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  1. Sylvan's Top 8 Roanoke Regional

    Chris it was so nice to see you and you represented Raleigh with pride! Awesome Job! So proud!
  2. Goodbye Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Good luck and godspeed. The only thing constant in life is change.
  3. Jay Quick mentioned this site one day at the store and said he preferred it over Pojo. I can only tolerate being on Pojo for about 10 seconds at a time so I came here.
  4. If you can donate follow the guestbook link and do so. Raising twins is not cheap. The fact they are asking for donations makes me concerned about insurance issues. I've donated and I hope others do so as well. I met him at Nats this year and of course it was nearly a religious experience - it's the voice of the pharoah for Christ's sake - he signed anything and everything i gave to him and was glad to do so. I told him about how I used Yugioh to rehabilitate several kids when I did part time work outside of my regular career for a mental health dept. That really seemed to make him very happy. He is just a salt-of-the-earth, approachable guy who my god, you don't want anything like this to happen to them. The only thing that's constant in life is change. Life can be so cruel sometimes. I don't think the question is why is death so hard? Death is easy. Life is hard. And these kids have to grow up without a mother's warm embrace - you can't replace that loss - but they sure have one hell of a dad and .......*wipes tear* he has the soul of a duelist.... and fuck you life... throw what you want to at us... we're tougher than you goddamn it!
  5. Miracle Gemi-vise

    3 Alius 2 Lancer 2 Crusader of Endy 2 Evocator 2 TKR 1 Stratos 1 Ocean 1 Honest 3 Gemini Spark 3 Super Poly 3 Miracle Fusion 2 Supervise 1 E Call 1 RoTa 1 Reborn 3 Duality 1 Future Fusion 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy 2 Starlight Road 1 Bribe 1 Mirror 1 Torrential 2 Zero 2 Shining 2 Gaia 2 Nova 2 Tornado 1 Adoration 1 Draco 2 Stardust 1 Supreme Aracanite 2 DD Ground 2 Crevice to a DD 2 Debunk 2 Mst 2 Bottomless 2 Trap Stun 1 Captain Gold 1 Skyscraper 1 Maxx C
  6. Dark Calling

    [quote name='TFJ' timestamp='1320101718' post='3020961'] [quote name='Gagaga Magician' timestamp='1320101545' post='3020956'] I was shown this by someone who knew I liked Dark Gaia deks: [url="http://forum.tcgplayer.com/showthread.php?283010-dark-gaia-ycs-columbus"]http://forum.tcgplay...ia-ycs-columbus[/url] "With the release of the dark world structure deck i decided to play dark gaia at ycs columbus. I ended with a 8-3 record, losing primarily to effect vieler all day. Had a few requests for a decklist so here it is: "fuk you copy and paste i.e. he went 7-2 on day 1 and went to day 2 and got the first one. If he had gotten the 2nd he would have topped obviously. This makes me extremely happy [/quote] [url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=139142"]http://duelistground...howtopic=139142[/url] Round 4 vs Dark World OTK. Yes Dark World OTK. This deck was fricken insane lmao. I T-set and he starts off going Dealings and im like "oh okay this should be easy". He discards grapha, pops my backrow, dealings again discarding another grapha pops my monster, upstart goblins twice and im like >.> then he plays Trade-In and im like "oh the third Grapha, thats cool" but not, this nigga drops mother fucking Valkyrion the Magna fucking warrior, summons and returns for Grapha, plays Dark Calling for Dark Gaia equips it with fucking megamorph and atks for gamme. I shit myself. G2 i make beast g3 i draw shaddow mirror i win. No more OTK for this guy. [/quote] Oh so that's why I can't find his list anywhere. That explains that. Couldn't that deck mix in Doomcaliber and KM Guardians to tell veilers to go fuck themselves??? something like: 3 Grapha 3 Valkyrion 2 Broww 2 Snoww 2 KM Guardian 2 Doomcaliber 1 Morphing Jar 1 Gaia Plate 3 Upstart 3 Dark Calling 3 MegaMorph 3 Gates of DW 3 DWD 3 Trade In 2 Mst 1 Card Destruction 1 Heavy 3 Dark Gaia and this is a complete stab in the dark on this... but just this general direction?
  7. Dark Calling

    [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1319904246' post='3019553'] We like the idea of plays for days, but Acid Golem is not the second coming of the Lord for any deck. In turn, Calling is a much narrower Miracle, so your claims are specious at best man. Try to avoid exaggeration. [/quote] That is true. My claims were specious. I will avoid exaggerations. Dark Calling can remove from the hand or the yard though - it is very narrow in that it can only work with Dark Fusion summons - but the areas it can remove from are somewhat more flexible?
  8. Dark Calling

    Acid Golem is a gift from God to HEROs it seems. You can easily move him to the yard with either Dark Fusion (now an ultra!) or Poly for Absolute Zero - even with super poly in a mirror. That card is amazing. Would it make sense to run the Dark Fusion spells (Dark Fusion/Dark Calling) alongside Miracle and Poly - even Super Poly?
  9. LightWork

    Marcicus, are you finding that running super poly in multiples can help out at times with Miracle Fusion? Also how do you feel about pushing for game at times using super poly during the battle phase to combine any 2 HEROs on your side of the field? We have nearly all the attributes as an option now - it won't be too long before we get Escuridao (March? June?) I say we run super poly in multiples. I'm liking Starlight road lately as well - We can make Great Tornado or Draco all the while protecting our fusions. Why Ice Edge over Ocean? (hmm discard does work w/ Miracle Fusion and he's amazing to force the timing of some cards they may have been trying to horde as a resource)
  10. Law Enforcement at events

    There have been a lot of fights. Someone damaged site property (punched a wall) last year? Have there been charges like concealed weapons? Hopefully we haven't crossed that line yet.
  11. Law Enforcement at events

    [quote name='John Danker' timestamp='1319739008' post='3018274'] Yeah, I get a little chuckle out of the whole YGO thug image that's trying to be created at times. It's usually closer to "West Side Story"...a lot of song and dance that's impressive tough talk......but when it comes right down to it there is rarely an actual skirmish. Wow, really aged myself there didn't I? I fogot that "West Side Story" came out about 30 or more years before most of you were ever born. <face palm> [/quote] ROFLMAO *cough* Uh yeah don't know what you're talking about there John sir. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Side_Story_%28film%29 Wait.. I'm 43 .. I'm not the oldest guy on this site? I like this place I guess Yugioh has been blessed so far though - we've not had any seriously violent crimes at any event to my limited knowledge.
  12. Baron Von Gatorstein

    2 Thunder King 2 Crusader 2 Evocator 3 Neos Alius 1 Ocean 1 Stratos 1 Captain Gold 1 Honest 1 Lion Gator 3 Duality 3 Miracle 3 Gemini Spark 2 Super Poly 1 Future Fusion 1 E Call 1 Rota 1 Book of Moon 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy 1 Reborn 1 Skyscraper 2 Warning 2 Starlight Road 1 Solemn 1 Mirror 1 Torrential 3 Shining 2 Zero 2 Tornado 2 Gaia 2 Nova 2 Stardust 1 Draco 1 Adoration
  13. Dark Calling

    I'd say keep at least 1 Clayman and 1 Sparkman and use Prisma to dump them in combination with the Hex Sealed. Also it's worth mentioning that Gemknight Obsidian does not miss the timing with Dark Fusion and you could ss Archfiend Soldier/any vanilla.
  14. Overdestiny

    I was shopping through a vendor's 50 cent box and found this card - but this could have some interesting shenanigans w/ Prisma and Xyz summoning. It's basically a free 'HERO lives' [img]http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111007023349/yugioh/images/thumb/0/0c/OverDestinyLCGX-EN-R-1E.png/300px-OverDestinyLCGX-EN-R-1E.png[/img] You'd have to use something like Plasma or Dogma I would think - and you could ss Diamond Dude and later on overlay if you chose.