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  1. In the effort of trying to maintain a healthy and more enjoyable environment for all players, we would like to establish a consistent rule set of rules that will be posted in every thread. We are looking for feedback on issues that are not captured by this current rule set. We are open to considering eliminating content here, but all mafioso involved strongly agree with the rules here; you would need a strong argument. Additionally, we would like to re-implement the warning system on a more critical basis, and offer mods the right to refuse players permission to play in their game if and only if they have received multiple infractions. Feedback is again encouraged. Our main goal is to help create an environment in which people can keep their emotions at the door when the game starts, and keep them there when the game ends. There are too many viciously personal attacks that extend past the game; most of us suck at it and it's an area we need to improve in as a community. "Attack ideas, not players" is an idea we need to consistently keep in mind moving forward- we are prepared to heavily infarct players that violate this. When in doubt, wait 15 minutes before making your post. Finally, we want to begin implementing. . . Mafia Rules No editing of posts. * No communication outside of the thread or any relevant QT. * No posting in the thread during the night phase. * You are allowed 1 OMGUS post. No game relevant content in an OMGUS post. No posting in the game thread unless you are somehow involved in the game. No repping game relevant posts if you are not an active alive player in the game. If the game is no claiming allowed, you may not claim in any fashion. * If the game is no claiming allowed, you may not fish for claims in any fashion. * You may not post or quote your role PM unless otherwise stated. * You may not quote or allude to interaction with the host as evidence for an argument. * You may not screen shot or otherwise abuse the new content marker (especially for the purpose of proving inactivity). You may also not ask others to provide screen shots or otherwise abuse the marker. * You may not single out another player to victimize for reasons beyond the scope of the game (ie. personal dislike, grudge from past games, etc). If a player feels like they are being singled out, that player may file a complaint to be investigated. No bets, bribes, or threats allowed. * Spirit of the game clause. No attempt to intentionally harm a game will be tolerated. * No overly-aggressive or toxic behaviour; including but not limited to use of slurs, insults, or personal attacks. Attack ideas, not players * You must read your role PM. * If you are unable to commit to the game due to unforeseen circumstances, you must notify the host within a timely manner requesting a substitute. Follow all other rules imposed in the OP of the game by the host. * If a moderator feels you are posting excessively and lacking content within those posts, they can warn you. Repeated excess posting afterwards can lead to a modkill and/or a warn/suspension. * All other site rules still apply. * in addition to the below punishments, you may be subbed or modkilled and your faction punished to mitigate damage to the gamestate for these offences depending on the severity. Warning Points (WP), Suspensions, and Bans Silver (1 Total Suspension) Markus (1 Current WP, 1 Total WP, 1 Suspension) mark (1 Total WP) Jazz (1 Total WP, 1 Suspension) Digbick (Banned 02/05/17) Based on severity of any above rule infringement, you will be handed either a warning, a suspension, or a ban. Warnings Collection of three warning points will result in being handed a suspension of varying length depending on the cause for your warnings. After the course of three games, if you have not received any further warning points in that time, you may request the removal of a warning point in this thread. If you have received two warning points and attempt to sign up for a game, it is at the host’s discretion whether to include you in their game or not. Suspensions Suspensions will make you ineligible to sign up to any games for the length of your suspension. Suspensions will be handed out directly for major infringements of the above rules. Previous number of suspensions will be taken into account when deciding on the length of current suspension. Bans If you have received a suspension in the past and have shown no improvement, you will be banned from the mafia section. Game Rules Game rules are to be followed in addition to the aforementioned rules in this thread. Failure to do so will result in the same punishment options being used. A template for game rules: X claiming Ties will end in X All questions for the host are to be made via PM Day phase will last X hours or until a voting majority of X is reached Night phase will last X hours or until all night actions are received Lylo/Mylo will/won’t be announced Minimum posting quota is X. Failure to meet this will result in X Scum can/can’t communicate in the QT posthumously There will/won’t be an ability table There will/won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early Self-voting is not allowed
  2. did @Sophocles ever address this? >:[
  3. not what your mom said dab
  4. welcome to dgz where we love being tall and support eachother's big dicks
  5. jokes on you I have no idea who tf that is
  6. I'd venture that eromanga sensei is already hentai. the only line it crosses is a legal one
  7. vote soph post your favourite bts song or else
  8. 목록에 나를 추가하십시오
  9. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    AND I GOT HIM THAT ONE TIME! outplayed imo tbh imo
  10. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    just stop playing like scum smh
  11. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    "and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling scumwoods" - J "The Weeb Whisperer" C
  12. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    gimme dat scum qt
  13. @Jazz didnt wana hit majority while you were reading the thread