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  1. being an adult sucks

    i want to have so few problems in life that i get on duelistgroundz at 5pm and post this shit
  2. being an adult sucks

    wow OPs life is so hard, please explain more about the depths of your existential crisis
  3. Need help making porn

    lol jk this thread is straight goon shit lmaoooooooooooooooo ahahahahahahaha
  4. Need help making porn

    to be fair while we were explaining to each other that rape is, in fact, bad, other sites were discovering r/theredpill and quite literally starting to think that rape was good. ill take responsibility for my political incorrectness in this thread, but i think we need to take it in context with the times, too. i mean, when you think about it, we were pretty progressive for a yugioh website in 2014.
  5. Need help making porn

    the 2014 posting meta was so basic
  6. Need help making porn

    neither did the rape jokes
  7. Need help making porn

    this post did not age well lmao
  8. [Goat] New Romantics

    we're live bitches
  9. DAMAGE STEP ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ InsiDS / InsiDS#3154 ❤❤ Guerilla Warfare / MORPHING JAR (Sleeping Giant)#8986 ❤❤ Cameron / Cameron#8090 ❤❤ HyperBeam / HyperBeam#8463 ❤❤ Mascis / Mascis#6696 ❤❤ OraCLe / [AO]OraCLe#7700 ❤❤ Me. / Me.#5702 ❤❤ Tristan / TristanP#1291 ❤❤ Iwasbanned0nDN / Iwasbanned0nDN#9979 ❤❤ NEW ROMANTICS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Haruki / #Kyousuke#7939 ❤❤ digbick / digbic#4601 ❤❤ KizaruTengu / KizaruTengu#0095 ❤❤ Waka / Revitalized#5367 ❤❤ Stayfrosty310 / Stayfrosty310 ❤❤ Lucas / lucass#7866 ❤❤ War Story
  10. Would you date a recovering addict?

    just would like to point out to everyone that my post in this thread was on point as always ^
  11. Would you date a recovering addict?

    is this the "should i hire a hot girl who knows nothing about the job or a regular looking nerd that does" guy
  12. [Goat] New Romantics

    new romantics official roster war record 0-0
  13. Which videogame do I play next?

    i think that sneak attack shit was fixed in like one of the earliest patches. combat in skyrim was miles ahead of morrowind and oblivion and is one of the main draws of the title
  14. Revised Trans Tier List

    pos rep this post you dolts