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  1. some kind of signups

    probably not in since im going on a trip next week but C or D would be my pick
  2. Pokemon Worlds 2018

    I'm on buzz or zorogarb currently not interested in going to time in zoro control mirrors
  3. Pokemon Worlds 2018

    Worlds is in 1 week What's the play, boys and girls?
  4. Celestial Storm Singles Discussion Thread

    Ray's probably just gonna get tinned in like 3 months
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Re: jazz I knew you were town but couldn't risk saying anything more specific like oh JC confirmed me as town and then got modkilled, in case I would get modkilled myself But then faint pointed it out and he lived so oops I scanned faint the night I was voted best girl fwiw but I didn't want to publicly say I trust him in hopes he'd stay alive for longer Also who was gardener? You da real mvp
  6. This was such a good chance to go Mr rei I don't feel so good Unvote vote soph
  7. Ill prob be good tomorrow feint unvote vote soph
  8. I wonder what fient is think Unvote vote mascis
  9. unvote soph vote solstice move da vote so don't hit majolitty
  10. Good thing I eat the weed last night or I am passed away Unvote soph vote soph
  11. Unvote soph vote soph This just like when we build da railway for da white man
  12. Herro Aiya not dis agen Alway pick on chinese guy vote best girl LFN vote soph
  13. hmm i assumed faint won but it looks to me like best girl votes was actually tied upon the premature EOD yet a power went through so "both or neither are girls" didn't apply so is wunter actually a dude lol shadyyyyyyy
  14. unvote vote malcolm lets put a tie out of reach malcolm can (rightfully) vote for soph for self preservation, but if anyone else votes before or after to tie it up that's gonna be hella suss