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  1. You're all such disgusting weebs I couldn't even get any of you to insult anime. REEEEEE
  2. telling me your play would be shit as scum doesn't mean you wouldnt do it. that isnt an argument against it. also "Faint - Some posts feel 'unfaintish' but can't quite explain it. I agreed with him that his first post on P2 was him trying to prod for info. Townlean" so what changed your mind?
  3. also you plucked the vote thing out when the overall issue was that you didn't pressure or question. you did meme vote, point out shitty posts in future. that's way more floaty than townie u lil rogue one watcher
  4. wait fuck off your vote on him was a meme at first now it's just like you made a shitty case against him to keep your vote floated there. smfh
  5. ah shit I fucked up oh no fleeeeeeee
  6. so atm im feeling faint wunter and markus for scum. faint makes a case against markus - points out that markus' post is merely summarizing the thread - does not push markus for more input - does not vote for markus - "clear scumtell" but no commitment. when i pressure faint for some commitment he reiterates previous reads (adding nothing new) and then swiftly changes the focus to wunter and walia. i vote for faint - wunter joins the fray misrepresenting my case against faint and attempting to set up a dichotomy of faint vs markus also stating its town vs town - how does one get this read from the game so far?? essentially faint fails to commit to a push on markus, wunter jumps in to defend faint and suggest that faint markus is town town. just where im at atm :3
  7. so now that were over tyranno thinking things through more before posting @Wunterslaus can you please define "adding fuel to the fire" in this context? i asked faint for his scum and town reads. i didnt mention markus. you trying to set up a false dichotomy there is scummy as all fuck. dont misrepresent what i did. really interesting that you dont mention him seeking more from you in the same post that he answered me though. also interesting youd have a townlean on him. hey @Faint what do you think of wunter now? @BuildTheWalia im gonna lean town on you atm for actually using your brain before dicking me
  8. whatre you on about?????? 23:59 NYC time is another 9 hours 47 mins
  9. faint dont pussy out and look to others U LIL BISH vote faint
  10. faint gimme the low down on other players. who u liking for scum who you think is town?
  11. faint if you were to submit a scum role what scum role would it be?
  12. so obviously Soph is a big poopie pants liar thinking his pos rep triggered ability is all going to keikaku(1) but I think we all know Soph isn't a charitable person and must have a dark motive behind anything good he does. scum imo tbh imo. would kill Markus too despite their attempt to link at start of game. 1. keikaku means plan
  13. okay sir just call me the weeb detective