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  1. they don't make sense, that's the beauty. :) love u too bud
  2. when/why did the rep function come back?   and what's everyone's psn usernames? mine: nathanial_peach
  3. totoro bed incoming
  4. only the last one is really creepy
  5.     [spoiler][/spoiler]   [spoiler][/spoiler]     fuck my pics didnt work   but it was cat dog   with the ygo card de-fusion next   it was funny :(
  6.     [spoiler][/spoiler]   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  7. nice job dude that looks tight     so i went out on a date and instantly clicked. i'm so happy guys. i can get better
  8. i was only at the bar because i went to my dad's softball team reunion and that's where they went after the game. he can't play cuz his arms messed up so we just chilled and watched. i know he was feeling a lil heartbroken that he couldn't play. i don't just go into bars lol
  9.   When I saw his post earlier I immediately recalled his post about asking for cigarettes as an ice breaker (after he said he was trying to give them up).  I don't want to be right, but my guess is that at best he's drunk and fucking said girl and at worst hes doing drugs/weed and fucking said girl.    what post about asking for a cigarette? like i do not all
  10. it's likely. not sure if it's too great of an idea to be around alcohol and possibly drugs rn tho tbh imo       This is nafe we're talking about. By now he's likely already fucked her once and about to smoke some weed or do some mushrooms before round 2.   im not smoking weed my piss is clean and will stay that way until i have a another job. and no i have not fucked her i can't really leave my house without a family member
  11. yugioh, the game that smells of bootyhole players rude and let their cracks hang crude wanna duel? got more decks then hoban consumes food but not hatin, we returned return slickly, my opponent's a fool pot of avarice keeps me fueled and we constructed shad's dolls from the roots fuck with me again we hittin a lick on you taken your robo backpack and spellground too   (disclaimer: nothing against hoban )
  12. ok this girl i havent talked to in like 3 years hit me up on fb asking if i wanna drink with her. its safe to assume she wants the d?
  13. i farted and died
  14. dont block me grimey!! whats ur fb?   and girls are making me sad