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  1. Pacific State: 6 hearts »Satchmo - Satchmo - current preference »Sharpman - Sharpman - Both »Kyou - aegisouls - Current »Gosick - Andrew - Goat Preference »rjose2002 - rjose2002 - Both »Goins - Spare - Goat »SunnySSBM - SunnySSBM - Goat ESPN: 6 hearts >>MMF - MMF - both >>Soul - Soul - goats pref >>Turceal - turceal - current >>Squirmywurmy - lleaf33 - goats >>andesmountain - goats pref >>Tyranno - goats pref >>Reggie - Haruki - goats >>noah1492 - noah1492 - current war story:
  2. there are like 2 true draco cards max that are actually nuts in that regard
  3. im dumb, forgot i could use soul exchange with no trib mons in hand
  4. good shit both sides
  5. we're discussing it on discord ok
  6. bruh euros is over, we been had the tech for that event
  7. me split sets with loli me (goat) > loli (Warriors) loli (Warriors) > me (goat) good shit both match
  8. [6:50 PM] Goku: You opened godlike and almost punted it away vs someone who also misplayed [6:50 PM] Goku: That's pathetic i guess you could say that in this instance, tristan had...
  9. I was once an ancap too I remember how much smarter and better than everyone else I felt
  10. everyone is so concerned with being the best active player and not with the much more respectable and honourable goal of being the best inactive player
  11. not interested in playing any cards that require me to play iron core of koaki meiru either
  12. cattle call is shit compared to shuffle reborn. can't believe we all missed that card