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  1. 48h day phase hmmmm
  2. what site were those frogs on i lost it, theyre super cool

  3. @Malcolm so what did my naughty gift do anyway? both times i attempted to send out a gift it was to people on my nice list (little did i know rei was converted) but just curious
  4. Alas What could have been I forgot to pass out a gift night 3 too
  5. I was legit displeased when some poo poo head gave me that post restriction and i dieded can you not
  6. Haha
  7. v o t e M a r k u s
  8. floooooooooaaaataaaaaa
  9. f l o a t a
  10. f l o a t a !
  11. possibly? if you take away everyone that I think is town or that leans town, then you're left with those who could be scum or neutral, yes? or they could still be town and im wrong, who knows if i had to kill someone today hmm. Based on my limited knowledge (doing this from my work comp, and having only reread up to somewhere near the end of D2 from my comp at home) I think it would still be wunter or cunning I can't remember either of them have done or said anything thus far that makes me think they're town or scum, off the top of my head ofc i'd rather not find myself at MYLO / LYLO down the road, presuming I haven't died by then, with a couple people I have absolutely no read on the tiebreaker between the two then, is that rei thinks cunning is scum. By that, lynching cunning would provide insight on rei. If cunning flips scum then rei is likely town as I believe him to be, and we can be more trusting towards his scum read on jazz If cunning flips town, then we can nuke rei, though wrong=scum is arguably just as bad as alive=scum (additionally although I don't think of it as done with serious intent, cunning was defended by markus earlier this day phase) So i think I'd have to go with that Vote Cunning
  12. i mean i am null on cunning and i think rei leans town soooo.... hmmm i guess so, right?