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  2. what did that do? did that just blow your mind? that. just. happened.
  3. i wholeheartedly admit to avoiding team games because of my distinct lack of friends
  4. either get a pc or play a solo game then no, i don't play overwatch, i just pay attention to it like i do with every game, because my long-term goal is a career in esports. and this may shock you, but the reason i don't play it or league or any other team game is because i hate everything you're describing and would never want to focus on a competitive activity where my ability to ladder climb or whatnot is contingent on getting a group in other words, i try to develop far more healthy relationships with my hobbies than you have ever been able to. i can't remember the last time i was having a bad string of losses and blamed someone else or some game mechanic. it's a really great feeling and i think i'm a happier person for it. you should try it. my point is that it sounds like you just don't like team games if you really believe any of this -- and if you didn't it would be perfectly fine. but hey i cant tell u what to do, u do u homie
  5. thank you 221234 for putting so much willpower and effort into not having sex
  6. -only men that will never be pregnant or in a position to need any sort of abortion at all, ever edit: of course not all men think this, but if you think this chances are you are a man and probs one that isnt having sex anytime soon lol
  7. yeah i should try to learn how to think objectively from republicans
  8. did you even read the post or what trump supporters, everyone
  9. its pretty much like every issue republicans take stances on, it exists for them and literally no one else
  10. yeah because partial birth abortions are really one of the pressing political issues in this election
  11. i wish you could see how cringey and toxic this opinion is, its basically the team game equivalent of the yugioh players who pay hundreds of dollars to fly to events to go x-3 and complain about how the game of yugioh is out to get them if you don't like it you're more than welcome to play a solo game instead
  12. oh my god get over yourselves there's no DN anymore. if you want to play online yugioh enough, you can use this program, or you can sit around and suck on your thumb if you're choosing the latter chances are it isn't ygopro's lack of features, it's that you don't care as much about yugioh as you did when DN was around
  13. ash rigged the election to scam reggie out of $400