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  1. YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report

    i do one tomorrow i promise
  2. YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report

    good report
  3. Seattle Regional - September 22

    i will be there
  4. Seattle Regional - September 22

    i will be there
  5. Seattle Regional - September 22

    i will be there
  6. YCS Long Beach Playmats

    the mat is cool
  7. top 8 Seattle REGIONAL

    thank you dwood
  8. top 8 Seattle REGIONAL

    thank you rory
  9. top 8 Seattle REGIONAL

    Saturday morning i got to the regional early because i was so working on the diino rabbit deck. There was 278 people were there. i made decision to run G[color=#E6E6FA]uaiba over thunder king. ryan and micheal told me to run thunder king. harold and tyler to run guabia [/color] [color=#e6e6fa]round 1 rabbit vs rabbit[/color] [color=#e6e6fa]game 1 i open really good [/color] [color="#e6e6fa"]game 2 he open with rabbit and protection[/color] [color="#e6e6fa"]game 3 i destroy him with Guaiba[/color] 1-0 [color=#E6E6FA]round 2 rabbit vs ninjas[/color] [color=#E6E6FA]game 1 i open with fiendish chain and effect veiler and won[/color] [color=#E6E6FA]game 2 he draw really good and won[/color] [color=#E6E6FA]game 3 i made laggia and dolkka with Guaiba [/color] 2-0 round 3 rabbit vs inzektor game 1 i open with rabbit and tour guide and chain game 2 i had total control of the game 3-0 round 4 rabbit vs hero game 1 i open with trap dustshoot putting back a monster some way he made a come back and with a shinning game 2 i open bad at the end he had skill drain and rivary and a shinning 3-1 round 5 rabbit vs inzektor game 1 iopen with 3 chain and controling the game game 2 royal decree kill me that game plus he made a trish and i lost game 3 Guaiba put in work i made a laggia and dolkka and won 4-1 round 6 rabbit vs dark world game 1 the game was short i open with dustshoot is only monster in hand game 2 i control the game with dolkka and won 5-1 round 7 rabbit vs inzektor game 1 i rabbit into laggia setting chain and winning game 2 cant remember the game i lost the game game 3 i drew godlike a open with rabbit guaiba and chain and veiler and just destroy him 6-1 round 8 rabbit vs inzektor game 1 i took a early control and won from there game 2 chain and veiller control the game 7-1 round 9 rabbit vs rabbit glad game 1 i took control and won from there game 2 he solem my guaiba i used reborn to bring it back i had a laggia he was 5900 i went for i summon tour guide made levier bring back my vinlla i attack he sad do you has smash no a have mole he scoop i top my first rgionals 8-1 i came 3 in swiss got the mat and pack because i did't want the binder all of the Washington were really happy for me props weigle topping with me getting my first regional top 8 harold telling me to run guaiba over thunder king ryan team wr3d micheal rory austin darby dante slops dante going to the hospital chris hentz not coming