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  1. WHO POOPED THE BED??? nine people. two poops. chaos, disorder, and demolition ruling the streets. who will rise to adjudicate in these trying times??? two of our resident shitlords on Duelistgroundz.com have gone renegade and pooped the bed. with the intent of striking down a poop rebellion before it can gain a foothold, ACP has assigned a crack team of seven of Duelistgroundz's finest to determine who is responsible for pooping the bed. glory, reputation, and snacks await them should they emerge victorious. failure, on the other hand, will be met with extreme prejudice and punishment, for ours is a noble ruler, but a merciless one this game is based on Matrix 6, a setup from mafiascum A B C 1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon 2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Cop Town Doctor 3 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker i will select either a row or a column from this table, add 6 more vanilla roles, and randomly assign roles to players full claiming is allowed players flip on death mafia must choose who carries out the night kill and... FSR (FROGMAN'S STUPID RULE): BANNED PLAYERS MAY PLAY IN THIS GAME PLAYERS 1. JAZZ 2. SOLSTICE 3. SAGERHAPSODY 4. MALCOLM 5. MARK 6. 7. 8. 9.
  2. cheat in yugioh and then bang chicks
  3. starting whenever we get 9 people
  5. confirming for soul that crack is indeed cheaper than cocaine by a significant amount, and in fact, is more or less the same shit that coke dealers give people that they're trying to rip off
  6. jazz thought that this topic was so relevant to him that he made those posts then immediately went into discord and interrupted a conversation to tell markus off again
  7. fwiw if soul was ever destroying dgz, he's been doing a pretty shitty job of it for the past ~15 years
  8. so just to be clear, we're all in agreement that the next word filter on dgz will be "irony"/"ironic" -> "i eat paint chips and sodomize giraffes?"
  9. well this escalated
  10. that's actually the least weird thing about this thread
  11. there we go there are vids of weebs doing this combo on youtube if anyone cares to look it up (now that it will never matter to us in tcg)
  13. im gonna unlock it now.
  14. can i unlock it now?
  15. lmao, so not even a full game of multis can ensure that Francis and rei get to play games for more than a day?
  16. no, you actually summon a 5000 atk neptune that is completely immune to everything other than kaijus
  17. tune into who pooped the bed mafia for more topical markus stories in every flavor post
  18. yeah i can confirm that you can smell the anime on markus from a mile away irl
  19. im not entering this one so you're safe
  20. allen edited his post with "him/her," i feel that ive finally made it as a woman
  21. he made me eat raccoon meat
  22. aaaand its dead
  23. time for everyone that hasn't been playing to show off how much they know by complaining about maxx c to 1 instead of to 3