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  1. itswhatever (pure zoo) > mrdragon (draco zoo)
  2. itswhatever (kaiju zoo) > 3-d-bird-model (pure zoo)
  3. itswhatever (kaiju zoo) > Lunardarkgaia (metalfoe draco)
  4. DuelistGroundz username: itswhatever Discord username: thugger thugger Formats: current & goat Expected level of activity: 3-5 nights a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): anyone I used to war with (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: 3 ycs tops, former war duelist, former team dgz site war player & coach
  5. both itswhatever / thugger thugger
  6. I'll be there! Looking to pick up some of the entry mats to sell to the guys at locals, so if anyone wants to sell them at a reasonable price hmu. Also, I want to stay for a few days after the YCS (til like tuesday or wed), but the people I am staying with are only staying until monday. If anyone has a spot I can crash at after that Pm me and we can work somethng out, doesn't even have to be in Anahiem because I'd preferably be in LA for the day or 2 after the event
  7. Actual literal X
  8. Best deck
  9. Pretty entertaining read
  10. How often will their card matter though? If you have floodgate guy + traps, they probably can't do anything anyways? Only relevant card that they can draw into in order to win is probably twin twisters. Obviously one day isn't as powerful in here as decks that it truly shines in because you don't need to stop damage since you have a million mirror forces, but thinning your deck for the good cards in your deck doesn't sound awful.
  11. The ba guy that won last year was kind of a random.
  12. BA might go back to karma cut? It has always been great in the mirror.
  13. Am I the only one who thought that someone should've busted this banlist wide open? I was pretty unimpressed by everyone going to bewd decks. I am certain there were way better decks
  14. IIRC top 8 was 4 Japs Erik Admassu Travis The not Bodan Aussie guy