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  1. vote mark
  2. Hey guys I can't get to my computer for a long while so I am going to just do the quick flip here. Tyranno was scum. He had the video role obviously. Mark has has been chosen to go out at night. Mark is currently rfg and he will pick someone to go with him. Mark post in here who you are taking with you
  3. vote tyranno
  4. we should have killed tyranno yesterday but I'm a benevolent god and I forgive you
  5. Don't ban me senpai
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and vote tyranno for scum unhero myself and give it to my townie read hero slick
  7. xD
  8. Vote citadel and vote me for hero
  9. Hey everyone xD sorry I'm late what did I miss?
  10. Btw I will be starting Thursday. Hope to get at least 20 but I can make it work
  11. Wait I died?!?!?!?!
  12. Scary stuff
  13. I'll read through when I'm back
  14. I'm not home so I'm going to just spam quota
  15. Sorry I spaced out on the start time of the days