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  1. me (thunder dragon chaos) > markus (goat control) also allen > me both recruiter
  2. no just goat control with 2 angel
  3. gojira (beastdown) > me (goat control)
  4. LOL
  5. lol
  6. mmf (gearfried) > silver (goat control)
  7. mmf (chaos recruiter) > mascis (empty jar) mascis (goat control) > mmf (goat control) good shit
  8. it's just chaos with no thunder dragons, by your naming conventions it's probably "Chaos (Other)"
  9. me (beastdown) > silver (goat control)
  10. so much drama so little trash talk in the thread
  11. idk its all pretty funny it just may or may not be news to you depending on how much you know about winter
  12. i dont even think that was his point at all i think ur thinking of what i said
  13. also, in case anyone was wondering: malcolms fire stat has increased since i made the original chart, particularly wrt his town play. hes playing slow inoffensive floater ("letting the other team dig holes for themselves") with u guys a lot less and straight up telling u guys "look you retarded idiots, you need to do this this and this and then you win" a lot more, which is "firey" to me, the sort of thing mark clearly always wants to pull off but often can't