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  1. DAMAGE STEP ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ InsiDS / InsiDS#3154 ❤❤ Guerilla Warfare / MORPHING JAR (Sleeping Giant)#8986 ❤❤ Cameron / Cameron#8090 ❤❤ HyperBeam / HyperBeam#8463 ❤❤ Mascis / Mascis#6696 ❤❤ OraCLe / [AO]OraCLe#7700 ❤❤ Me. / Me.#5702 ❤❤ Tristan / TristanP#1291 ❤❤ Iwasbanned0nDN / Iwasbanned0nDN#9979 ❤❤ NEW ROMANTICS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Haruki / #Kyousuke#7939 ❤❤ digbick / digbic#4601 ❤❤ KizaruTengu / KizaruTengu#0095 ❤❤ Waka / Revitalized#5367 ❤❤ Stayfrosty310 / Stayfrosty310 ❤❤ Lucas / lucass#7866 ❤❤ War Story
  2. new romantics official roster war record 0-0
  3. [Goat] New Romantics

    we're live bitches
  4. just would like to point out to everyone that my post in this thread was on point as always ^
  5. is this the "should i hire a hot girl who knows nothing about the job or a regular looking nerd that does" guy
  6. Which videogame do I play next?

    i think that sneak attack shit was fixed in like one of the earliest patches. combat in skyrim was miles ahead of morrowind and oblivion and is one of the main draws of the title
  7. Revised Trans Tier List

    pos rep this post you dolts
  8. just to be clear, what happened was 1. WGM throws a fit for multiple hours over a glitch/reconstruct situation 2. Chip finally gives in and resolves the situation exactly the way WGM wants it 3. Beats his ass anyways but his laptop battery dies because of the situation in 1 4. WGM claims a W so no, wont be putting this one up until the match is finished
  9. DAMAGE STEP ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ MMF / MMF#5072 ❤❤ Soul / Soul#3989 ❤❤ Cameron / Cameron#8090 ❤❤ Mascis / Mascis#6696 ❤❤ HyperBeam / HyperBeam#8462 ❤❤ OraCLe / [AO]OraCLe#7700 ❤❤ Me. / Me.#5702 ❤❤ Tristan / TristanP#1291 ❤❤ Guerilla Warfare / MORPHING JAR (Sleeping Giant)#8986 ❤❤ Iwasbanned0ndn / iwasbanned0ndn#9979 ❤❤ THA 4HUNNIDS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ WGM / WorldGoneMaad#2403 ❤❤ Noxjja / Jayy#6001 ❤❤ Silverdude / Silver#4431 ❤❤ Carl Waite / Prowaite#1355 ❤❤ Morpp / Morpp#0219 ❤❤ Brandis72 / Brandis72#3360 ❤❤ DT KASPER / DT kasper#0991 ❤❤ JJ / JJ#9441 ❤❤ TheMTtakeover / TheMTtakeover#4024 ❤❤ Garoozis92 / Garoozis92#0146 ❤❤ War Story: WGM (Chaos Control) 2 > 0 MMF (Reasoning/Gate) Jayy (Reasoning/Gate) 2 > 0 Cameron (Beastdown/Zoo) HyperBeam (Chaos Return) 2 > 1 Garoozis92 (???) Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) 2 > 1 Silver (Goat Control) Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) 2 > 1 WGM (Chaos Control) Morphing Jar subbed for InsiDS Morphing Jar (Chaos Recruiter) 2 > 0 Jayy (Reasoning/Gate) Carl Waite (Chaos Control) 2 > 1 HyperBeam (Chaos Return) Carl Waite (Chaos Control) 2 > 1 HyperBeam (Chaos Return) Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) 2 > 1 Carl Waite (Chaos Control) Carl Waite (Chaos Control) 2 > 0 Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) 2 > 1 Carl Waite (Chaos Control) Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) 2 > 0 Silver (Chaos Control) Morpp (Chaos Control) 2 > 1 Cameron (Reasoning/Gate) Brandis72 (Stall/Burn) 2 > 1 Iwasbanned0ndn (Chaos Turbo) MMF (Reasoning/Gate) 2 > 0 Jayy (Reasoning/Gate)
  10. Revised Trans Tier List

    also i'm tier 0
  11. All 20 duelists listed in the OP are, indeed, good-standing members of the website DuelistGroundz.com
  12. Hello all, It's almost time to kick off the next season of our War League program. This will be a special season in a number of ways: namely, it will be the first season in which Duel Links is an official, supported format! 1. What's Happening to Current Format? Duel Links will replace Current TCG for this season as the second official format for warring, alongside Goat. This means that the Goat War League will continue with DCS and DSP events, while Current format will not have a Seasonal Playoff this season. I intend to run things like this for at least the summer season and possibly longer, given the consistently low levels of current activity we have seen throughout 2018. This doesn't mean that DGz is leaving Current format behind entirely; far from it. We will continue to run DG Live and DCS events for Current format throughout this season. For example, DCS Anaheim will essentially be two tournaments, including a Current format tournament on July 28. Live qualifiers for this event will begin shortly after the start of the season on July 1. After that point, we'll continue hosting sporadic Lives for Current players to gouge activity for future seasons. 2. What's Happening with Duel Links? Duel Links will be an officially supported format in the War League program, just like Goat. If you're a Duel Links player just now stumbling upon this site, you probably have no idea what this means. War League is the official name of our ranked ladder system run through WarBot on our Discord server. Our system of warring is a bit different from what most of you will be used to: while players will still join together in teams to share ideas and experiences and pool their resources against one another's in team wars, the "team aspect" is treated as secondary to the experience of the individual. So, you won't need to have a group of friends or access to social cliques of top players to get involved here, you won't need to pay any fees, and you won't need to go through any kind of tedious registration process. Usually, it's just as simple as logging into our Discord server and typing a message to the effect of, "Ranked Duel Links, anyone?" Every three months or so, we will have a DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoff for top-ranked players in each officially supported format. The winner will receive a stipend of all donations collected from streaming event coverage from that season as well as a number of community goodies, such as branded merchandise or unique Discord server and forum roles and access to Staff sections of each. Additionally, as some of you may already know, this season will include our very first DuelistGroundz Championship Series event for Duel Links. These are open, live cash tournaments that come with the additional prize of a Seasonal Playoff qualification to the winner. The first of these, DCS Anaheim, will take place on July 29, and registration is already live on smash.gg! 3. What Do I Need to Do? If you're a player without a team, the first thing you need to do (once you're registered on the forums) is hop into our Discord server. Once you're verified there, you'll be able to play ranked games in any format you please using the #findyugiohgames channel. If you've already got a team, and you see your team is listed under its respective format(s) below, you don't need to do anything at all -- you're signed up by default, you're ready to go. All other teams will need a representative to post in this thread and then create a team thread in order to be officially registered for the season. Duel Links Lemo Pear Gang Goat Damage Step Lemon Mafia Workshop for Metalworker Current Storm of Ragnarok Lemon Mafia Tea and Biscuits FuZe Gang One last thing: I'm doing away with the contrived Exhibition/Regular system. As I should have predicted, as soon as Ynus's team was no longer involved in warring, no one gave a shit about the regular season stuff. All wars will be played as what was formerly known as Exhibition wars. Please view this thread for more information. Please send me any comments and/or concerns you have regarding these matters or anything else involving the upcoming seasoan of warring. Full Summer schedule:
  13. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

  14. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

  15. Round 1 will begin on May 6th and last until 11:59 PM CST on Friday, May 11. Please submit your rosters to a neutral staff member prior to the start of the round FuZe Gang vs Neo Sigurimi Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Fluffy Lions Damage Step vs Workshop for Metalworker
  16. Okay, so we clearly can't finish this round robin this season with 2 teams vanishing out of thin air. The season will proceed as normal with no further regular season wars -- exhibition wars may still be set up at the behest of team leaders.
  17. DAMAGE STEP W A. OraCLe / [AO]OraCLe#7700 B. Me. / Me.#5702 C. Tristan / TristanP#1291 FUZE GANG A. thugalicious / ❀thugalıcıous❀#0061 B. Iori / @IorI#9159 C. SMathieson1 / @SMathieson1#4555 War Story: OraCLe vs thugalicious Me. 2 > 0 Iori Tristan vs SMathieson1
  18. DAMAGE STEP ダメージステップ powered by GoatStats Official Roster 零 青 白 朱 亥 空 南 玉 北 三 Hall of Fame Retired/Benched Players War Record 9-3 Endphase | GoatStats | GOYGO
  19. [Goat] Damage Step

    trick question. there are no bad posts in this thread by definition.
  20. remember that old exarion-era google doc that was kinda helpful but kinda all over the place? the one that DB randoms netdeck weird harpie lady and relinquished decks from to this day? remember looking back on it sometime since the advent of DB and thinking something to the effect of "man, this was probably a lot more helpful back when exarion was played in everything circa 2014, but it's really hard to get anything out of this now in retrospect and it would probably be a bitch and a half to update it all?" well, the owner did all that work required to update it for the modern goat meta and more, and revamped it into an entire website that you can find here: https://goatformat.weebly.com/ be sure to drop by his reddit thread and show him some love. there's a lot of useful shit here and it's all presented in a neat and digestible way. the only flaw is that the deck section has yet to include comprehensive sections on what we've come to know as "Chaos Control" aka "Thunder Dragon Chaos" and "Angel Chaos." but that doesn't take away at all from how helpful everything else is.
  21. Avengers: Infinity War

    Btw Bad take imo Infinity stones were exactly everything they needed to be
  22. NOTICE:None of the information provided on this site by Abe should be considered to be personal, entrepreneurial, business, or otherwise advice, nor should it be considered to necessarily be factual; however, Abe has the most sincere intentions in providing this material. The opinions expressed on this site by Abe are his opinions and may have thereby been influenced by others, their experiences, his own experience, and influences otherwise still.Abe has taken great care to avoid the misuse of copyrighted material and this statement provides notice that no legal action may be taken against him without prior notice to cease and/or desist.Abe neither any entity, person, nor thing otherwise with which he is associated takes or shares in any way shape or form any responsibility for the actions nor for the repercussions of those actions of the reader(s) as those actions are theirs and theirs alone.Abe is a former competitive card gamer and now has a somewhat successful career in another (unrelated) field in addition to many other responsibilities and duties that are unrelated to gaming. As such, any attempts to to contact Abe shall be responded to at his discretion.Abe welcomes contact with regards to interests outside of the realm of competitive card gaming and would prefer not to be contacted with regards to gaming whatsoever.However, such contact will still be welcomed and Abe will do his best to remain a fan of the contactee in that case. This is a legally binding notice under any governmental organization or agency wherein the laws of that government or agency allows for such.By viewing this page you are subject to the legally binding notices stated here-in. Abe any profit in any way shape or form for the production of this post unless reproduction of this post is executed; in such a case, any profits incurred and hereby forfeited to the owner(s) of the forum on which this post is originally published (DuelistGroundz.com.)