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  1. its hard to read through 40 pages of stuff from Day 2 so ill do it later there might be stuff in there that'll change my reads on people
  2. Personally, given what we know of Mark's ability (e.g. not knowing of any limitations, like when it can be used, how many times he can cheat death, etc), if I were scum looking to break the tie I would have offed Tyranno over Mark for sure, provided that they are indeed both scum. I would immediately get rid of a liability on my faction in Tyranno that is going to die sooner rather than later, and am able to preserve alleged scum Mark's deflection ability for later in the game when it can be more effective against town (e.g. it's used to deflect the lynch onto a confirmed townie that scum has to NK and can never lynch). If I as Antag broke the tie to kill Tyranno, who flips scum, then that would boost my "townie" cred as well, which is a desirable result. Subsequently, seeing scummer Antag break the tie with a vote on Tyranno, that just seems odd to me seeing as it's the opposite of the play that I would make if I were scum. The outside play, of course, would to cast OMGUS votes like Juan and Scumwood did on each other that have zero traction towards the lynch, but I am currently unsure if that would be better than just killing comrade Tyranno in light of the above. This does not confirm Mark as town for me, however, as noted in one of my previous points where Tyranno called out Mark, Slickz, and JC as being scum; I can certainly see a world where Tyranno named 2 town 1 scum to hedge for townie cred in case Mark dies before he does. Assuming that my read on Slickz leaning town is correct, then that could imply that Mark is indeed scum
  3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Chicken scratch notes since idk how to properly include quotes with the new forum set up (new to me anyway) Day 1 P1 Mark joke votes tyranno, prob nothing srs P5 slickz votes gemstone P9 mark calls out scum team as kahu mascis tyranno (2 town 1 scum) P10 tyranno :congrats cunning u are town (lol what) P12 tyranno calls mark islickz and jc scum (2 town 1 scum again?) – tyranno and mark call each other scum hmm P14 Jazz votes silverdude (scanner), but he’s not the only floater P15 antag calls slickz the towniest guy there is and likes mascis; could be to cover for slickz if slickz were scum but i think slickz' posts thus far leaned town P19 Jazz calls out the antag / juan hero interaction; good post P23 gemstone says he would prefer to lynch mascis but wouldn’t mind tyranno (distancing?) P27 Malcolm’s multi votes tyranno with no other suspicions; digbick wants to kill mark and silverdude P28 Tyranno votes for mark (could be to save himself, but no way he shifts vote onto another scum); Cunning votes for Tyranno which is the one townie pt he/she gets P32 Nelbae looks town P41 Jazz goes for the tyranno lynch over the mark lynch, although it is in vain. Townie pts unless both mark and tyranno are scum P37 Antag votes for mark to break the tied votes between tyranno and mark; this makes me think mark should be town. Antag as scum (confirmed) if given the choice to preserve scum tyranno or scum mark, would choose to save Mark I would think since the odds of tyranno dying to a policy lynch or because ppl think he's scum should be higher relative to the chances of mark dying for the same reasons
  5. was playing sun moon international challenge sry; finished my 15 games for the day going 13-2 now finally caught up with day 1's content (end of p 43) and all deaths here's where i am at 3 - Markus - 7 - Gemstone - 10 - digbick - 12 - Beast - 18 - wunterslaus - 21 - cunning - 11 - Juan - Blew up with Scumwood 1 - Scumwood - Shot in ass and blown up twice 4 - Tyranno – video role 14 - Antag - 2 - Mark vig=scum - 6 - Jazz - 8 - Silverdude - 9 - Kahu - 13 - rei – 15 - Nelbae - 16 - Faint - 17 - JC - 19 - slick - 23 - faggot #1 aka pride 5 - Mascis - 22- buckwheat - 20 - lfn - red denotes confirmed scum green denotes confirmed town and who i think leans non-scum Last scum (singular or plural idk) should be within the remaining names; rei should be non-scum as he had continuously gone after tyranno as scum, unless tyranno was an obvious sacrificial lamb so that he (rei) could cement himself as town aligned Admittedly i'm less sure on some of the greenies, namely multi and slick, but hopefully all will be more clear whenever i get through the remaining 40+ pages
  6. I am loyal to town
  7. I'm just going to make quota first, just I'm case
  8. Or will day have ended by then uhguhguhguh
  9. Going to catch up when I'm off work tonight I can go scout idc
  10. Fwiw I legit have not been hone for over 24h so I'm doing all this by phone
  11. For me, tyranno appears to be low hanging fruit So its interesting that notable players like rei (not singling out, just as an example) are voting for him I like slick as town so far
  12. I can trust only myself for the hero role vote LFN for HERO Also visit citadel
  13. It's day 1 and it's 36 pages jfc
  14. Be back in a bit boys girls and Markus my phone is dying