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  1. Did the dog finish?
  2. Nah Dennis is gonna need to mail me a Salami Sandwhich if I win. Those are the terms.
  3. Don't worry though if I beat you we can go again in another medium. Chess, checkers, Smash, counterstrike, idc. I'll fuck you till you love me.
  4. Dennis your bitch made ass has never seen pussy in your life. If I beat you in this childrens card game Im gonna need you to bow down.
  5. No. Winter deserved his ban.
  6. Same, if just not at least for the possibility of something like this happening again.
  7. 5 associates died of heroin overdose. it's an epidemic in ohio. 4 of them weren't even addicts, they were just occasional users. the one who was an addict got out of rehab and apparently thought he could dose the same as he did when he was regularly using. shit is fucking sad. they left behind children, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, and people like me who sit back and wonder how i didnt end up like this despite growing up the same way. coulda' easily been me, could still easily be me if i go too hard on one thing or the other. really puts life into perspective
  8. Chad Thundercock
  9. I literally bought my PS4 for KH3 and FF15. I barely touch the stupid potato.
  10. I wish i never asked. This explains why he told me shit that didnt add up in PMs vs things he said on the forums.
  11. What. I was just repeating what he told me. and i wasn't here for his tyrano memeing, sure, i wasn't paying attention at the time. wait for rei to comment. im not denying winter mult accounts just what he said about this specific alt.
  12. From what he told me he and rei worked on some other forum to get this guy, who he's claiming this account is, the fuck away because he was a 24 year old pedophile who did a bunch of terrible shit. Idk maybe wait for @rei to comment but I know Winter fairly well and I believe him that it isn't him. It's a whole buncha shit i know nothing about except what I'm told so I was just curious if you were possibly wrong or not.
  13. Winter says this isn't him and is some pedophile who makes alt accounts. Are you sure this is him @ACP
  14. What the actual fuck
  15. RIP. They're gonna take us all out one by one. My days are numbered. I'm writing a will as we speak. Dennis you can have my Prince vinyls.