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  1. Thingyman's Mafia Universe Championship Season 5 Candidates Nominations

    I have a very personal want to play in this. I have had a difficult time as of late but the time under the waterfall has been well spent.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I want a version released that gets rid of that section and kills off rose
  3. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia Day 2 - Festivus Greetings

    Seems like a fun game
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics

    Stick with it, I promise that the game is worth it
  5. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    I just want to love and support everyone
  6. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Tyranno has a vote on me and is following town murderer jazz scum gonna scum And I’m sick and tired of the stupidity that is “easy mislynch” My vote isn’t leaving tyranno unless something massive changes. I’m right
  7. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Dont kill psk pretty obvious
  8. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    And no one finds this odd that they are voting together again????? Jfc guys come on
  9. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Jazz you are just a paranoid lunatic about me every single game tyranno I don’t know what you’re doing this game but convince me not to kill you. How about you step it up for once vote tyranno three people think you’re scum and the only one who is defending you hard is jazz who has a good track record so far of slashing down townies hopes and dreams
  10. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Classic scum game lol
  11. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Jazz likes to be loud and kill townies. Im back in the tyranno is scum wagon
  12. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    I didn’t even know soph was in the game and that was your big scum read? Tyranno why did you follow jazz there? In what world was that a good idea?
  13. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    the end of last phase was fucking horrible and you should be ashamed why would you switch wagons like that
  14. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    This is the post. Made many many times in the exact same way by a town tyranno I don't actually think you're smart enough (sorry) to pull a huge meta move so I'm sticking with my neutral read for the foreseeable future because I still have my suspicions