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  1. Freestyle Friday

    yugioh, the game that smells of bootyhole players rude and let their cracks hang crude wanna duel? got more decks then hoban consumes food but not hatin, we returned return slickly, my opponent's a fool pot of avarice keeps me fueled and we constructed shad's dolls from the roots fuck with me again we hittin a lick on you taken your robo backpack and spellground too   (disclaimer: nothing against hoban )
  2. Sharpman wins a regional with Nimble Heroes

    excited to try this deck out :^] gj on top
  3. sandals lives in brooklyn now

    i'm actually planning a trip to NY. are there any cool hiphop landmarks or things of that sort? and it'd be dope if we could meet up
  4. Dueling Network

    that was u the whole time muki :o
  5. current rappers

    mr.wonderful is gonna be good   waiting on mac miller and earl sweats too
  6. B4DA$$

    didn't blow my mind but i'm happy with it. i like the majority of tracks but why did he feature dyemond lewis over cj fly or nyck? and the raury feature was garbage. bronson's verse was also weak but i liked run up on ya
  7. Drive to overcome failure?

    the only way to get better and win more is by playing and learning. what's the point of playing any game if you're essentially playing to lose? losing is apart of like every game. believe in urself 
  8. Updated Suspended Players List

    are you guys talking about james frazier? surely not
  9. Harpie Harpist

    love harpies and this card is kool
  10. nathanial $wank   ep on the way!!
  11. nathanial $wank

    mixtape coming soon! then got an ep! and another planned after that!! stayed tuned 
  12. Warn Removal Thread

    can i have my warned removed please
  13. Some Garden paintings

    beautiful paintings :-}
  14. nathanial $wank

    just gotta listen closely my friend
  15. Naruto Manga

    what happened to orochimaru?   is salad sakura and sasuke's kid?