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    My interests are pretty simple. I like playing yu-gi-oh, and I like playing it with people that I like.
  1. Dino Rabbit

    Monsters: 18 3x Kabazauls 3x Sabersaurus 2x Effect Veiler 1x Gorz 2x Rescue Rabbit 1x Sangan 2x Thunder King Rai-Oh 1x Tour Bus 3x Tour Guide Spells: 11 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole 2x Forbidden Lance 1x Heavy Storm 1x Mind Control 1x Monster Reborn 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Pot of Avarice Traps: 11 2x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Dimensional Prison 2x Fiendish Chain 1x Mirror Force 1x Solemn Judgment 2x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Extra Deck: 15 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Evolzar Dolkka 3x Evolzar Laggia 1x Gem-Knight Pearl 2x Leviair 1x Leviathan 2x Utopia 1x Black Corn 1x Roach 2x Zenmaines
  2. Tele-Zombies

    I know, but I was using it as an example.
  3. Fortune Lady`s.

    Okay, sorry that I made you have too go out of your way to do all that, and I`m not a super great duelist, so yes I will have errors with my knowledge and logic.. Sorry.
  4. Initiation

    I would add blackwing zephyros in it. Helps with re-using lylas eff or even rykos eff. I dont know about maining 1 d.d crow, but could work, also Why are you running 1 wulf instead of two? Maybe be a dead draw, but its good bait i find.
  5. Tele-Zombies

    Have you tried adding in any lances? It would help with zombie master, if they were to bottomless it or even torrentiall it.
  6. X-Sabers

    -1 mst -1 maxx c +1 boggart +1 lance i took out mst since you have great control with your synchro dude that destroys 2 spells and what not, forgot the name and im sorry for that, but I also took out a maxx c since you needed some room for lance and to max out your boggart set. I added boggart since its a staple cardfor x sabers, and should always be maxed out, i added a lance, since it can help you greatly with faultroll, and into making your amazing play with special summoning what ever and synchro summoning for amazing cards lol. The only thing that I feel awkward with is the tour guide set, like yes, it can be good into slimming out your deck, and getting good rank 3 xyz, but this deck is mainly used for synchro summoning, so I would probably go with 2 guides, but I`m not too sure about it, so you would have to make that choice on which you feel more comfortable with. Hope it helped.
  7. X-Sabers

    Did you ever think of finding place for lance? Actually quite good with sabers, because if they were to bottomless your foltroll or something, than thatcan ruin your play massively, but if you were to run 2 maybe even a full set of lance, than you can easily pass by through that and do your masive field plays easily. Just a thought though.
  8. Chaos Dragon

    Maybe only runnign 2 terraforming and adding in the torrential would be nice.
  9. Fortune Lady`s.

    Yeah. I like the ideas of rota and all. Barbaros was an idea given to me by a friend, and so I thought it would return to 3000 without checking the rulings. Foolish me. But I will take into account you ideas. Thank you.
  10. Fortune Lady`s.

    Oh okay didnt know that about barbaros, and I dont run storm due to torrential being at 2,, so people would prob start running starlight raod.
  11. Fortune Lady`s.

    [color=#ff8c00]Fortune Lady`s:[/color] [color=#ff8c00]Monsters: 20[/color] [color=#ff8c00]1x BLS[/color] [color=#ff8c00]3x FL Dark[/color] [color=#ff8c00]2x FL fire[/color] [color=#ff8c00]3x FL Light[/color] [color=#ff8c00]3x FL Water[/color] [color=#ff8c00]1x FL Wind[/color] [color=#ff8c00]3x Beast King Barbaros[/color] [color=#ff8c00]2x Catoblepas and the witch of fate[/color] [color=#ff8c00]2x effect veiler[/color] [color=#0000cd]Spells: 14[/color] [color=#0000cd]1x Dark Hole[/color] [color=#0000cd]2x Fortune`s Future[/color] [color=#0000cd]3x Future Vision[/color] [color=#0000cd]1x Monster Reborn[/color] [color=#0000cd]3x MST[/color] [color=#0000cd]1x Pot Of Avarice[/color] [color=#0000cd]2x Terraforming[/color] [color=#0000cd]1x Wonder Wand[/color] [color=#800080]Traps: 9[/color] [left][color=#800080]3x Compulsory Evacuation Device[/color][/left] [color=#800080]2x Dimensional Prison[/color] [color=#800080]1x Giv[/color][color=#800080]e and Take[/color] [color=#800080]1x Starlight Road[/color] [color=#800080]1x Solemn Judgement[/color] [color=#800080]1x Solemn Warning[/color]
  12. Jurracs

    Other than what brave heart said, I would run 2 rekindling, since you dont want to focus too much on the flamvell theme itself, and add in some enemy controllers. Might help with aeolo on the field, giving you a free beatstick if you use it right.
  13. Gladiator Beasts!

    Wow... Glads can be good, but surely not with this build...
  14. T.G. Flamvell

    [color=#ffd700]Monsters: 18[/color] [color=#ffd700]1x Spirit Reaper[/color] [color=#ffd700]1x Flamvell Magician[/color] [color=#ffd700]1x Grand Mole[/color] [color=#ffd700]3x Flamvell Firedog[/color] [color=#ffd700]3x Reborn Tengu[/color] [color=#ffd700]3x T.G. Striker[/color] [color=#ffd700]3x T.G. Warwolf[/color] [color=#ffd700]3x T.G. Rush Rhino[/color] [color=#40e0d0]Spells: 9[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Dark Hole[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Mind Control[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Pot of Avarice[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Monster Reborn[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Book of Moon[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Pot of Duality[/color] [color=#40e0d0]1x Heavy Storm[/color] [color=#40e0d0]2x Mystical Space Typhoon[/color] [color=#800080]Traps: 13[/color] [color=#800080]1x Solemn Judgment[/color] [color=#800080]1x Seven Tools of The Bandit[/color] [color=#800080]1x Compulsory Evacuation Device[/color] [color=#800080]1x Torrential Tribute[/color] [color=#800080]1x Starlight Road[/color] [color=#800080]1x Trap Dustshoot[/color] [color=#800080]2x Horn of the Phantom Beast[/color] [color=#800080]2x Solemn Warning[/color] [color=#800080]3x TG1 - EM1[/color] Extra: 1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 2x Scrap Dragon 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Naturia Barkion 1x Trishula 1x Catastor 2x T.G. Wonder Magician 1x T.G. Hyper Librarian 1x T.G. Power Gladiator 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Brionac 1x Steelswarm Roach 1x Leviathan Dragon [color=#00ff00]Side:[/color] [color=#00ff00]2x Cyber Dragon[/color] [color=#00ff00]2x Dyna[/color] [color=#00ff00]3x D.D. Crow[/color] [color=#00ff00]2x Leeching the Light[/color] [color=#00ff00]1x Mystical Space Typhoon[/color] [color=#00ff00]2x Swallow Flip[/color] [color=#00ff00]1x Debunk[/color] [color=#00ff00]1x Devine Wrath[/color] [color=#00ff00]1x Fiendish Chain[/color]
  15. Dark ~Tytannial~...

    Monsters 19 1x lonefire 1x dark simorgh 1x chaos sorcerer 1x spore 3x ryko 3x tengu 2x black salvo 3x dekoichi 1x dandylion 1x card trooper 1x tytannial 1x glow-up bulb Spells: 11 1x mind control 1x pot of avarice 1x monster reborn 1x book of moon 1x heavy storm 2x forbidden lance 2x mst 1x dark hole 1x foolish burial traps: 10 1x solemn j 2x solemn w 1x trap dustshoot 3x compulsory 2x bth 1x torrential This is my deck I am running for locals. Though I can't find why, but it seems to lack consistency