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  1. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Man I'd rather just use Santa Claws then and kill Claws with an ulti-apelio then do all that spaghetti.
  2. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Ya, and Ulti-Gaia with an Apelio boost is like impossible to do even when Qli don't have towers.
  3. Ya, having to torrent yu-gi-oh articles just like Brazzers porn seems weird.
  4. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Have you read ulti-apelio?
  5. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Those are some good points. I don't know if I'm just doing it wrong but when I dump with Cannahawk and Rampengu early game I send stuff I don't want to draw into like Pettlephin or Apelio. That way when I do Reckless I can have the best chance to get a tamer/e-tele and go off. The nice thing about Reckless as well is that if I ran more traps to stop my opponent I become reliant on my opponent not being able to out them as the nice thing is they can't really out my Reckless except with like Denka if I choose to hold on to Reckless. It just seems everytime I play the deck if I have to wait past turn 3 to set up my opponent is just going to win anyways as all the other T1 decks don't need 2 normal summons to go off. But idk :\
  6. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Duality seems like a fine idea and you post have been very helpful. But I liked the idea that was brought up earlier.     Reckless Greed is good if you have the Ulti-Cannahawk combo or not. Drawing into multiple Reckless should not be hard with all the dumping/searching (Ulti)Cannahawk and Rampengu do. Also again if the Reckless gets you to your Ulti-Cannahawk combo not drawing for 2 turns should not really matter if you have a steady stream of Steeds and Ambush.   I tested a build with Reckless last night with my friends and it was pretty good. Reckless either got me to my combo and set me up for a win or got me nothing and I would of lost anyways as my draws would of been dead for the next two turns. Here's the build:   3XRitual Beast Tamer Elder 1XRitual Beast Tamer Lara 2XRitual Beast Tamer Wen 1XRitual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica 2XSpiritual Beast Apelio 3XSpiritual Beast Cannahawk 1XSpiritual Beast Pettlephin 3XSpiritual Beast Rampengu 1XDimensional Fissure 3XEmergency Teleport 2XMystical Space Typhoon 1XRaigeki 3XUpstart Goblin 2XBreakthrough Skill/Fiendish Chain 1XMacro Cosmos 3XReckless Greed 3XRitual Beast Ambush 3XRitual Beast Steeds 1XTorrential Tribute 1XVanity's Emptiness
  7. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    I must be a baddie cause I don't see what's so good about Brain Research Lab. E-Tele is just a much more flexible card. Not getting shit on by MST is pretty nice and being able to banish tamers for names late game with it is just gravy.   I mean if being able to summon two times in a turn is so important there is always double summon. It being a -1 is not bad if it lets you + off of Ulti-Cannahawk anyways. Also with double summon you could use 2 spirit beasts in your hand to make a Chidori (or shit even make a Ulti if you have bonds) unlike Brain Research Lab.
  8. YGO Aesthetic Duelist Thread

    *Lex Luger Flex*
  9. Temple of the Kings

      Yep pretty sad when your choices are sarc and watch doge.  
  10. Three Little Birds

    The deck does not need secret move. Card is dead 50% of the time when you don't have L out. If you can only play secret move on your turn it is pretty sub-par. Nekroz play little to no back-row so it does little to them. I'd rather play Raigeki and Dark Hole so I can donk people with Kama spam into double cowboy.
  11. Dueling Network

    I stand by what I said.
  12. I wanted to get 902's calc case is he kill?... also shout out to my boi Liam for scrubbin'.