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  1. Justified

    who watches this?
  2. Yo

    It's been awhile.... sup?
  3. Breaking Bad

  4. Breaking Bad

  5. Starcraft 2

  6. Californication season 1
  7. Breaking Bad

    [spoiler] [img]http://i.imgur.com/30juc.jpg[/img] [/spoiler]
  8. Starcraft 2

    good luck. i might grind some games as well but i'm not expecting to rank up, since im playing a new race
  9. Starcraft 2

    Idra would be an example as overrated instead of stephano
  10. Starcraft 2

    WHat hotkeys do you guys use?
  11. Dexter Season 07

    its a progression he turns into like scarface
  12. Dexter Season 07

    mr. white shits all over dexter
  13. Dexter Season 07

    Doakes was the best season hands down
  14. Starcraft 2

    but still really good
  15. Starcraft 2

    my favorite opening is 1gate robo since its pvX and you can react accordingly
  16. Starcraft 2

    Pvp- 2 gate robo pvt 1gate expand pvz- forge fast expand/nony 2 gate sentry expand I like 1 gate or 2 gate openings mostly and expanding behind it
  17. Starcraft 2

    just keep doing 4 gate eddma, then once u get the timing down id work on ffe
  18. Starcraft 2

    Well if u need help with protoss i can give some pointers
  19. Starcraft 2

    Dont do it!
  20. Starcraft 2

    terran ofc
  21. Starcraft 2

    eCAbelity (498) i wouldnt playing against you guys havnt been able to play much
  22. Starcraft 2

    silver protsss. Switching to zerg after ladder lock
  23. Starcraft 2

    Good to see that sc2 is on this forum
  24. Yo

    figured as much
  25. Breaking Bad

    This show is all kinds of greatness