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  1. Please don't give these people your money. This movie is nothing more than heartless, soulless corporate exploitation of gaming culture
  2. Rules Final Leaderboards Bracket - Goat Bracket - Current
  4. Ready Player One

    The difference is that this is our subculture
  5. alright after an absurd amount of time without a single game being played I'm progressing this along Neo Sigurimi advances
  6. Day 2 Wrap-Up The dust has settled, and after a long journey all the way from Bronze, Silverdude is your new DCS Champion! With his hypermodern Goat list that I featured yesterday, he faced off with his Damage Step rival Chevalier de Fromage in winners bracket and again in Grand Finals. In the end, Silver came prepared for the Empty Jar matchup with a total of seven sideboard cards, and clinched a nailbiter of a Game 3 in Grand Finals to claim the title of DCS: Dallas Champion without dropping a match! The resurgence of pure Goat Control seen first at DCS: Juneau and FLC 1 last January and February respectively continued this weekend at Dallas, with two of the Top 4 competitors on some pure Goat variant. Empty Jar was the other success story of the weekend, taking the field by storm and punishing many unprepared Side Decks. 's Losers Bracket run with the deck included a gauntlet of GoatRank-level competitors such as DCS: NYC Champion rip kid no cry and FLC 2 Day 2 contender Yinsun/Wavy. We're sure to see many new developments on both of these decks in the weeks leading up to FLC 3, especially taking into consideration Silver's win here today.
  7. Day 2 Grand Finals Silver vs Chevalier de Fromage
  8. Day 2 Losers Finals Ib Sauce vs Chevalier de Fromage
  9. Day 2 Intro Welcome to Day 2 of DuelistGroundz Championship Series: Dallas! We've got an action-packed bracket lined up for you here today featuring three of the de facto decks to beat in Goat Format right now. Silverdude has had one hell of a journey this season, starting off by stunning everyone with an explosive grind to Master Duelist rank, and he's bookending it here this weekend with a phenomenal run all the way to Winners Finals with a teched-out Goat Control list. There, he'll face free agent and DGz newcomer Ib Sauce in a Goat Control mirror match. On the other side of the bracket, we've got Chevalier de Fromage, hot off of his 2nd place run at DCS: New York City just a few weeks earlier and newly armed with the latest iteration of Damage Step's notorious Empty Jar list, facing off against FLC 2 Day 2 contender Yinsun/Wavy and his Angel Chaos list. Stay tuned on our Twitch channel for all the live coverage of Day 2 here at DCS: Dallas!
  10. Top 4 Decklists & Interviews IB SAUCE decklist: interview: SILVER decklist: interview: CHEVALIER DE FROMAGE decklist: interview: YINSUN/WAVY decklist: interview:
  11. Day 1 Intro Welcome to DuelistGroundz Championship Series: Dallas, the first Goat Format event of the Spring season! This tournament is shaping up to be an Arcadian of sorts, with only one GoatRanked player but plenty of Master Duelists in attendance. Chevalier de Fromage, Silverdude, and Markus will be looking to make the upset over KASPER, the current #1-ranked player in Goat Format on DuelistGroundz. Yinsun/Wavy is also back after his breakout Day 2 performance at FLC 2 just a few weeks earlier. We've got plenty of decks poised to take the event here today, including mainstays such as Goat Control and Chaos Control as well as fringe choices like Empty Jar and even Reversal Quiz. Chaos Turbo is notably absent, despite its strong showing at FLC 2, but Chaos Sorcerer will be well-represented in the hands of many duelists nonetheless. Over the past three months, players have cycled through countless iterations of tech for the Chaos Control matchup, and this phenomenon is sure to repeat itself this weekend with duelists like KASPER and Silver at the forefront of the anti-Chaos metagame. Click here to tune into our Twitch channel for live coverage of Day 1, starting at 11:00 AM EST on Saturday
  13. Day 1 Feature Matches DT KASPER vs rip kid no cry rip kid no cry vs Chevalier de Fromage
  14. Day 1 Deck Profile Silverdude's Hypermodern Goat Control In my opinion, this is, without a doubt, the best deck Silverdude has ever played in Goat Format. Silver has trimmed absolutely all of the fat off of the standard Goat Control monster lineup. He's eschewed classics like Asura Priest and D.D. Warrior Lady in favor of tried-and-true Flip Effects like Dark Mimic LV1 and Dekoichi. Where most players would play a Morphing Jar, Silver plays a single Mystic Swordsman LV2 mainboarded, a card with a fascinating position in the current metagame. Silver's lineup represents an understanding of a core dynamic of the matchup against Chaos Sorcerer: face-down monsters are better than face-up monsters. The most reliable win condition for pure Goat Control is a good, old-fashioned Tsukuyomi combo, and Silver's deck is excellent at churning those out, almost at will. The Spell/Trap lineup, however, is where the Main Deck really shines here. Silver is playing full sets of Book of Moon, Scapegoat, and Metamorphosis, by far the most important Spells to have as a Goat player playing against a Chaos player. He's shaved mainboard copies of Dust Tornado and Sakuretsu Armor in order to do so, a decision that has quickly proven effective on Day 1 today with a total lack of aggressive decks such as Beastdown or Chaos Recruiter in the field. Silver's Side Deck is the most comprehensive part of his toolbox this weekend. Here he keeps a single Reinforcement of the Army alongside Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and D.D. Warrior Lady, both excellent choices against Chaos Sorcerer decks. Two Bottomless Trap Hole hedge against the Aggro variants that have taken War League by storm as of late, while Solemn Judgment and Trap Dustshoot in conjunction cover almost all of the combo decks in the field. Nobleman of Extermination is a key tech card against other Solemn Judgments, not to mention Seven Tools of the Bandit, another sidedeck choice that's seen a resurgence in 2018. Silver is undefeated heading into Day 2 with his deck, facing newcomer Ib Sauce in Winners Finals tomorrow. Be sure to tune in on our Twitch channel!
  15. How to Start a Team

    u already started this team...
  16. Semifinals are being extended until 11:59 PM CST on April 8
  17. TEAM DUELISTGROUNDZ[.COM] »»Noxjja / Noxjja »»Tr!stan / Tristan (Kaiju ABC) »»Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant (True Draco) »»Milk / Milk (True Draco) »»Arvin / harverd universite (True Draco) »»Me. / Chevalier de Fromage (Crystron) TITAN E-SPORTS »»Jacob / Titan-Esports Jacob (True Draco) »»Michael / The Bling Blau Titan (60-card Zombie Dino) »»Justin / HeavyFeather (Pendulum Magician) »»Bernardo / bernie-9 (True Draco) »»Marcus / MarcusHayden Decklists are locked. Each team picks a player to play first at the beginning of the war. After each match, the losing team must replace the player that lost, until all the players on one team are eliminated. "No FTK" This event will be recorded/streamed periodically on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out TES's FB page here as well! WAR STORY:
  18. Round 2 begins today and ends at 11:59 PM CST Saturday, April 7: WF (Goat): MMF vs KASPER LSF (Goat): Mascis vs Jazz LF (Current): rip kid no cry vs Noxjja As always please let me know if you need an extension
  19. Yes, as you can see, I was nominated for quite a few of them.
  20. Ignore Sophocles. The awards are over. I won them all. Everyone can go home.
  21. King of the Forum History Hall of Fame
  22. Recommend me some games please 2018

    how someone can consider the core gameplay of devil may cry "Not Fun" is absolutely beyond me, you strange creature