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  1. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Your point on Faint is an example of subjective judgment. Clearly if you feel this way, you understand that these situations are not as black and white as you would perceive them to be. Also I don't know what's going on with you recently but it's wildly disillusioned to try to say that you were just playing the game a different way and that it wasn't griefing behaviour. I know you're self aware enough to identify this. Regardless, maybe you should take some time away from the section and clear your head. Even beyond maintaining the quality of the section, I can't imagine this arguing or bitterness is good for your own mental health.
  2. Promotion

    HEY i never said dont tell anyone i was quitting smh THIS MAN IS A LIAR AND A FRAUD DRAIN THE SWAMP
  3. Promotion

    in other news ;)
  4. Promotion

    wow where's my retiring thread you cuck
  5. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    i love jazz kinda
  6. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    im not mafioso tho friend hehe i think malcolm is the only mafioso now that would be on board with flexible judgment for bannings. it was more just an observation over something i really don't understand (and feel less nazi mod about saying not that it doesnt look like trying to gain more power)
  7. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    i really don't understand the worship of the rules list that goes on here. it's treated like the word of god. "THE BIBLE/CONSTITUTION/RULES DOESN'T EXPLICITLY SAY THAT'S NOW ALLOWED SO YOU CAN'T PUNISH FOR IT" it's not hard to use common sense and not be a shitlord. if you are a shitlord and belligerently defend your shitlordness, then you deserve to get hit with a punishment. giving no flexibility lets people who clearly had malicious or apathetic intentions get away with it but you guys would rather play mr defense attorney than avoid this this is a perfect example of the way it should be. identifying that something doesn't need to be a rule to be punishable because the actions of the accused just defy any attempts for them to not be an asshole.
  8. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    Did you even read Wunter's posts?
  9. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    narcissism noun extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.
  10. Wonderland mafia aftergame - The_Be(a)sT loses

    ayo underwood you need to calm down less aggro less cursing take a xanax or something smh
  11. Help Thread

    guess i'll try again in another 3 years
  12. Wonderland mafia

    Day over. Francis J Underwood was lynched. He was: Sophocles and iSlickz have been returned to (Deadman) Wonderland! Playerlist: 1. Wunterslaus 8. iSlickz 12. Faint 15. Malcolm 17. Sophocles Night begins now and ends in 24 hours or when beast has received all actions.
  13. Wonderland mafia

    Final vote count TheGoldenTyranno (4): Nelrick, iSlickz, Brokeback Brilliance, Winter Multi
  14. Wonderland mafia

    Day over. TheGoldenTyranno has been lynched. He was: Night phase starts now and lasts 24 hours or until beast has received all actions.
  15. Wonderland mafia

    TheGoldenTyranno (4): Nelrick, iSlickz, Brokeback Brilliance, Winter Multi