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  1. Theory In Practice [vs] Blaze

  2. Theory In Practice [vs] Blaze

    bertologist 2-0d me, damn his tech(doom cal) and side(decree and prohabition) raped me and my final countdown... GG's bro, u def a solid player..
  3. Theory In Practice [vs] Blaze

    i know its late but ofg..
  4. Blaze

    sry guys ive been super busy... sold a house, doing bbq's, work and a road trip with my best f and bro.. im back now, so please hit me up guys for some practice!
  5. Orbit [Vs] Blaze

    on again.. for a lil bit..
  6. Blaze

    hey guys, hit me up on some practice/testing sometime
  7. Orbit [Vs] Blaze

  8. Orbit [Vs] Blaze

    ill be on either tomorrow or friday. testing decks with this new prio ruling chain...
  9. Orbit [Vs] Blaze

    is this a 7 v 7???
  10. Blaze [vs] The Aristocrats

    got bergy 2-1 gg'z
  11. Blaze [vs] The Aristocrats

    f it, im on...
  12. Blaze [vs] The Aristocrats

    [url="http://imgur.com/3a3GC"]http://imgur.com/3a3GC[/url] lol 24 hour bannhammer on me guys... be drunk tomorrow, so see ya monday =/
  13. Blaze [vs] The Aristocrats

    im on, got my aim working.. atxbroken hit me up
  14. Blaze

    also guys u can add me on facebook Brad Poth the sexy mother fucker, theres an ugly Brad P. im not him lol..
  15. Blaze

    lol wtf^^^^ i know ygo'z