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  1. I feel weird cause I legit miss cards but it was nice knowing you Drulers!
  2.   Yeah and I love hearing that post-match salt too lol
  3. Just to clarify with nebra disk since it says once you use its graveyard effect you cannot activate non-chronomaly effects does that mean if I mst or something like that before using nebra disk then I cannot use disks effect?
  4. Damn I'm lonely...
  5. Recovery wasn't a "pile of shit" man...
  6. Congrats on the top man
  7. I'm a huge Robocop fan..I hope to god this works out!
  8.   I mean..Berzerk was meant to sound like old school hip hop from the 80's...that being said it still was very underwhelming and naming his album MMLP2 is only gonna make for high expectations so I hope the rest of the album delivers. Not tryin to be like the rest of Criticgroundz just sayin. I know for sure he's doing a song with Big Sean so I hope that sounds good. Regardless I love Em so I'm supporting this anyways!
  9. Daniel Bryan's new finisher is literally a tiger knee to the face...I love it!
  10. The streams actually up now but its the dragon duels.   Edit: now its down again...just pitiful konami!
  11. Great thread! Gave me a powerful laugh lmao keep it going.
  12. xhandlessx