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  1. Ew.

    haha yeah I just came back around recently :] And they could be from the dominican republic.....or the bronx.
  2. Know one will figure this out

    You're still a padawan.
  3. Is "It's so good." grammatically correct?

    "So" is used as "therefore". That phrase is used as an extension of the speaker's statement to which it applies. I have a sandwich. "So what?" In other words: I have a sandwich, so [blank]. The blank is replaced with "what", because the speaker is being called to explain. I made a thread two years ago about your username. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=80497&hl= Are things still going as planned?!?
  4. Ew.

  5. Funniest COD kills?

    Killing UAVs in snd w/stingers makes me smile :]
  6. Monopoly vs Hitlist

    Lost to Dominator 0-2 I ran gk vs blackwing Game 1: I overextend game 1 w/necro + royal tribute w/no stele and he heavy's me next turn and proceeds to win Game 2: We end up topdecking. And he outplays me.
  7. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    I've come to the conclusion that Gravekeepers are amazing but I'm sure you're all already there
  8. Modern Warfare

    Backlot is god. Ambush was better. Crash was fun.
  9. FMJ

    I only use FMJ on snipers and it's pretty good imo.
  10. this might be old but...

    good read. Funny I laughed out loud and the people in my room were like
  11. Monopoly vs Hitlist

    ill be on monday night. I got 2 midterms and meeting for a project tomorrow so after all of that ill be on aim.
  12. Free Agent Thread

    You should join monopoly ;o i dont have much say in it but just saying
  13. Sensitivity

    7 and when I snipe I play on 8