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  1. Unicorn Beacon

    Different Dimension Reincarnation no?
  2. Dragunity - Discussion

    Hello there I'm the creator of the deck posted by Munkbusiness, and I'd be glad to discuss possible changes. First comment would be that the main deck is very tight. The extra is not however. Therefore I am more tempted by the suggestions of Atum or Gae Dearg than of Zephyros. The theory behind Zephyros might work, but it'd require you to remove a card in the deck. As Munkbusiness already stated you want to discard dragons as much as possible, simply because you can draw into super rejuvenation. Zephyros only works with ravine, whereas all the others works with at least Future Fusion as well. Removing a card that's part of the draw engine would reduce the consistency, and rest of the cards are more necessary than Zephyros. Argue with me on this if you think I'm wrong. Regarding the extra deck, I think Gae Dearg should be there. I was not really aware of it, didn't have access to it and didn't really end up needing it, but it would definitely work better than for instance catastor. In the entire tournament I didn't use Brionac, Catastor, Red Dragon Archfiend, Thought Ruler Archfiend and Colossal Fighter if I recall correctly. Basically I made Scrap Dragon, Stardust and Trident Dragion and it was enough. In testing I have of course used the others as well. Catastor is in there because it is an out to stuff. Taking BLS and alike is good, but I think Gae Dearg would take the spot, simply because it adds consistency and speed. Gae Dearg will probably rarely be used, but same with Catastor. Atum I'm Kinda unsure on. I actually had access to it, but chose to leave it out. The reasoning behind it was that Queen Dragun took the spot. Usually Atum would only be summoned when a Dux got veilered and it survived till next turn. Otherwise I wouldn't stop at lvl 6. If I were to go to a tournament I think I would try to find space for it however. @ D-Reaper Program Side: 3x Decree 2x Imperial Iron Wall 2x LIM 2x D.D. Crow 2x System Down 1x MST 1x Chain Dis 1x Koa'Ki Meiru Drago 1x Card I can't remember There wasn't much thought behind the side, the deck was completed at 1 am night before tournament and we were doing it in a hurry. What you need is the 3 Decrees, 2 LIM and 2 Imperial Iron Wall. Thanks to 3 Decree I would have went to finals if I hadn't forgotten to write Catastor on decklist, as both my quarter (where I got a game loss and weren't allowed to side) and semi final matchup was/would have been Final Countdown. The LIM+Imp Iron Wall for the Chaos Dragon match-up. Looking back what worked so well, was the ability to otk as fast or faster than chaos dragon, while still having access to Stardust / Scrap Dragon for protection or removal which chaos dragons lack. The deck has a hard time against traps because you don't have very many moves if you don't get your normal summon through. Side into trip Decree for max profit. Treacherous Trap Hole is baws though.
  3. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    You need a previous laval monster in the grave for sweltering heat to go through multiple tenders, tender doesn't activate when sent together with another one, if there is not one present in the grave. About my decklist earlier swapped 2 call for 2 Explorer, that 3 card combo doing work.
  4. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    Hands that consistently makes this, exists in this deck. 3 Junk Synchron 3 Doppelwarrior 2 Quickdraw Synchron 3 T.G. Warwolf 2 T.G. Striker 2 Maxx "C" 3 Level Eater 1 Bulb 1 Spore 1 Dandy 1 Lonefire 1 Unknown Synchron 1 Jester Confit 1 Gilasaurus 3 Tuning 2 Mst 1 PoA 1 Heavy 1 Dark Hole 1 Mind Control 1 Reborn 1 Foolish 1 141 1 Rota 2 Call If you don't manage to draw it on start hand you can either do tons of synchros or draw into something that lets you do quasar. Gets wrecked by heavy backrow and maxx "C" (even though I nearly managed to drawout a friend of mine, 30 cards in deck to 9). Deck can draw dead hands. Card is op, has only gone down once to a 20 card hand, and had he not has his e-con, he wouldn't have had an out.
  5. Smashing Ground

    Electric virus - Laggia got owned
  6. Light Pulsar Dragon

    Well since both are optional trigger effects, I get to choose which one is chain link one and which is chain link two, resulting in me choosing what effect to miss timing. If I'm incorrect I probably misunderstood SEGOC and in that case feel free to elaborate.
  7. Light Pulsar Dragon

    [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1319549750' post='3016532'] You're so way far off base. The last thing to happen is "Pulsar and Leyvaten are destroyed." SEGOC. End of discussion. [/quote] So tell me Atem, was it so hard to give a short answer like... yes/no? Most likely I asked because I did not know, and it does not really help me that you post "Simoultaneous effects goes on chain" once again.
  8. Light Pulsar Dragon

    So say I have a pulsar equipped to leyvaten and the opponent uses dark hole. As they are both optional trigger effects, I get to choose which one is to miss timing, right? If destroyed by battle of course only pulsar effect goes through. If pulsar is equipped to leyvaten and I synchro with leyvaten, will pulsar miss timing?
  9. Light Pulsar Dragon

    Ok, so it is confirmed that it says "when"? How would this interact when pulsar is equipped to Dragunity - Leyvaten?
  10. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    Draigun, wikia says hand "or" deck, which would make it quite some better. What's your source?
  11. Turbo Dragon

    Yes I am attempting to try to draw all those cards.. and it often works. When drawing good hands my deck goes below 20 cards first turn. True if they can bottomless/book/solemn my dux, it's quite annoying, but I'm playing 3 mst for a reason, and often i draw into them while drawing through the deck, allowing me to freely play dux. Regarding the opponents turn, yes they are free to do more or less what they want to do, but there's a limit of how many outs they have to a field filled with 2500+ beaters, one of them equipped with LPS, resulting in dark hole not being enough. Rejuvenation is only good when trying to draw something, and yes it's quite an advantage to draw 10 cards in the end phase allowing me to completely customize my hand and filling the grave. Don't forget i have 11 cards in the deck that allows me to discard dragons (3xTrade-In, 3xCoC, 3xRavine, 1xTerraforming, 1xCard Destruction), which more often than not allows me to gain at least +1 from super rejuvenation in the turn i draw it. Veiler/Maxx C can indeed be annoying. Veiler seems kinda lame, as it's often just a -1 for them, however it can stop dux which is quite a setback. i haven't seen one played on DN till date though. Maxx C is another story. Either they drop Maxx C on dux summon and draw 0 (yes they should drop it when activating phalanx effect to draw 1), which either leads me to just stop my combo there or keep special summoning. This is one of the reasons i teched the single Koa'ki Meiru Drago, allowing me to attack without being afraid of them drawing Trag/Gorz/Fader as one of the 10 cards they might draw. Another thing which has happened only once, was forcing the enemy to draw so many cards that he had as many cards in hand as in deck, whereafter i drop Card Destruction making the opponent millout. Considering I'm trapless.. Already answered above.
  12. Turbo Dragon

    @The Langbanger I assume what you are trying to do is turning the deck into a control deck, equal to what the normal dragon or dragunity deck is. The point with the deck is to simply overwhelm the opponent. Drawing between 2 and 8 cards per super rejuvenation in your end phase makes it close to impossible to play advantage game against it, while the deck has lots of possibilities of filling entire field with 2500+ beaters in one turn. As an example Play dux, pitch phalanx, synch vajrayana, pitch phalanx Remove vajrayana for redmd from hand, ss LPS from grave Synch with LPS and scrap dragon, get redmd with LPS SS LPS with redmd, scrap dragon eff on LPS for redmd from grave SS whatever dragon from grave with third redmd Two cards used from hand to fill the field. Often I'll be able to OTK with Trident Dragion as well. I would like to add in some defensive cards, but not at the cost of consistency. I don't see what card I should take out for say a Solemn Judgment or veiler, but if you have an well arguemented reason to swap out a couple of cards, I'll definately playtest it. @CheeseCake I guess you assume that I'm summoning PLS with its summoning condition. Tbh you could remove both of the summoning conditions, make it a 0/0 lvl 6 dragon and I'd still play it. It's the third effect that makes it insane.. the others are just bonuses.
  13. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    While indeed Light Pulsar Dragon is a nice addition to the dragon deck, it somehow saddens me that it was made, because it will result in other key cards being limited/banned, and to be honest LPS is comboing too well with the whole dragon engine. On the other hand, if we get the option to play it with both future fusion and redmd at the same numbers as they are currently, I predict dragon decks will go at least tier one. I've been playing a combo dragon deck (blue-eyes / white stone draw engine and some dragunity cards) and LPS made it go from a good deck to a broken deck. As an example Play dux, pitch phalanx, synch vajrayana, pitch phalanx Remove vajrayana for redmd from hand, ss LPS from grave Synch with LPS and scrap dragon, get redmd with LPS SS LPS with redmd, scrap dragon eff on LPS for redmd from grave SS whatever dragon from grave with third redmd I earlier played the deck with Ladd and two leyvaten to be able to set up the lock, but even without ladd and the second leyvaten it is possible to set up hard defense Play redmd, ss leyvaten, equip LPS LPS equipped to leyvaten gives you a free redmd should the enemy kill leyvaten in battle, and basically forces him to destroy your field an additional time. If leyvaten should be destroyed by an opponents card effect you get the redmd and (missing the timing?) the LPS as well by leyvatens effect. This was without mentioning the burn FTK with redmd/LPS/cannon soldier. Card is broken.
  14. Turbo Dragon

    [img]http://i51.tinypic.com/2z4j0d5.png[/img] 3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3x The White Stone of Legend 3x Dragunity Dux 3x Dragunity Phalanx 1x Dragunity Leyvaten 1x Light Pulsar Dragon 1x Koa'ki Meiru Drago 3x Dragon Ravine 3x Trade-In 3x Cards of Consonance 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Super Rejuvenation 1x Future Fusion 1x Dark Hole 1x Monster Reborn 1x Terraforming 1x Heavy Storm 1x Card Destruction 1x Pot of Avarice I've been testing this a lot on DN, and even though DN might not be the best place to test, it gives you quite an idea of how the deck runs. I were testing it before LPS, and it worked nicely without LPS as well. The only problem for the deck is that you can draw completely dead hands, but it happens pretty rarely, and when the deck works, it works well. I'd like to have some thoughts about the deck, and ideas of which cards could improve it, consistency being the main focus.
  15. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    Here's what I've been playing for the upcoming format - gonna test more before showdown :D. Monsters: 21 3x Redmd 3x Wyvern 3x Drago 3x Masked 2x Totem 2x Delta 2x Ladd 1x Yamata 1x Exploder 1x Prime Spells: 11 3x Duality 3x MST 1x Future Fusion 1x Heavy Storm 1x Dark Hole 1x Reborn 1x Book of Moon Traps: 9 2x Bottomless 2x Mind Crush 1x Judgment 1x Trap Dustshoot 1x Mirror Force 1x Burst Breath 1x Torrential Considering to cut the Prime, because I'd often prefer dropping the Drago with Future. Playing Bottomless because I don't have warning, not too happy about it. Might take them out for something different. Likes / Dislikes / Thoughts / Ideas?