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  1. we all pretty spread out which makes melee difficult, i was gonna start with some match analysis tonight and then see if other people could fill in a sort of schedule, like if someone wanted a night to just netplay on the dgz stream or stream a smashfest
  2. aizens hogyokus gone i thought
  3. people have discussed "making a dn clone," would this be any easier if one was just doing it for the goat card pool, with goat rules? theres another jont like Lackey called OCTGN idr what its like for yugioh but it might have a more restricted interface than the Lackey one that kinda feels like playing yugioh on Apprentice back in the day lol
  4. imma try to stream some smash match analysis of some peeps in the IC discord chat tonight, yall tryna host me
  5. some PRO SPONSORED GAMER u are, pussy
  6. for melee netplay if we actually got enough people i would probably do an east/west circuit deal since cali to east coast is generally unplayable. euro too because all of europe's internet is so crazy good relative to ours that they connect cross country and still play at 2-3 buffer and then some bigger things could spin off of said circuit ;]
  7. alright mother fuckers, all three of you get in here now we need content and we need it pronto we need to get this shit together and get it out the door get all that shit together u feel me its time to collectivicize since I, Dennis Frogman, aka SO DGz YGOrg D-Frog, aka Dennis the Menace Frogman, aka Pretty Dennis Frogman, aka Frogman with the operator symbol as the o, aka Denise Frogman, aka Denis Frogman, aka Scuzzlebutt, aka the Duelist Formerly Known as Frogman, am the True Heir to the Throne of the Pharaoh, and I was indeed the #1 draft pick out of, and I did indeed solve all philosophical problems in Yu-Gi-Oh, i believe it is appropriate that I will lead the charge on Twitch to establish as a streamer in the world of SMASH and FIGHTING GAMES post your stream links here. post what times you want to do stuff. i want to do stuff. do you want to do stuff? let's all do stuff. i want to stream match analysis for vids in my historical groundbreaking ice climbers gdoc i know Logic on here made a combo vid not too long ago, u tryna make more content bruh? and where the fuck has ghettoblush been since he randomly disappeared and became topX in his region after EMBARRASSING me, Dennis Frogman, THE #1 DRAFT PICK out of, in an online exhibition??? some say that if you tune into the Melee thread on DGz and listen closely with all the lights off, you can hear whispers of eikelmann's legacy... you know, EIKELMANN, the ganon that's spent the past few years TRAVELLING THE SMASH COMMUNITIES OF THE WORLD and TAKING GAMES off of Mew2king's Marth and fucking Plup's Sheik??? and there are even rumors that he has a NEW CHARACTER in the works... as far as other games go, did anyone else realize that DunnoBro was and probably still is the best Duck Hunt main in smash 4 and consistently performs well in his deep ass region that he's power ranked in? as in like he was arguably the first best player the char ever had? what about SFV, any of you shits playing that? umvc3? skullgirls? catherine? let's stream it all additionally I will be bringing back Smash@DGz Live for Smash 4 and potentially Melee if anyone is interested. i have TWO WHOLE AMIIBOS to donate for prize support. DN is gone but online smash isnt
  8.'&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=o'donnell+trump+blacks+lazy maybe UR THE LAZY ONE
  9. Holy fuck
  10. no evo for me due to random life shit thats been popping up over the past few months that also made me have to leave ceo the first night, MY B ALLEN i promise we'll get to hang at an orlando event sometime + i owe u fogo now who's goin to SUPER SMASH CON or SHINE?????????? it should be everyone reading this js
  11. poor ichigo is like the only one that didnt get strength+speed boost from his original shikai. he didnt even need to release it to use getsuga so legit the most worthless release in bleach history outside of giving him a not-broken sword lol
  12. my revelation could beat up ur revelation
  13. lost 2-1 to crimson flare game sux worst duels of my life