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  1. XC VS DGZ

    mfw some hater hop on dgz to talk shit xero what? yall tweekin
  2. GoatFormat.com

  3. GoatFormat.com

    ik ik it looks baD there’s a method to the madness it will all come out Soon(tm)
  4. being an adult sucks

    god dammit you know what i take it all back. i was at a concert last night and it was nothing but a bunch of people yelling and sweating. being an adult is bullshit. i'm going to retreat into the wilderness and live as a hermit or something
  5. GoatFormat.com

    yes i realize this is 1) advertising and 2) redundant but trust
  6. GoatFormat.com

    try again
  7. GoatFormat.com

    Hello all, I'm back with one final announcement for any and all Goat-heads remaining around these parts. We're in the endgame of the first phase of a long series of grassroots community developments, and it's finally culminating in the launch of GoatFormat.com, the latest and greatest community hub built by Goat players for Goat players. GoatFormat.com was built to give the community a central comprehensive resource for both inexperienced and veteran players. Our goal is to expand existing goat format communities as well as preserving the format we love to play. Tomorrow on Saturday, November 17 at 5:00PM EST, we will begin an inaugural stream on our Twitch channel with a number of announcements of what we have coming in through the pipeline. We are already running a ranked ladder for Goat Format play in our Discord channel, and we have many announcements to come regarding future events. Thank you again and always for the hospitality, and I hope to see all of you in the near future!
  8. being an adult sucks

    i want to have so few problems in life that i get on duelistgroundz at 5pm and post this shit
  9. being an adult sucks

    wow OPs life is so hard, please explain more about the depths of your existential crisis
  10. Need help making porn

    lol jk this thread is straight goon shit lmaoooooooooooooooo ahahahahahahaha
  11. Need help making porn

    to be fair while we were explaining to each other that rape is, in fact, bad, other sites were discovering r/theredpill and quite literally starting to think that rape was good. ill take responsibility for my political incorrectness in this thread, but i think we need to take it in context with the times, too. i mean, when you think about it, we were pretty progressive for a yugioh website in 2014.
  12. Need help making porn

    the 2014 posting meta was so basic
  13. Need help making porn

    neither did the rape jokes
  14. Need help making porn

    this post did not age well lmao