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  1. mascis > mark @Tr!stan and @Mascis can play whenever
  2. Shit People Say In Discord

    [12:56 PM] rip kid no cry: You are so pathetic that I feel grows to even be on the same server with a fucking trashbag pussy hoe who talk behind back say preside then when I tell you I'd tell you what deck I play and u can preside but still pussy out anyways I'd be very sad if I had such a horrible non charismatic internet and irl pussy like you who tries to act like some freaking 69 years old grown ass men while he's only some switzeland useless guy who probably lives in his moms basement
  3. Shit People Say In Discord

    [12:17 PM] rip kid no cry: @N3sh. [12:17 PM] rip kid no cry: CMON [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: U USED TO TALK SO HARD [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: IN PAST [12:18 PM] rip kid no cry: NOW U DISSAPEAR???
  4. Shit People Say In Discord

    [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: U all make me sick [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: Tbh [6:06 AM] rip kid no cry: Fight like dumb retards
  5. uh, no, check the bracket jesus, is it so hard for yugioh players to understand how a double elimination bracket works when the entire thing is literally shown in the OP of the thread?
  6. bracket progressed LOSERS ROUND 4 BEGINS NOW AND ENDS AT 11:59PM CST ON 11/24/2017 @mark vs @Mascis (winner plays @Tr!stan in LQF) @Audioslayne vs @Death Sentence (winner plays @rei in LQF)
  7. could you guys please keep a fucking war story in the OP of your war threads for gods sake? i don't understand how you can edit the OP for heart counts but not to actually record what happened for each of those edits. there are 5 reports of SOS wins over ATO in this thread but somehow the war was at last heart each before WGM played MattK?
  8. Goat Duel Review Thread

    uh, no, both the duo and the pot were completely acceptable. almost no one good auto-holds duo/pot for as long as they can anymore.
  9. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Agree with Mark's points re: Parshath in game 1, especially because theres a tsuk in hand. I would have activated Meta, attacked for 1600, and passed with a NoC set. You end up so far ahead shortly after that it's probably a moot point, but I don't see the reason to play into Snatch here. I think the Heavy Storm in game 3 was absolutely awful and actually just got you nothing. In game 3, when you draw Parshath with 24 left in deck, you ended your turn discarding Serp and Parshath again. I think you should set Serpent, set Call and pass. Giving up Airknight here is kind of like if you had two Chaos Sorcerers in hand and decided to discard 1 at the end of your turn instead of just setting a backrow or something. Realize that WGM sucks in goat-locked gamestates, and almost on cue, he books his own TER to flip faith and draw 2 (putting him below you in deck count), and ends on a TER with nothing equipped and a Thestalos. If you had kept the Parshath in hand, you would have been able to Snatch his TER, equip Thestalos, and tribute it for Parshath (his two sets at this point were bluffs, which is not difficult to read since he was drawing with a full hand for a while). Btw, I strongly disagree with the post above that says to hold Pot for literal no reason. WGM literally played Duo the turn after, and would have had a chance of hitting the Pot from your hand, lmao.
  10. i put the command to type into discord in even larger text in the OP, is everyone happy now?
  11. bracket progressed ROUND 4 BEGINS NOW AND ENDS AT 11:59PM CST ON 11/18/2017 WINNERS FINALS: @Soul vs @Gojira LR3: @Mascis vs @Gospel @Projector vs @Death Sentence @Absolute vs @mark @Audioslayne vs @MZAAZM After these finish, we have a bit of leeway, as the entire winners bracket will be done and 6 total matches will need to be played in the losers bracket. As soon as these rounds finish, I will start the subsequent one so that we can get through these as fast as possible.
  12. Goat Duel Review Thread

    in 2 of the games the thunder dragon did literal nothing and its a card he plays 3 of lol, it's really not that unbelievable. thanks for your top level goat format insight though!
  13. Goat Duel Review Thread

    are you actually retarded or are you just trolling at this point
  14. went ahead and got some of my favorites WHO'S WINNING - BY ALLEN C PENNINGTON NEXT LEVEL FROGS - BY ALLEN C PENNINGTON
  15. Shit People Say In Discord

    [8:33 PM] WGM: asked this dude Jordano1 if he wanted to join the dgz goat league [8:33 PM] WGM: mfer gonna ask "will you pay me" [8:33 PM] WGM: boiii [8:37 PM] HyperBeam: lol [8:37 PM] DislessicBick: @WGM well did u pay him [8:37 PM] WGM: yeah I paid him [8:37 PM] WGM: a piece of my mind lol [8:38 PM] WGM: I said niggas dont even get paid to play this game irl, aint nobody paying yo bum ass to play a 13 year old format lol
  16. ESPN ❤❤❤ MMF/ frog emoji ❤❤ Turceal/ turceal ❤ Tristan/ TristanP ❤❤ Matt Bishop/ Gordie Geck0 ❤❤ xanelcava/ xanelcava rip kid no cry / rip kid no cry ❤❤ Sexually Oppressed Slaves ❤❤❤ Zepharos / Death Sentence#4646 ❤❤ Mudaman / Muda#2869 ❤❤ !Lighty / ! lighty#9929 ❤❤ Gracco / Gracco#9578 ❤❤ N3sh / N3sh.#4062 ❤ Homeab / Homeab#6343 ❤❤ Johnnyphoenix/ JohnnyPhoenix#9123 ❤❤ Kralj Univerzuma / "Cursed Guy"#8312 DeathAET / Death.#8041 ❤❤ Ahmed04 / Ahmed04#6657 ❤❤ War Story:
  17. Shit People Say In Discord

    [8:54 PM] Soul: i wouldnt give digbick a blue eyes white dragon from my dresser covered in lint and weed stems
  18. for the record this is one of many reasons why i think "4-6 day rounds" are and should remain a thing of the fucking past and i pledge to never run a tournament like this ever again
  19. totally missed those pings, i have reversed the match results
  20. bracket updated, activity wins/losses given, as much as it pains me to do it. sorry if you got a loss, for most of the matchups i literally had to flip a coin. ROUND 3 BEGINS NOW AND ENDS AT 11:59PM CST ON 11/12/2017 WINNERS SEMIS: @Soul vs @rei @Tr!stan vs @Gojira LR2: @TS Fearless vs @mark @jared vs @MZAAZM in addition, these players will have until the end of the next round to complete these matches, but may start them at any time: @Mascis vs @Gospel @Projector vs @Death Sentence @Absolute vs the winner of TS Fearless and mark @Audioslayne vs the winner of Jared and MZAAZM
  21. ladies and gentlemen, the prelude to your Round 2 feature match: [11:20 PM] Soul: ima impregnate u
  22. A Brief History of Chaos Control

    i was talking about mascis's deck retard
  23. I wrote this for Jazz's Format Library website, which he's currently in the process of revamping, but I'm going to post it here too because it's been a long time since this section got any substantial new content. I have also posted this on my blog here. In the early Revival era, back when everyone played with Exarion Universe and most deckbuilding efforts were coming out of the Nostalgia Duelist Facebook group, there were two decks at the forefront of the metagame: traditional Goat Control, which had remained more or less the same since US Nationals all the way back in 2005, and Chaos Turbo, an almost entirely new deck featuring Thunder Dragon, Card Destruction, Dekoichi, Night Assailant, and multiple Chaos monsters (typically BLS and three Chaos Sorcerer). None of these cards were unheard of in 2005, but they were not streamlined into this kind of shell until the Revival. While Chaos Turbo was popular, it was not actually very good. It played a lot like a more linear Goat deck, maximizing the use of Tsukuyomi + Flip effect locks and the infamous pieces of the Trinity, and cutting clunky stuff like Airknight Parshath entirely, but it had a much lower ceiling than Goat Control itself. If you were bad at playing Goat Control, you could increase your winrate by playing Chaos Turbo, but if you were good at playing Goat Control, the deck did not offer many theoretical matchup advantages. So, when the first DGz Goat Format War League took place, the final matches were, predictably, all Goat Control mirrors, and from there, the rest is history: from the dust emerged Kris Perovic’s list, which became the golden standard for years to come. In 2017, the second generation of DGz Goat Warring breathed new life into this deck, and the efforts of a few duelists brought it up to speed with the new pre-Exarion landscape. Gone was the linear reliance on bad cards like Card Destruction and Raigeki Break/Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. The new lists, dubbed Chaos Control, had adapted by adding Scapegoats and Metamorphoses of their own, but the new developments did not stop there. Videos from the previous year of Kris showing off his spiffy Recruiter Chaos deck in casual duels with Allen Pennington led many to adapt to the new prevalence of Dekoichi with their own Shining Angels and Mystic Tomatos. Chaos Control lists branched off into two directions: one retaining the Thunder Dragons of old (colloquially named Thunder Dragon Chaos), and one replacing them with the new hotness in Shining Angel (also known as Angel Chaos). When two of the top three players in the league were on some version of Recruiter or Angel Chaos at the end of the season, it was clear that something had changed in the format. Recruiters, and particularly Shining Angel, were now legitimate metagame threats that demanded to be answered by the other decks, whereas previously they would have been seen simply as food for Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Thunder Dragon Chaos had tanked in popularity while maintaining respectable results in the hands of the few competent players that stuck to it, but Shining Angel was undoubtedly the main character and star of the show in season 1 of the new DGz Goat Format War League. I wrote about this deck earlier during Season 1 when we were all calling Allen's, N3sh's, and Morphing Jar's decks "Chaos Recruiter" without distinguishing between the ones that played Goats/Meta and the ones that didn't. The Recruiter approach to Chaos probably dates back to the post quoted and linked above, and if you check that list out (the same one I showed in my blog post last season), you'll notice a few key features: the use of Solemn+Dustshoot (Kris later cut the former), the siding of Serpent/Goats/Meta, and the refusal to main any Flip Effect monsters outside of Faith. In the same way that the Thunder Dragon Chaos decks were born as bastard children of Chaos Turbo decks, the Angel Chaos decks grew initially as offshoots of these kinds of Chaos Recruiter decks. Note the trend of history repeating itself as Chaos Sorcerer with Goats/Meta once again turned out to just be better than Chaos Sorcerer without Goats/Meta. Each of the new Chaos branches comes with a unique set of pros and cons. With Shining Angel, the name of the game is versatility, while for Thunder Dragon, it is raw, effortless power. Shining Angel can become a pseudo-Pot of Greed in almost any situation if used correctly, either by gaining advantage through battle then forcing an answer or simply baiting the opponent into doing something bad, but winning a game off of a single Graceful Charity activation while blanking opposing Duos going first in literally half your games is a privilege unique in the format to Thunder Dragon and Thunder Dragon alone. The original hyperaggressive style of Recruiter lists initially showcased by Kris is, ironically enough, used exclusively by members of ALL THE OUTS today, first Morphing Jar, and then Chevalier de Fromage. Like Chaos Turbo, these lists are completely distinct from both variants of Chaos Control, and are mostly outside the scope of this post, but are still worth mentioning as further proof that Chaos Sorcerer is the new face of Goat Format. Some standard Goat lists are even playing a single copy at this point. If you aren't playing Chaos Sorcerer, what exactly are you doing with your life?