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  1. only if you're wrong
  2. Just jealous of my flawless scum hunting techniques. on a side note, I spent half a week reading all of nanatsu no taizai because of your stupid profile pic smh on topic tho: The Departed The Nice Guys Sing Street (if you don't mind musicals. should be on netflix i think)
  3. Y'all sum bitch ass mo'fuckers. I's playin the long con finna act like i got dat multi personality disorder shit u feel playin dat depressed af shit day 1 bout to come in posi as fuck day 2 sayin sorry for my lil punk white boi shit BUT NAH NOW WE DED AS FUCK. bitches best hope i dont catch you alone on the streets boiiiiiiii peace, darrell
  4. it's okay friend; you were in the majority anyway :')
  5. haha lol
  6. vote Richard Richard is zappdos btw, but I call him Richard cause we're close like that even though he didn't wish me a happy birthday and it's eaten away at me and kept me up all night so I'm pretty low on sleep rn so sorry if I'm a downer but do you ever just feel like what's the point like man idek anymore
  7. shitty brag thread
  8. i guess sign me up. probably gonna regret it but :/
  9. iirc mark played when scoiatael dash was a thing (back when mercenary was a 3 strength agile that pulled spell from deck). I agree that I don't think the game was luck based then but weather had far more impact especially in conjunction with card advantage so I can see where he's coming from the RPS argument in so much as scoia naturally generated card advantage and the victor was often decided by whoever had the last play. the game is far more about incremental advantage now for those wondering. tempo is generated at the start of rounds via leaders as opposed to end of round swings which is nice. once they provide an acceptable means to handle gold power, i think the game will be in a good place. at the moment tho, the gold control spell decks are miserable to play against.
  10. opt in both
  11. i think we're okay for now actually but I'll drop you a PM if we need a sub in next few days if you're available to play?
  12. Lynch mark (4) - gem, slickz, markus, mark President mmf (3) - JC, Gemstone, slickz Mark (1) - Mark broken brilliance (1) - markus
  13. still looking for a sub anyway IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP OUT QQ
  14. If anyone is available as sub, please let Soph or I know