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  1. Yeah they jumped super high.. Herald of Pure Light did as well, so thanks to whoever suggested picking a few of them up for a buck.
  2. Kozmo - Discussion

    This deck is very tight on space now, what are people cutting for the Fire King engine? Aside from the traps, I'm not sure what else to cut. Honestly this might sound hella scrubby but I'm trying out Tin Can down to two since opening him isn't the ideal T-1 play anymore. The deck combos off and ends with a TinCan or if u get Maxx C'd , you can still end with Tin Can so between that and Emergency Teleport, there's not a problem accessing the card even at 2. I'm still not sure if that's even correct but it doesn't sound like the worst thing to me.
  3. MTG Deals Shining Victories Tournament

    Why did this have to be on Mother's Day? I doubt attendance is going to be high
  4. MTG Deals Shining Victories Tournament

    Why did this have to be on Mother's Day? I doubt attendance is going to be high
  5. Returning to YGO with Monarchs

      I could easily see going to 2, but I think its a matter of percentages. % that drawing Kuraz loses you the game vs. % of time not having Kuraz in deck loses you the game.    The one thing I know is that in the latter you are tributing for monarchs and when that is the case you are usually winning the game. Certainly something I will consider as I play more games though   Opening Kuraz doesn't even lose you that many games. Makes your dead Prime OR Pantheism stronger and it can still be used in numerous ways with Escalation. Escalation helps play around Veiler once they hit your Edea also. I'd suggest:   -1 Thestalos the Mega Monarch (Doesn't contribute to your engine that much, sucks opening it vs established boards, sucks w/o Escalation)   -1 Mithra (I don't see a point in running just 1 of her and using the Edea engine. Between Primes, the squires and TMSF, you have enough fodder)   -1 Frost Blast of the Monarchs (I don't see any use for this card since it sucks opening hand and the only backrow that would be nice to hit is Warning since we can play around Strike)   -1 Maxx "C" (I wouldn't even main any copies of this card but maybe cut 1 so you don't see it so much opening hand and I don't think Maxx "C" is even that good right now)   +1 Escalation (Card is way too powerful and I think you should be running it. It helps make and disrupt plays and it adds on to the power of return. Being able to Ehther and search for Return for whatever you want then being able to Escalation into it sounds sweet af)   +1 Kuraz (Drawing the only copy sucks, I would run 3 but it seems like you are not a fan of him)   +2 Majesty's Fiend (Strong against most decks not Pendulum, Its a 1 sack which comes up, Escalation into Majesty's if they Veiler Edea is still strong af)
  6. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    That's an illegal play though since you cannot Stormforth the same turn you SS from the extra
  7. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Haven't really tested extra deck Quantum Monarchs but it seems cool. How consistent is it though? Also, would u run mini Zaborg just for potential OTK plays? It seems kinda cool and it can break boards or interrupt plays if u draw it with Escalation.  Summon Ehther > Dump Prime and Panth to SS Zaborg > Banish to SS Prime > Overlay for Shark Fortress. If they have a Monster on board that's 2600+ u can still OTK them with Volcasaurus into Gaia Charger.  Seems neat but like I said, haven't tested the extra deck version. 
  8. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I think you should still be running 1 copy of Return of the Monarch. It helps you set up and even searches Zaborg when needed and if you do run Return, I'd probably run  a second Kuraz so you can consistently pop off the Return to continue making plays. 2 Kuraz also helps the monarch matchup, which looks completely horrific when using this build. Is there any reason why you are not running any rank 8's? You can go into them fairly easy if needed with Ehther. Also I don't think you need Strike of the Monarch or Ghost Ogre in the main as it adds to more awkward hands and you already have Zaborg for the Pepe matchup (Run Return so you can consistently search him). 
  9. ARG Richmond, VA

    Seems like it. I've been getting the loading circle :o
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      Although the card is quite slow, it puts a lot of work against Trap-Heavy Decks like Kozmo, BA, or rogues like Tellars. But I would like to say, based on my own Regional experience, that a good thing to do would be siding in Decree if you go 1st to shut down all their traps at once, and siding in Twin Twisters if you go 2nd to get rid of Restricts or other annoying Sets like Strike/Kozmojo. Getting to Decree, it is not that hard, if you consider that you will dig into your Deck with Pantheism, increasing your chances to Draw it from that.   Maybe in retrospect, Siding MST instead of Decree would be a better option, but I cant confirm that to be honest.   One of the only upsides I see from running Decree is that it shuts off traps and against Phantom Knights if they have you in the Master Key Bettle + floodgate lock, then it's one of the few cards that can out it. However, I don't really like Decree too much because everybody sides Twin Twisters against you for the Domain and Returns so as soon as they out your Decree, all of their traps are live again. Trap Stun shuts traps off for the turn and it doesn't lose to Twin Twisters, so that's kinda cool but the card overall is pretty bad. Maybe Trap Eater is the better card in this scenario because here he outs the lock and provides tribute fodder as well. Another cool thing about Trap Eater is that if you run the Reasoning build, he can't be normal summoned so Reasoning will continue to excavate. (Obviously only relevant to those who are running that build, which seems like nobody on this site) I haven't actually tested Trap Eater yet but I think I like it more than Decree only because it actually gets rid of the floodgate and doesn't destroy so it gets around Master Key Beetle. 
  11. Why? Is there something I'm missing?   could also be because of Phantom Knights
  12. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      Or.. You can just play Chalice instead, as it does a way better job, since you can negate that same Aether, (making them vulnerable to Stormforth), without the need of setting the card first, and wait one whole turn to use it.   In my opinion, BTS is better than Chalice. Obviously you are able to play Chalice the minute you draw it, but besides that, I see more upside and flexibility in Breakthrough Skill. For instance, in the mirror you get two effect negations and not just one, it has a grave effect so if your opponent pops your backrow, it's still usable. There are also other scenarios like being able to stop an effect on your opponents turn (Skullcrobat, Pendulum Sorc, Ignister) and then being able to BTS the Dweller if they make it against you. Dweller isn't the best card to make against us but if it's made at the right time, it could be a pain in the ass to get rid of. However, the main reason I like BTS over Forbidden Chalice is that you also are able to negate the effect of Naturia Beast which Chalice can't. Nat beast is the biggest pain in the ass if you don't draw the squires and I think I just want as many outs against that card as possible.    I have yet to test Mega Mobius but Twin Twisters just seem like they do enough for me since Mobius can't even resolve if your opponent has Mask of Restrict or Warning. Please let me know how Mobius goes in your testing though because I'm always interested to see what cards are working for other people. 
  13. ARG Dallas Feb 27-28

    I'm surprised the Monarch player even made it that far. His deck just looks like a recipe for disaster. :o Bricked and got OTK'd both games by Water.. I definitely would have opted to go 2nd against Water. 
  14. Make Yugioh Great Again

    I seriously could not stop laughing. LOL Great deck, 10/10 would bang  run
  15. ARG Dallas Feb 27-28

    That's still double the UDS at least xD Also, did anyone else notice that Loli soft cheated Jack G-1? He attacked the Erebus that had Fog Blade on it     Wasn't the UDS an invitational?   A: The Invitational portion is not an open-to-all event.  Only Duelists who have earned at least 100 UDS Points may enter the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational - Winter 2016 and they do so by redeeming the points at Registration.   So it's not the same thing, right?   Yes you are right that it was an invite only event. However, there were still 3,000+ people who qualified to play in it and there ended up being only 71 participants. Obviously they're not the same thing but my point was that even though ARG was expecting 400 people and only got about 170, it's not as bad as the 71 the UDS got. I don't know why you had to be a dick about what I said.