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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I was going to keep this secret but I'm going to go ahead and let people know about this card. I've only told a few people and I think Jackie was the only one to run it at ARG Cali. The card is amazing in this deck, and perfect for this meta. The card is XYZ Block.
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Just because a card isn't particularly good vs certain match ups/ scenarios means it adequates unplayable. Breakthrough skill is still very much playable. Cards like farmgirl, slip runner, and wickedwitch are still relevant, and instant fusion and dweller/ diamond are still very real. And decks like Pepe like you stated, tellars, madolches, hell even Nekroz still exist. Point is, breakthrough skill is still very much so universally sufficient to be main deck worthy.
  3. YCS Dallas

    If anyone is looking for a place to stay, hmu. My friend and I have 2 spots open.
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    What's the general consensus on mistake arrest? I think the card has great potential to be a side choice candidate for the fact it doesn't lose to s/t removal or decree. Of course Denko Sekka is a problem so if it does become popular it would shift the paradigm paradox. Because of so, I thought about using both mistake and mistake arrest as a safety net to cover that end.
  5. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Just so you guys know, traveler is one of the best cards to utilize this format. Also, along with terminus, that's your out to towers g1. And dante fusion isn't that great obviously but it actually wrecks the mirror and it can be useful from time to time against other match ups. Anyways, just my 2 cents. Carry on.
  6. ARG Format

    This list could've been a lot better....
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    ^ This. Also... I don't look at it in terms of why you shouldn't play BA over Shaddolls because of its bad match up. I look at it from overall match ups, meta trends, and how consistent the deck it is. Consistent wise, BA is the far better choice, shaddolls can brick too easily for obvious reasons. Furthermore, the rise of Qliphorts would be the downfall of shaddolls because of its inherent bad match up. And with Qliphort on the rise will give BA more success because of its good match up vs that. Also, the Nekroz match up is not as bad as some people think. I actually thinks it's pretty even. I played 7 myself at the YCS, losing to it last round to TJ, and lost to it in top 32, due to bricking unfortunately. If shaddolls and BA were the only competitive decks, then sure, shaddolls would probably be the better pick because of its power it has over it, but because of the dynamic of this meta, this is simply not the case. When it comes to BA and Shaddoll match up, all I can say is play smart and grind to the best of your abilities. Going 2nd helps. Honestly though, I expect shaddolls to fall off, especially after the results of the 150th. Hope this answers your question.
  8. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    There are some minor changes I want to make but I do believe BA is a strong contender for nats.
  9. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Got top 8 at Utah regs this past weekend. This list was solid as fuck. No complaints. Burning Abyss Monsters 21 3 cir burning abyss 3 graff burning abyss 3 scarm burning abyss 2 mathematician 2 maxx "c" 2 effect veiler 1 libic burning abyss 1 farfa burning abyss 1 rubic burning abyss 1 tour guide from the underworld 1 crane crane 1 black luster soldier - eotb Spells 6 2 mystical space typhoon 1 foolish burial 1 dark hole 1 raigeki 1 book of moon Traps 13 3 mind crush 2 fire lake of the burning abyss 2 phoenix wind wing blast 2 breakthrough skill 1 crush card virus 1 torrential tribute 1 vanity's emptiness 1 solemn warning Extra 15 3 dante burning abyss 3 downerd magician 2 virgil burning abyss 1 muzurhythm the string djinn 1 wind-up zenmaines 1 temtempo the percussion djinn 1 mechequipped angineer 1 ghostrick alucard 1 number 47: nightmare shark 1 number 30: acid golem Side 15 2 vanity's fiend 2 flying "c" 1 maxx "c" 2 de-fusion 2 twister 1 mystical space typhoon 2 anti-spell fragrance 2 mistake 1 compulsory evacuation device
  10. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Krause and I worked together on BA before the event. Our lists were fairly similar. I went X-2 as well but ufortunately got 35th due to bad tiebreakers. And I don't regret playing BA, with the right build, I think it was the right meta choice for this event.
  11. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    Finished x2, got 35th. Sad day.
  12. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    I'm gucci, I got a place. 😙 See everyone there.
  13. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    Can anyone help me out? I need a place to crash from Friday - Sunday night.
  14. Astral Pack 7

    Ulti Dark Law would be fucking tits.
  15. Good list. Djinn is still degenerate as fuck though.