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  1. Deciding to check back in, looking for some good anime recommendations and just nostalgia    sup folks
  2. Anime/Manga Recommendations

    i'm currently watching one piece, hunterxhunter and naruto. i enjoyed attack on titan a lot and also watch ippo series   does anyone have any recommendations for me? I kinda like the long adventure special power based animes
  3. Hieratic/Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    saw some of you not maining skill drain. is it because the mirror is super relevant where you live?
  4. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    u piece of shit
  5. About a week+ of testing

    holy shit allen went in HARD
  6. baboon burn

    could try 2 compulsory and 2 gravity bind. i'd drop the mirror forces and how has pot of avarice been testing? isn't 1 playfull possum enough? monstercount also looks rlly low without some kind of stall. how has koala been testing? seems that everything runs over it.
  7. baboon burn

    you inspired me
  8. Which supplements do you take?

    [quote name='Gary Oak' timestamp='1345013184' post='3255391'] What do you mean you can't get creatine in your diet? Your body automatically produces the appropriate levels of creatine for you to use. If you boost your levels you will eventually bring your body to a point where it stops producing its' own creatine. Not to mention the damage it causes to vital organs when used for prolonged periods of time. Hence the phospho-creatine system you naturally use for explosive quick movements. [/quote] strong broscience
  9. have someone press alongside your spine up and down to see if you feel any pain. if so, its probably a muscle. do some stretching and abs if you feel pain, its probably not a muscle but something in/between your spine. 2 months is really long though, if the pain isn't getting any less def go to your physician. it would also help to explain how you got your lower back pain. since i am having the same problem atm due to a deadlift gone wrong (150kg lift and i weigh 75kg). i now have some rubber between my spine which has been stretched out, causing me to feel a constant pressure/pain on my lower back. though i am allowed to train with little weight. i also felt like my spine got stretched like a rubberband during the lift. how did it happen with you?
  10. Which supplements do you take?

    creatine whey caseine preworkout (noxipro) postworkout (dextrose) bcaa mixture vitamine pills fish oil pills caffeine pills
  11. hello brethren, look at me now.

    yea the cut was getting a bit girly. wanted to look a bit buffed in a tshirt aswell
  12. hello brethren, look at me now.

    been a while, thought i'd drop by and update my aesthetics http://imageshack.us/f/14/amsterdam2011121700896.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/f/23/amsterdam2011121700898.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/f/62/amstelveen2011121700900.jpg/ for some reason i'm not able to upload pics with the img tags? as you can see i got bigger but also fatter
  13. pokemon fire red omega

    got brock down on the second run. costing me 1/3 of my team though lol staryu 14 butterfree 13 hoppip 12 flaafy 15 rip zigzagoon 9 pidgeotto 18 zigzagoons pickup ability was crazy during the grinding. pidgeotto got sacked by a crit from rhyhorn sigh.
  14. Pokemon Hacks

    don't you prefer playing gen 1-3 because of vba. my desume gets laggy and isnt able to speed up, or is this just my computer? but speeding up is rlly nice when grinding.
  15. pokemon fire red omega

    So i was doing a run of this pokemon hack. For those of you who aren't familiar with this hack Its basically fire red but it has all the 3rd gen pokemon except whismur family i believe being 387 or soemthing. every pokemon has ingame evolution. you get all the starters from people along the way and wild pokemon/trainers/gyms are really beefed up. every gymleader has 6 pokemon for instance and they have competitive movesets. people will thunder wave you often etc The game has a wide variation of pokemon from the start, wild ponyta/doduo/mareep/hondour/pidgey/nidoran etc etc so i did the nuzlocke run with only extra rule no starters since you get treecko/mudkip/torchic rlly soon and it seemed to easy. after 3 hours of grinding i wanted to face brock with my team pidgeotto 18 butterfree 15 swablu 17 poochyena 15 looking back i should have level up my butterfree more being my only sp.attacker. since i had 2 sand attackers i thought i could potion/sand attack my way through and hopefully get better pokemon along the way. but i got my shit pushed in by rock tomb. then omanyte rolled over my team yea gg so about to do another run. i would recommend this to anyone who thought nuzlocking became too easy. shit is pretty intense oh and just google fire red omega download if your looking for the rom