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  1. Pacific State: 5 hearts »Satchmo - Satchmo - current preference »Sharpman - Sharpman - Both »Kyou - aegisouls - Current »Gosick - Andrew - Goat Preference »rjose2002 - rjose2002 - Both »Goins - Spare - Goat »SunnySSBM - SunnySSBM - Goat ESPN: 6 hearts >>MMF - MMF - both >>Soul - Soul - goats pref >>Turceal - turceal - current >>Squirmywurmy - lleaf33 - goats >>andesmountain - goats pref >>Tyranno - goats pref >>Reggie - Haruki - goats >>noah1492 - noah1492 - current war story: MMF (goat) > Jvizzle (goat)
  3. wunters stock is dropping like fucking bricks over the course of these last few games
  4. 1. the alternative is letting everyone vote on everything which we've seen just leads to everyone voting for their own team's best interest 2. if all 3 of us were willing to rule this a certain way, maybe that should be a wakeup call for you and other players to stop viewing it as a black and white issue because it really was the farthest thing from one. i don't know where the "we all see things the same way" thing is coming from either??? just because we don't give allen long monologues about everything hes doing wrong in warring like every duelist and their dog doesn't mean we aren't arguing with him on things, we're just a little more tactful about it than some of the rest of the players in warring are lol
  5. that only works if you actually have a set system with rating/ranking decay built into it as it is you're just picking and choosing the "inactive" players to include anyways the entire methodology of this list is just terrible in every possible way and STRICTLY INFERIOR to my glorious stat charts, but this is one easy way you could make it slightly better and more meaningful (but still not moreso than the STAT CHARTS)
  6. can someone please link me to the game that mba defriended logic over rofl
  7. yeah maybe that does take the angriest-of-all-time cake actually wasnt that like in 2013 tho
  8. i've played more games in the past yr than either of those ppl (2 games) u should take them out of the rankings for the sake of respect tho is my point, its not fair to have other ppl bypass them when they're not here to play more
  9. how can paraliel be #2 in this list idgi rofl MBA is a nostalgia pick and not even accurate anymore either
  10. for anyone that wants to call allen a dictator or bitch about lack of transparency etc, you should know that I wanted to discuss the ruling in a private chat between me, allen, and satch, and leave all of you dipshits completely out of it because me, allen, and satch were literally the only people talking about the actual issues. everyone else kept bringing up irrel shit like "it would be too broken" (false and irrel), "julia gave you a ruling" (she really gave us everything except an explicit ruling), "just use OCG" (TCG requires more erratas than OCG), etc, and then silver went on a schpiel about voting and transparency every chance he got. allen shot my idea down and carried on with war council chat. so if anything, you should be going after me for being a dictator, not him
  11. we weren't ignoring what they ruled, we ruled correctly based on the info we had at the time
  12. we're ruling ground collapse as erratad now, silver you can come back
  13. @iSlickz ur in b- not b+ soz but its kind of ridic for u to put urself in the same class as logic even tho u have had a string of solid recent games also idk why MBA and LFN are still ranked if me and claire arent unless they have new usernames i'm not aware of
  14. there are like 2 true draco cards max that are actually nuts in that regard
  15. im dumb, forgot i could use soul exchange with no trib mons in hand
  16. good shit both sides
  17. we're discussing it on discord ok
  18. bruh euros is over, we been had the tech for that event
  19. me split sets with loli me (goat) > loli (Warriors) loli (Warriors) > me (goat) good shit both match
  20. [6:50 PM] Goku: You opened godlike and almost punted it away vs someone who also misplayed [6:50 PM] Goku: That's pathetic i guess you could say that in this instance, tristan had...
  21. I was once an ancap too I remember how much smarter and better than everyone else I felt