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  1. I would take one year of being able to challenge two of the best players to ever play the game over no years. Scholes couldn't even challenge Gerrard or Lampard, let alone be mentioned in the same breath as Ronaldo/Messi
  2. Mobile sucks
  3. Sage's thoughts lined up to be axactly with mine regarding mascis and that only reinforces my already strong town read =]
  4. Vote winter multi and I would love yours
  5. I'm not on until late tonight. Slick claiming wasn't even that bad because digbick is a fucking idiot and didn't claim/play the game. I also don't really care about mascis fishing for the setup. If anything it shows more townie because scum already has tons of info about what the potential setup might be. Doesn't make sense to do that as scum to me
  6. Condemns me for****
  7. I cannot understand for the life of me why faint likes my agreement with the tyranno vote but then condemns me saying we should vig someone I like the vote for, and he does as well
  8. Oh, and I will lead town however the fuck I want to because that is how I win games. Faint has had a series of absolutely horrific posts and would have gladly killed jazz for funsies (nice distancing if he turns up town!!!) and i I asked questions/poked/prodded because I think they are relevant to making decisions on who are scum. Some answers I liked and some I didn't the train on me is terrible. Crei votes jazz and says it isn't a meme and attacks me for townreading someone lol? Attacks me for voting someone that seemed very off to me lol? He threw halfassed darts in my direction and told people to go look at the posts again to see something that he says is there but can't pinpoint himself Maybe it was because i agreed with slick on tyranno? Yeah, I am going to go with that. Crei comes at me with a hypocritical stance. Tyranno OMGUS votes me. Cute duo
  9. In what world does a post have to be good to result in a town read? @sage I read your post as putting forth an effort and it was in line with how you played town in previous games unvote with digbick now questioning jazz I have no choice but to unvote. I liked his posts after the meltdown
  10. I'm driving. An someone give me rundown and vote count
  11. I'm honestly getting annoyed at multiple people having an issue with my questioning and taking day one serious enough to dig into why people are posting things which are detrimental to town. I didn't get the memo where it is better to vote and not post anything else. I will check back later. Oh and I'll claim for you mascis, I'm shit fucking India.
  12. Worst posts and most incorrect of all???? What does that even mean
  13. So jazz are you saying you don't want me to generate conversation by poking and prodding? Would you rather I vote and float?
  14. never change wunter. How is that post even real. There are new votes on him
  15. Crei joke vote on jazz gonna come back to fuck his team over? I wonder if jazz is raging in the qt at him =]