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  1. this went well
  2. this went well
  3. fwiw the actual weights for soul exchange/meta are higher than 50%, but not by much: soul exchange is around 60% t1 with 6 tributes in deck, meta is the same with 1 sinister 2 faith 3 goats). obviously the odds of a half-answer being live get higher the longer the game goes on, though, which is why meta is live more than half the time you draw it in a standard goats deck. just food for thought
  4. 1. NoC 2. Duo 3. Pot 4. Charity
  5. Lmao francis is completely right and yall r retarded
  6. to be clear, silver won 1 set, then i won 1 set, then he won 1 set goat vs recruiter goat vs chaos goat vs chaos
  7. what would the vig on that team dgmafia action be?
  8. DuelistGroundz username: mmf Discord username: donnie frogman Formats: goat, current Expected level of activity: high Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): don't wanna spoil my draft picks (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Lmao
  9. the ending was just about the only thing right with the last 2 seasons
  10. im the goat master now
  11. mmf/donnie frogman ALL FORMAT
  12. about time we got more people off the retarded "HIMYM ending sucked" bandwagon
  13. Lmao another joke ycs
  14. wow interesting poll
  15. LOL, and then he still lost on the bubble because x-2-1s somehow made it in to t32
  16. judge conspiracy to nerf the best region in the game
  17. the rest of the world will probably be taking this event on another technicality. judges at YCS Denver have apparently realized that it's not fair to everyone else if Houston gets to travel to every event at full power, and to this end they informed Alex Cancel in round 1 that he would not be allowed to play Garnet in his 60-card Minerva deck. to his credit, he was x-1-1 up until round 9 just now, and he hasn't even watched a single episode of the yugioh anime. understand that 2 dead brilliant fusions in deck and a dead seraphinite in extra is not even enough to keep us out of day 2 of your events, and know that Houston is a concrete number of yugioh anime episodes away from taking the next YCS by storm
  18. thats basically what the original system was iirc
  19. those guys look soft af malcolm will rip his dick thru this game lmao
  20. by today's standards shark-magician actually wasn't that very good of a combo lol
  21. Bring this back
  22. nice fucking thread
  23. nice fucking thread