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  1. unvote vote Markus
  2. depends how sure he is that you're lying about the poison
  3. I wonder what nelrick was trying to soft when he said he had another reason for kahu as scum. how interesting.
  4. ya his mom is 'doing her taxes'
  5. ya his mom is 'doing her taxes'
  6. malcolm knowing jazz was non-scum but offering no alternative lynch was sketchy af come on
  7. what did i do senpai
  8. mascis could be a scum vig that eats the use of their nk for tonight so as to circumnavigate healer or nk-proof abilities like mark claimed to have. there is no need to assume he is town. we do not know the true power of his role.
  9. is your guild called fairy tail
  10. i meant gem was right oops
  11. no hes actually right
  12. gemstone was advocating for mark's lynch. idk what else to clarify