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  1. Gonna copy Faint on this one. Selling my Duel Links account since I don't have the interest in it anymore. The details are: DM World lvl 35 GX World lvl 16 Inventory: 1641 Gems 1292173 Gold 1958 R Jewels 85 SR Jewels 8 UR Jewels All stones 1500+ All keys 1200+ 93 Duel Orbs 2 UR Tickets 1 UR (Prismatic) Ticket 1 SR Ticket 1 R Ticket WCS 2018 Regional Representative Qualifiers (Group C) Characters: (DM) Yami Yugi lvl 21 Kaiba lvl 23 Joey lvl 15 Mai lvl 25 Tea lvl 17 Weevil lvl 2 Rex lvl 40 Mako lvl 2 Yami Marik lvl 1 Yami Bakura lvl 21 Bandit Keith lvl 36 Ishizu Ishtar lvl 38 Odion lvl 21 Pegasus lvl 16 Mokuba lvl 1 Paradox Bros lvl 18 Arkana lvl 1 Bonz lvl 8 Yugi (Character missions to be completed) (GX) Jaden lvl 12 Aster lvl 40 Chazz lvl 14 Alexis lvl 38 Crowler lvl 31 Bastion lvl 14 UR & SR Collection: Looking for €120 but I'm pretty flexible on the price so just hmu with a decent offer and we can try work something out.
  2. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    I really don't see how Faints point is a bad dgz town excuse when you yourself admitted Markus failed to communicate. Maybe it's something you don't put particular value in because you also often fail to project town and lead lynches but it's a huge component of the game. Even with that aside, saying Markus gets MVP for "accuracy" is totally questionable when afaik you have no information as to his thought process on wanting faint and silver dead considering he didn't make any real case against them in the game. He could have just entered everyone's names into a random number generator for all we know, especially given this post immediately after his "reads": So don't bash on faint for something you have no more knowledge over than him just because it's a topic you have a personal grievance with.
  3. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    >"classic bad dgz town excuse" >"this community is a lost cause" >"no offense"
  4. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    fight me after school, nerd
  5. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    also no hate at markus he was obv on the right track with faint and silver but I don't think he deserves mvp when he failed to defend himself let alone gather allies to push a target.
  6. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    thanks coach ily you're always there for me
  7. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    wake me up inside
  8. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    how does markus get mvp lmao
  9. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    getting matched with silvers and golds in mafia dam
  10. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

  11. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    when i point out that he assumes soph is the nk i dont mean that in the sole sense of he nk'd soph so just didn't think about it rather i think he knows soph redirected based on him saying "are we out of power roles now". so we know hes aware of sophs role in which case the question "who did soph want dead" is really weird. similarly, not stating "i think soph would have protected X" is weird if youre considering sophs line of play as in the above. if youre going to ask "who did soph want dead" then you should also be asking "whos likely to get nk'd last night and whos soph likely to auto protect n1". so then you have to ask yourself how does a town member benefit from avoiding town reads? i really dont think they do. also he never says silver is town for reasons. he says silver is scummy but faint is more scummy for thinking silver is scummy. he hasn't said anyone is town since early day 1 and tbh the "walias posts arent alignment indicative" post day 1 is way more scummy now given the circumstances. it wasnt "walias posts arent scummy" which would infer some sort of stance on walia (and if you're going to say "well it was day 1 how could he have a stance on walia? he obviously had a stance because he defended him by making this post - just in the least committed way possible). plays the neutral ground again essentially. you dont think its bad hes misrepresented your interactions with me or mine with silver? or even mine with faint? i find it really odd that you're missing this much about his game tbh or have no opinion on him beyond "he exists" when hes one of the more prominent posters this game. also nah all the anime out atm is garb imo. darling in the franXX is "ok". season 3 of bnha in like 7 days tho.
  12. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    jc why would you think markus is town mascis has actually done nothing its really disappointing tbh idk why bother even signing up then faint pls gimme your reads right now and expand on the silver vote silver just post more in general pls
  13. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    markus breakdown: >le epic soph lynch bait to accomplish nothing >you think silver is scummy >you think faint is scummy for pushing silver for being scummy >you think im town but then maybe not because im playing aggressive >you have no opinion on jc other than to point out what hes done this game >"someone else solve the game for me" >"if only people actually tried" >you assume soph was the target of the nk >no attempt to consider who soph may have actually protected (cuz that would rule out someone as probable town right lul?) >role hunt >"you think im scum???? WELL WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE???"
  14. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    i never said that why do i have to link you to someone else for you to be scum why did you immediately assume soph was the target of the nk? seems p weird considering your first few posts were trying to derive some follow up from soph's posts.
  15. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    vote markus