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  1. I'm looking to offload my binder/collection at this event so if anyone is looking to buy a good collection please let me know ! It varies but the selling point will be high-end foreign cards and cp cards/bling (not sure if these are still sought after). Also have many playmats ! Message me if intersted and/or looking for a list/picss
  2. Forgot the draft was last night but I'm somewhat pleased with my team. If anyone is looking for a d-man, hit me up. I'm Malkin in the Middle
  3. We also have omega 3 concentrate pills where each capsule has around 800 mg of omega 3 oils but it's obv more expensive. Around 20$ a bottle of 300 capsules. Would you suggest taking those instead ?
  4. So I've decided to hop on the fish oil wagon and just purchased some from Costco. I was just wondering if I bought the right one lol   Here is the following information from the label:   100% Wild Fish Oil Blend with Wild Salmon Alaskan Salmon Oil: 180 epa, 120 dha, per capsule. It is the Kirkland brand; recommended dosage of 3 capsules a day.    There's other kinds but this one was on sale and it had the most epa, dha per capsule so I figured why not.   Any help would be appreciated.    Also are you supposed to take 3 at once ? or is it better throughout the day ?   edit:   Here is the link for the item online:
  5. :)
  6.   Timonen and Meszaros are done after next year so there's about 10 million in cap space relief right there. But yeah Philly looks like they're in awful condition atm. No goalie and no d.    Also Alfie leaves. Fuck me. 
  7. Jays going for their 11th straight win today. FUCK THE HATERS/AL EAST 
  8. Get fit and improve my cardio/diet Read more (goal is a book a month) Find a good job Volunteer more Figure out what I want to do with my life
  9. This was me from November of 2011. This was me at my peak weight of 210. Yeah you might have heard of the freshman 15. Well I caught the freshman 30.   \   This is me taken about 3 weeks ago. I'm currently at 165 and lost about 45 lbs. It's been a tough journey but quite worth it. Crazy how much healthy eating + working out + cardio can do to a guy. Just thought I'd post some progress pics. My goal is to get down to 160 by the summer. Hopefully lose all my fat, plus improve my cardio.   
  10. Any idea when you will be getting medium sized shirts in ? Also is it possible to purchase a couple and pick them up at nats, to avoid the shipping fee ?
  11. All you can eat sushi buffets will be the death of me
  12. Hawks in 6 
  13. RIP LA Kings fans June 2012 - June 2013