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  1. #NotMyKing
  2. the fuck is up with all the random numbers to the right of your posts??? http://imgur.com/a/smB9n
  3. on the real tho apart from having more balls, what can i do to improve my scum game?
  4. right in the self-esteem
  5. ye guys it was all calculated. im the best
  6. ye i just said i approved sophs game so i can get the blame if he fucks it up wildly (dont even think this is possible but still)
  7. shouldve killed rei n1 feelsbadman
  8. but yeh in retrospect the spamming was fucked and I shouldn't have done it. will be more considerate
  9. er i mean town
  10. idk what else was expected to happen when shooting scum with a timed vig
  11. pls god no. it was exhausting
  12. markus was the last scum
  13. i got you bb
  14. So Soph has matrix6 and JC also has a small game in queue for after malcolm's game. probably going to run concurrently with signup preference to people not already signed up to the other game.