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  1. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    The search function can be limited to "this topic" if you're searching for a keyword. If you want to see a particular person's posts, you can visit their profile and select "See their activity". It gives you a list of all their posts. If they've posted a lot outside of the thread recently then it's a little more awkward but that doesn't happen too regularly. It's not a particularly good solution, but it's hopefully only a temporary one until ACP has mafia functionality for his discord bot. It's always nice to have new players, so even if you don't feel like being a permanent presence, I hope you drop in now and again for a game!
  2. Seven Deadly Sins

    i really think the only interesting character at this point is arthur. i was thinking about this more yesterday and even the new characters pop up out of nowhere. i give the sudden appearance of the commandments a pass because they have the link with the sins being formed originally to combat them, but the latest enemies on the side of the demons really strike you as a massive ass-pull out of nowhere to serve no purpose other than to pad a few chapters until zel and esta rejoin the battle. so yeah i dont even think its just about "fuck character development" as much as it's that the writer can come up with cool characters but has no idea how to handle them after their introduction (which is why we see ridiculous power level spikes, really shitty handling of those power level differences, shitty ways of conveying their past, and side characters completely abandoned). I don't see it getting any better either. I usually just wait a few weeks worth of chapters and then skim through at this stage (probably lack the willpower to stop altogether) if you're a big fan of this though, you should give black clover a shot. it has a very similar vibe to early sins chapters. its nothing amazing; the character development is super rushed and its very very shonen-y but its better than this and has better art imo. has an anime adaptation airing atm too.
  3. Seven Deadly Sins

    ye unfortunately im still reading this every bit of character development in the manga now is: person gains old memories and therefore is now both stronger and has solved the struggle they were facing. its cool to get to see their pasts but this arc is basically "this character had this secret past that hasnt affected any of their decisions or character progression up to this exact point because they forgot!!!!" really dislike what they did with escanor or how pathetic the attempts to excuse his absence from particular fights are too. completely written into a corner.
  4. :thinking:

    i just want a smaller emoji
  5. heart reacts only

    markus doesn't conform to your seven reactions. we want representation for reaction-fluid people he isn't feeling "downvote"; he's feeling angery!
  6. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    i dont actually keep track of this shit. i just went back and looked at your games cuz i was curious if you had actually played vt an unusual number of times. u r special bb
  7. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    do you think this is a fucking game?
  8. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    dont judge me
  9. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    i get v bored at work sometimes
  10. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    yeh idk i guess just diff outlooks on the game. if i could be vt in every game ever that would be the dream. i think playing roles sucks because you have some sort of responsibility to stay alive and best use your ability where all i want to do is go ham and eat nks.
  11. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    These are your roles over the last year: Cat Mafia: VT Family Mafia: VT DGZ Mafia: delays death to next day phase Wonderland Mafia: Secret double vote Psych Mafia: Mason Stranger Things: VT Matrix 6: Scum Goon Matrix 6: VT (?) Nazi Mafia: Scum. Can talk to player in QT each night. Can narrow Presidential vote to 2 candidates. Matrix 14: VT Drunk Mafia: VT Matrix 6: Scum Goon GoT Mafia: Scum bomb Matrix 6: Tracker Fuck You Mafia: dies if votes on mislynch 15 games total. 6 VT. 8 total times having no ability regardless of alignment. Considering 33% of the games you entered were some form of matrix mafia, where the probability of rolling VT is higher, I think you have a pretty high rate of "cool" roles already.
  12. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    shit fucking india 2: shit in the street
  13. Cat Mafia Aftergame - Scum Wins

    vt is the best role tho
  14. Cat Mafia - Day 5 - :3

    it is ok nel its only mafia we are all still your friends pls post more cat pics
  15. Cat Mafia - Day 5 - :3

    oh so jc and i were playing pokemon and stumbled on this bro dude pokemon streamers twitter and he tweets the dumbest shit ever so i started just quoting a bunch of it