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  1. Dueling Network

    This "YugiohGuy666" is a huge scrub wtf I set 3 backrow and a monster, he summons Six Sam Yariza (lol), doesn't ask me for a response (I say whoah there, you have to ask me if I have a response), and dumps his hand of kizan, kizan, grandmaster onto the field, plays this scroll thing to bring out Great Shogun Shien, and I go LOL ok, and flip the Torrential Tribute. He doesn't believe that they're simultaneously destroyed even when I tell him, and leaves his Yariza on the field claiming it was protected, which he then rams into Dprison. He quits. Sigh.
  2. Hidden Arsenal 4

    1 Trishula 1 Landoise 1 Exterio 1 Unicore 1 Cerberrel I skimmed through the packs for the secrets, but I'm aware that I have at least 2 Birdman <3
  3. Nothing to complain about since Euro coverage trashes NA coverage, no contest. Lots of pics, decklists are released almost immediately, and there's lots of statistics posts. Also, it's not like any of the American coverage team members ever bothered to post up a "Give us feedback!" or "What can we do better? =D" thread. Props to PJ
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    From this season: Hanasaku Iroha Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai (longass title lol) C Hoshizora e kakaru hoshi Steins gate Yugioh Zexal Hanasaku & Anohana are probably my favs thus far Tiger & Bunny isn't really my cup of tea
  5. YCS Paris

    It's ok, you'll get yours in the T16, or even better, in the finals B}
  6. YCS Anaheim reporting

    Being a illegitimate child or not has no bearing on how well one could write lol Illiterate children on the other hand...
  7. Same reason as why you use a plate when you eat. Don't get your shit dirty, and ya never know who was the last person to use the table and what they used it for or did to it
  8. YCS Anaheim Coverage Thread

    ATJDragon is 7-2 as well
  9. YCS Anaheim Coverage Thread

    Cool, a -2 with no significant advantage gained. What a boss this guy is, he knows his yugimons XD Not a -2 if he had Gateway/United, but Shi-En is the better play obv
  10. YCS Anaheim Coverage Thread

    Pro Tip Do not ever read Day 1 feature matches unless one of your friends is involved. Or a well-known player.
  11. Turbo Pack 5

    Overall I'm pretty satisfied. As advertised, it features reprints for all types of players. Super Laquari, get!
  12. yugioh tight plays

    that's been out for a little while but yea good stuff Legit FTK creator
  13. Reinventing the Wheel: Gladiator Beasts

    This is an article? I would think that most people on DGZ already know the basics of GB =/
  14. What's your playmat!

    Currently using this one.
  15. Vancouver B.C. Regionals Report

    GJ Sisicat Saw you top that 3rd DEST, hilarious but sad
  16. Break Blade

    New chapter is up, idk if it's a glitch but there's only 17 pages compared to roughly 30-32 for previous chapters.
  17. IMO when its F/D you "don't know" its an Elemental Hero Wildheart, so, as long as its not flipped face up, it will not be affected .. =/ Though apparently you can contact fuse for CFD with your own F/D cyber dragon because you as the owner/controller know its a Cydra lolz..
  18. Uh veiler is really good. Your one out to Cold Wave --> Black Rose plays, stops DAD and JD for a turn, stops Gyzarus, test tiger, and murmillo plays, stops Infernity shenanigans (though i'd rather crow them tbh), trips DCK, lolz at monarchs, and it's a tuner. Basically if a monster effect is about to fck you up, you drop the Veiler and say no.
  19. Top 10 Movies

    Alien The Silence of the Lambs The LOTR trilogy The Shawshank Redemption Schindler's List The Empire Strikes Back Heat Kill Bill Terminator 2 Batman The Dark Knight
  20. Favorite Anime

    Clannad Kanon Macross Frontier One Piece Ef - A Tale of Melodies Ef - A tale of memories Code Geass Code Geass R2 Hayao Miyazaki films Kaichou wa Maid Sama Detective Conan (lol)
  21. Hair Products

    Short hair: Giesel hair wax Not-so-Short-yet-not-long hair: Gatsby purple FYI im azn so i've got an azn cut hence the product choices lolz