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  1. LOSERS QUARTERFINALS BEGIN NOW AND WILL END AT 11:59 PM CST ON 11/27/17 @Death Sentence vs @rei @Tristan vs @Mascis
  2. mascis > mark @Tr!stan and @Mascis can play whenever
  3. Shit People Say In Discord

    [12:56 PM] rip kid no cry: You are so pathetic that I feel grows to even be on the same server with a fucking trashbag pussy hoe who talk behind back say preside then when I tell you I'd tell you what deck I play and u can preside but still pussy out anyways I'd be very sad if I had such a horrible non charismatic internet and irl pussy like you who tries to act like some freaking 69 years old grown ass men while he's only some switzeland useless guy who probably lives in his moms basement
  4. Shit People Say In Discord

    [12:17 PM] rip kid no cry: @N3sh. [12:17 PM] rip kid no cry: CMON [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: U USED TO TALK SO HARD [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: IN PAST [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: NOW U DISSAPEAR???
  5. Shit People Say In Discord

    [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: U all make me sick [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: Tbh [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: Fight like dumb retards
  6. uh, no, check the bracket jesus, is it so hard for yugioh players to understand how a double elimination bracket works when the entire thing is literally shown in the OP of the thread?
  7. bracket progressed LOSERS ROUND 4 BEGINS NOW AND ENDS AT 11:59PM CST ON 11/24/2017 @mark vs @Mascis (winner plays @Tr!stan in LQF) @Audioslayne vs @Death Sentence (winner plays @rei in LQF)
  8. could you guys please keep a fucking war story in the OP of your war threads for gods sake? i don't understand how you can edit the OP for heart counts but not to actually record what happened for each of those edits. there are 5 reports of SOS wins over ATO in this thread but somehow the war was at last heart each before WGM played MattK?
  9. Goat Duel Review Thread

    uh, no, both the duo and the pot were completely acceptable. almost no one good auto-holds duo/pot for as long as they can anymore.
  10. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Agree with Mark's points re: Parshath in game 1, especially because theres a tsuk in hand. I would have activated Meta, attacked for 1600, and passed with a NoC set. You end up so far ahead shortly after that it's probably a moot point, but I don't see the reason to play into Snatch here. I think the Heavy Storm in game 3 was absolutely awful and actually just got you nothing. In game 3, when you draw Parshath with 24 left in deck, you ended your turn discarding Serp and Parshath again. I think you should set Serpent, set Call and pass. Giving up Airknight here is kind of like if you had two Chaos Sorcerers in hand and decided to discard 1 at the end of your turn instead of just setting a backrow or something. Realize that WGM sucks in goat-locked gamestates, and almost on cue, he books his own TER to flip faith and draw 2 (putting him below you in deck count), and ends on a TER with nothing equipped and a Thestalos. If you had kept the Parshath in hand, you would have been able to Snatch his TER, equip Thestalos, and tribute it for Parshath (his two sets at this point were bluffs, which is not difficult to read since he was drawing with a full hand for a while). Btw, I strongly disagree with the post above that says to hold Pot for literal no reason. WGM literally played Duo the turn after, and would have had a chance of hitting the Pot from your hand, lmao.
  11. i put the command to type into discord in even larger text in the OP, is everyone happy now?
  12. bracket progressed ROUND 4 BEGINS NOW AND ENDS AT 11:59PM CST ON 11/18/2017 WINNERS FINALS: @Soul vs @Gojira LR3: @Mascis vs @Gospel @Projector vs @Death Sentence @Absolute vs @mark @Audioslayne vs @MZAAZM After these finish, we have a bit of leeway, as the entire winners bracket will be done and 6 total matches will need to be played in the losers bracket. As soon as these rounds finish, I will start the subsequent one so that we can get through these as fast as possible.
  13. Goat Duel Review Thread

    in 2 of the games the thunder dragon did literal nothing and its a card he plays 3 of lol, it's really not that unbelievable. thanks for your top level goat format insight though!
  14. Goat Duel Review Thread

    are you actually retarded or are you just trolling at this point