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  1. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    AND I GOT HIM THAT ONE TIME! outplayed imo tbh imo
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    just stop playing like scum smh
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    "and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling scumwoods" - J "The Weeb Whisperer" C
  4. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    gimme dat scum qt
  5. @Jazz didnt wana hit majority while you were reading the thread
  6. never said youre scum for getting tyranno wrong the constant "grow up", "calm down", "stop crying", "get off the internet if you cant take it", "youre a little kid". youre not fooling anyone with that instigating shit. i dont see why its my job to ask your your thoughts. my very point is you should have your own agenda and try solve the game of your own volition without someone needing to come ask for your input.
  7. mod complains at mention of jbp but faint dropping the n bomb gets a slide while mod mentions marxism D E M O D E M O D
  8. best girl is currently with lfn by one vote Faint(3): wunter, faint, jazz Lfn(4): lfn, mascis, jc, slickz Psk(3): walia, Sol, soph Antag(1): antag do people want this? i can still take it if someone shifts a vote to me as i have my own vote too. i dont wana do something fuckin stupid 15 mins before eod so welcome to input
  9. ZeroPassion (6): Slickz, BuildTheWalia, Solstice, wunter, faint, soph Malcolm (2): JC, jazz Silverdude/MyBloodyArcanine (2): zp, mascis jc (1): LFN mascis (2): malcolm, silver
  10. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
  11. so if malcolm lets him die hes scum but if he saves him hes also scum must be hard being malcolm
  12. have you considered reading any of my multitude of posts discussing what i perceive as malcolms potential agendas in his recent actions? that might help you figure out my position
  13. at least jazz recognized it after it was pointed out to him ye i had the same thought until i saw him be like "maybe tyranno is more important than jazz rn" tho i couldnt decide if that was just his push wasnt working so his ego deflated or an honest attempt to look at alternatives. him going back to jazz later doesnt help tho i guess
  14. is it even possible that a scum silver posts like this
  15. malcolm voted for mascis youre voting for mascis malcolm attempted to save zp youre attempting to save zp you think malcolm is scum idk how to break this down more
  16. youre voting for the person that the person youre suspicious of is voting for while saving the person that the person youre suspicious of has attempted to save*
  17. fuck i fucked that sentence up IM TOO SICK FOR THIS SHIT
  18. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? youre voting for the person youre suspicious of is voting for while saving the person youre suspicious of has attempted to save??? do you see the problem here???