7. Monarch - Discussion

        Must Try...
  8. Monarch - Discussion

      My current build. decent. just change the side deck to your play style.   If you have any question about my chooses just reply.   and with my side spell books. i always win game 2. just hope they drew shit game 3   2 snowman ,2 end of anubis ,chailce , vortex, 2spell cancelleer( still debating) 3mst
  9. Monarch - Discussion

      Post your build herbie666; seems interesting.
  10. Monarch - Discussion

      Still debating on hand trap ratios, but its been doing fine. Book and lance have been doing great over mst. They also stop gaios big plus.   Side deck is fine....thunder king/ lightning vortex mvp. snowman or ryko?
  11. Frog God OTK ^^

    Something I've been working on and though i would share the deck with the duelistgroundz community. Its not a new idea but I have tweaked it to be a deck to see in the future. The deck spams rank 2 and 5 easy and OTKS with in 2-3 turns... draw swap frog auto win. : :P Still working on the side deck so..... yea only problem decks ive had trouble but not much macro decks/ skilldrain decks   http://i.imgur.com/SxphLNn.png   3 Des Frog 3 Dupe Frog 3 Swap Frog 3 Ronintoad 2 OB god 2 Sea Lancer 2 Mother Grizzly 2 Maxx c 2 Tragodia 1 Jinzo 1 Poison Draw Frog   2 Des Croaking 2 Inferno Reckless summoning 2 Salvage 2 Reasoning 2 MST 1 FF Tenki 1 My Body as a Shield 1 Creature swap 3 Broken Trio   1treacherous trap hole   EXTRA DECK: 3 Daigusto phoenix 3 Gatchi Gatchi 2 Dark Mist 2 Volcasaurus 1 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh 1 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja 1 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 gaia dragon the thunder charger   SIDEDECK: 2 Vanity;s Field 2 Kycoo 2 Lava Golem 1 gorz 1 mst 1 Lightning vortex 2 Messenger of peace 2 breakthrough skill 2 royal decree     I would love feed back on this deck. Ill make a follow up post, with changes and how the deck works.   P.S. Ive only lost once with the deck. Spellbooks_.....   elemental dragons.... easy.
  12. Monarch - Discussion

    Ive tested it but the discarding cost hurts the deck when you need hand advantage. but yeah its decent vs fire fist.... there out fiendish chain, d prison, rabbit, tensu with 2 monsters
  13. Monarch - Discussion

    2 Vanity Fiend 2 End of Anubis 2 Lava Golem  2 Messenger of peace 3 MST 1 Night beam 1 Lightning Vortex 2 Trap Stun   My Current side deck.
  14. LOL the monarch payer is running my build. yus ;)
  15. YGOverdose Dueling Network Tournament #4

    I'll be back...... I don't get salty; i get even :)