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  1. lmaoooo
  2. hounded him for days on days, never got anything but excuses till he just left discord i wonder if he thinks we'll miss him
  3. theres a joke somewhere here about our new president-elect's cabinet but i'm too lazy to make it
  4. the full story [10:21 PM] mmf: staff can even edit anus's to say Upstart Goblin Skill Drain Zoo too [10:21 PM] ACP: well you convinced me
  5. in his defense, they were good meme choices
  6. it wouldnt be an announcement thread without a video post by reggie
  7. u better
  8. ay bruh u goin to final round bruh????
  9. i agree with romo being a better 2nd qb than sanchez but that isn't saying a lot because again a week-old turkey sandwich would be a better 2nd qb than sanchez lmaoooo
  10. i dont buy the experience argument for putting romo as starter in the hopes of some magical mystical super bowl run. doesn't he literally have a career losing record in playoff games? if the boys were gonna make a super bowl run this year im convinced it would have been with prescott. he looked good against the eagles in the week that the team was already locked for the playoffs, but he also didn't have much time to show potential rust. iirc didnt sanchez stay in for the rest of the game after the initial swap? there's no guarantee he would have looked as good in four full quarters. they could have put in the last shit prescott took for that first quarter or so and it still would have looked good compared to sanchez
  11. fuck yeah, dg is getting better and better every day now we can rebuild
  12. are you fucking trolling lmao
  13. tfw people still care about how good their console graphics will be lmao
  14. more like worst dek noob