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  1. yeah we actually tested the ocg "goat equivalent" in the goat discord, spoilers: it's degenerate dogshit that no one will enjoy playing
  2. Mafia Rankings

    btw hey even tho i made fun of ur opinion try not to have a conniption fit and unfriend a bunch of people on facebook ok???
  3. Mafia Rankings

    eLo IsNt ObJeCtIvE aNd DoEsNt WoRk :^]]]
  4. Shit People Say In Discord

    [3:53 PM] N3sh.: u smell of pee from 1km
  5. Shit People Say In Discord

    he isn't wrong
  6. I was banned AMA

  7. ESPN ❤❤❤❤❤❤ MMF/ frog emoji ❤❤ Turceal/ turceal ❤❤ Tristan/ TristanP ❤❤ Matt Bishop/ Gordie Geck0 ❤❤ xanelcava/ xanelcava ❤❤ Kolkata Street Pajeets ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Satchmo / Satchmo ❤❤ wrinklywinkie / My mom wont let me play ygo ❤❤ Kyou / Kyou ❤❤ berdversary / dumb berd ❤❤ themadgician / themadgician ❤❤ War Story:
  8. worst games of my life am retired from goat ama
  9. valiant attempts duelists very good war!
  10. Silver

    silver should get some weird guy in california to send him money to pay for the bet
  11. Shit People Say In Discord

    courtesy of Me. who is currently serving out a ban for being a very bad boy >:(
  12. Shit People Say In Discord

    eventually this thread will just be renamed "the n3shs greatest hits thread"
  13. Shit People Say In Discord

    [8:34 PM] N3sh.: 1.80 for 50 kg [8:34 PM] N3sh.: really good exemplare [8:34 PM] Mickey: 1.8 what though [8:34 PM] N3sh.: high
  14. Shit People Say In Discord

    [8:33 PM] N3sh.: i tried to teach children [8:33 PM] N3sh.: but they sucks
  15. near over xanel TIE GAME W I L D W A R