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  1. i think we're okay for now actually but I'll drop you a PM if we need a sub in next few days if you're available to play?
  2. Lynch mark (4) - gem, slickz, markus, mark President mmf (3) - JC, Gemstone, slickz Mark (1) - Mark broken brilliance (1) - markus
  3. still looking for a sub anyway IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP OUT QQ
  4. If anyone is available as sub, please let Soph or I know
  5. If you're not a part of the game, do not post in the game. Don't quote people that do this either. I would like to remove posts by people not in the game and quoting them makes this difficult for me.
  6. ah shit im gonna get banned now
  7. why cant you host a successful game? are you just a shitty host? not even just one time, gemstone? rei and malcolm never saw day 3 as players but you never see it as a host elegiggle
  8. jazz: 3 game suspension for personal attacks. The situation surrounding this was discussed and, while slickz or others could have been more considerate or aware of what consequences their comments would incur, they were not punishable and not inflammatory to the point of being intentionally or personally harmful. Jazz's comments however were malicious and far beyond what is acceptable in the section. Provocation does not entitle a player to lash out in this fashion and I hope everyone playing and watching understands the harm this does to the victims' and onlookers' willingness to play what is intended to be a fun game.
  9. its not that critical but thanks for the offer boo :*
  10. Is anyone else also available to sub? qq
  11. @Top_LADD can you still sub bb?
  12. Malcolm (our representative) is from Zambia so you can add that to your list.
  13. need a sub. pm me or zeropassion if youre available pls.