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  1. KC Cup

    Anything can get through Stage 1, tbh I'm assuming CA will be everywhere Stage 2 like it was last KC Cup lmao They fixed the auto loss dc bug before a match, but there's a new exploit people have found to force draws, on top of other blatant apk actions. Really hope the next update fixes a few of those issues, on top of a new box shaking things up right before Stage 2 starts
  2. Autoduel decks

    Hasn't been long my deck has already changed runs 2 Zure, along with the 1 Tiki Curse I pulled from the new box, also tried out Creature Seizure which is way more fun than SRH. If they AI knew how to use Seizure + Econ take it'd be so sick, but you have to step in to do that much Kappa
  3. Ninja - Discussion

    Providence could be interesting vs the traps, I hesitate to say negating monster effects should be a goal vs ninjas since RDN turns targeted cards off. But obv negating BDN is good, Chalice is a solid card in the meta in general. I toyed around with D Wrath in the KC Cup, hoping to stop Dakini's if they didn't use MAR, I'd personally tech it over something like Tribute to the Doomed tbh. Econ is kind of a joke most of the time vs the deck unless you make them use up resources
  4. Ninja - Discussion

    Been trying this deck out, really damn explosive. Running Notebook makes even 2 Trans so consistent; the deck only auto loses when you open 4 monsters. Unless something is hit soon (the skill or BDN itself) this will be a deck you run into for the foreseeable future.
  5. KC Cup

    Only played 70 games myself for a 50% win rate, literal coin flip lol so my ranking was trash, like you guys said there's no point in tryharding if you can't or are unwilling to put in the time. Also, I very much feel that MATCHES rather than single duels need to happen for important events. When going 1st vs CA, or 2nd vs Stien cancer is the main reason you lost, something is up with the format. I would go so far as to say that finding time for tourneys made by players is the only real mark for success; you can get KoG the first 24 hours every format, or play 500 games for KC Cup, but it doesn't necessarily show skill level. Maybe I'm just salty or maybe I just want to go back to real yugioh lol. One great thing that came from this is that Ninjas are a top deck, and as sacky as it is to lose to it, they're both fun to watch and are for sure the most skillful top deck the game has seen yet.
  6. KC Cup

    This shit is a tilt fest 0_0 glad you dont have to tryhard all 3 times this event happens. I've never seen Cyber Stein as much as today
  7. Autoduel decks

    Fusions can brick hard, plus it's annoying when you go against the the counter trap deck for instance that always opens Magic Drain. After a while the difference between getting 3000 a majority of the time and 4000 only sometimes is negligible. CA's are a good deck for auto dueling, but since it's pretty impossible for a low level deck to brick it's convenient Quick Victory + No Damage is the ideal for a level 4 Beatdown deck for an even 3000, and ofc it's nice to have some glossies. I mentioned Apophis before which I really like; the one you get free from Odion is glossy, and along with being a trap, and a special summon, it can be 300 points by itself. For me, I'm lucky to have multiple Prismatic Econs, so that 300 + 200 can lead to 3000 even if the game goes kind of slow. I have an alt acc at a lower stage, uses a couple 1 tribute monsters, which gets 300 points, plus if you run some cards to boost attack they have a chance to inflict over 3000 damage, which is a good goal starting out the game at lower levels imo
  8. Autoduel decks

    If I was a whale I would love to see how a deck with 3 Vorse, 3 Andal, maybe stuff like Nin-Kin Dog and Enraged Battle Ox teched with 3 Tensu would work
  9. Autoduel decks

    This is my auto-duel list, Stage 57+: Monsters: 7 3 La Jinn 3 Gil Garth 1 Zure, Knight of Dark World Spells: 8 2 Painful Decision 2 Archfiend Palabyrinth 2 Econ 1 Heart of the Underdog 1 SRH Traps: 5 2 Embodiment of Apophis 2 Wall of Disruption 1 Mirror Wall Skill wise it's fairly irrelevant, I like Ties that Bind the most since if you're willing to step in sometimes, you can have two 2000 ATK monsters for the even OTK. Also, if you have the field up it helps clash or swing over stuff like the Red Eyes deck, Tribute Control, or Phoenix if they summon fire chicken. Balance is a fine skill as well for consistent hands, I'm assuming it works even after the nerf. Draw Sense: DARK or Low Level would work, and combo with Heart of the Underdog. Level 4 vanilla beatdown is really straightforward, quick, and consistent for the most part. Running 7 monsters, 2 Painful pretty much guarantees as least 2 of the level 4's instantly within a couple turns. Unlike most other field spells, Palabyrinth only boosts Fiends you control, so if wonky stuff like Amazoness Chain Master takes one of your cards, under Palabyrinth it's still 1800 on their side. Econ is good but often misplayed, if I'm paying attention I'm willing to Econ take when the AI likely fails to recognize it. Heart of the Underdog is probably my favorite PvE card, if drawn early it can really accelerate games. Even with the non-synergy with Painful it's still worth running imo. Last card that probably needs explaining is Apophis; really fucking versatile. The AI was often really dumb with it, but a recent update fixed its usefulness by a lot. The ideal situation is to basically draw into 2 level 4's, Palabyrinth, and Apophis. So by turn 2 the AI attacks random sets with Apophis, then attacks directly with two 2300 attackers for game. It's also really good Econ take fodder, which again the AI won't often pick up on enough. Generally, you want speed rather than defense, hence why a card like Apophis, a free special summon, is more ideal than running more regular level 4's. WoD is amazing obv, but i'll be blunt and say the AI prioritizes setting cards like Econ, Apophis, and Underdog over it, so you'll see them draw into the card and not set it for the tilt -_- more MW's may be better but I only own 1. I've tried stuff like Birthright, Double Summon, OTC, and s/t hate but it's often not consistent enough
  10. KC Cup

    I'm literally gonna run meme decks from time to time, Stage 1 feels kinda meh rn. Will see how far shit like Self Mill and Des Gardius can go lol. I don't get how or why people are already lv 20 but it is what it is. Will most of you guys run CA for the entire month? I'm think either that, Ninjas, or cancer will go far
  11. Agreed for the most part mark, they have potential. I think not having an M2 is a fairly big deal though. But the better players with Murmillo, Bestiari, etc will definitely do something, I don't expect "Herk Turbo" to be a thing but we'll see Yea dexer the best Neo Spacian deck will prolly need 3 Blazeman and 2 Oversoul for starters, Pathfinder is an okay card as well. It just misses a ton of potential when multiple cards in the deck have to either be Neo Space or search for it in the first place. E-Call, Prisma, Convert Contact, sooo many cards could potentially be released to make it not seem like casual trash
  12. I think it's a trash set tbh. And I rarely like to make a judgment until a set comes out, but for a 200 pack main box it's not that good. The most realized GB deck could do something, perhaps become better than the very hyped Ancient Gears as a control deck, but we'll have to see. Cyclone looks like a good card, but think about how many s/t are really relevant to pop in a chain, or how often you'll see stuff like burn decks make the 1000 LP really steep; it's not significantly better than Nobleman of Extermination as it stands. Upstart Golden Ninja could be a 1-of in Ninjas, I don't play them so I can't really say, there's nothing like Hanzo to make the entire deck work yet. What I'm legitimately pissed about is Neo Space being just a card and not a skill. Like, who thinks Neo Spacians can possibly be a thing otherwise? They were always a joke of a deck tcg wise, and I'd be shocked if they made Miracle Contact a thing anytime soon. Also, Terra Firma over Absolute Zero, lmfao
  13. Sad thing is they likely won't add Power Bond, Cyber Twin, most of the good cards. They'd likely not give us access to 3 Cyber Dragon anyways if he's unlockable. But in general I'm not gonna tryhard Crowler, AG's will probably be Tier 3 at best. Could be considered a variant of Control since AG Beast does negate certain cards. Decks with a 2nd AGG will be just fine
  14. Solemn Scolding + Cyber Style = Profit? Bring on Zane
  15. Shouts out to dexer for calling out the ritual as the most problematic card lol. Glad it got hit tbqfh. Agreed on WoD, watch Duel Links Meta's video on it to see exactly why it's game changing. Out of maybe 6-7 games in KoG rank (which is a meme in of itself) 4 of them were completely decided by WoD, and it's been out for less than 24 hours KC Cup might be hell, not like I'm aiming for much of a ranking but no telling what rewards they'll be. People might resort to stall/tilt decks to get ahead, it's disgusting lol. But above all else the main box released by the time it starts will 99% be meta defining, they clearly don't want CA's to take over, even if 3 Senju's can make them money (Hoping for good Hero support, none of the GX rewards/LD drops are worth shit right now)