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  1. I've recently been going to the gym in the attempts to lose some weight, but mostly to gain some muscle. According to MyFitnessPal I'm not reaching my Protein goal and people at my Gym recommend trying Protein Powder after work outs for some quick, easy protein. I've tried all the Quest protein Powders except Cookies and Cream and I don't personally like any of them(Which is weird seeing as I enjoy the Bars. Especially the Blueberry Muffin). Anyone have any good, tasty recommendations? As long as I get 30+ servings, I'm not worried about the price.
  2. League of Legends

    So, I'm hoping someone has a way to fix my problem. I find myself very toxic. I usually can't go a game without saying something "toxic". I find myself always saying something like "Gotta enjoy a feeding ____ (':", or "We can't win because _____ threw the game". I admit when I make mistakes and I often watch replays of myself to find what I did to lose X teamfight. I've tried muting the entire team, doesn't work. I've tried talking out loud so I wouldn't type toxic, and I've tried the whole "removing the name and mute them". I usually take an hour or two+ break after a bad loss, or a game where I was extremely toxic but that still doesn't help. But. its weird because I'm usually able to ignore toxic people without having to mute them. I've already been chat banned once in the beginning of the year and I really don't want my account to be perma-banned because I'm slowly putting money in it. Any suggestions?
  3. Evilswarm - Discussion

    Has anyone tested Dust Tornado mained? Destroy opponents backrow then be able to set a Infestion Pandemic/Forbidden lance/whatever?
  4. Path Of Exile

    Downloading this now. Seems a whole bunch of fun!
  5. hi everyone

    Your username looks so familiar to me.   Welcome.
  6. League of Legends

    Meh. I play if anyone is interested. Level 30, but I consider myself really bad. If anyone wants to play Lmk.
  7. Pandora vs. Paradox

    I'll be on tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Paradox [vs] Hitlist

    Totally forgot about these wars :/. Will be on tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Handsome Boy Modeling School vs Paradox

    That shit was kinda cool tho. No lie. Anyways, totally forgot about these wars. I sorry :/. I'll be on tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Pandora vs. Paradox

    I'll be on later. I'm usually on during nights, btw.
  11. Handsome Boy Modeling School vs Paradox

    I'll be on later. I'm usually on during nights, btw.
  12. Paradox [vs] Hitlist

    [quote name='Dominator' timestamp='1338084196' post='3191508'] on [/quote] Sorry bout last night. Something urgent came up, so I couldn't play. I'm usually on during the nights, btw.
  13. League of Legends

    I downloaded this yesterday. Anyone who is willing to help me learn it, lmk.
  14. Pandora vs. Paradox

    Will be on later.