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  1. Yo Isaac I think jazz just has to be town
  2. I'm a dunce just trying to "solve the game" ya feel
  3. Haz and jazz have been going at it the whole time and it doesn't seem forced so at least they shouldnt be scum together
  4. I'll reread the thread in a bit I had initially been townreading jazz but hey
  5. Lol It is like jazz has forgotten how to read
  6. Yikes Unvote vote best girl faint Id rather it be me but if its between wunter and faint I think I like faint just a tad more
  7. Ya Mascis and Malcolm not looking too good Maybe faint too
  8. Who knows maybe faint is the cop He said the n word Amerkan cops do that all the time If only faint were amerkan
  9. who's to say a female character can't also have an ability outside of anything best girl related?
  10. are you nerds role hunting or something LMAO
  11. i mean sure except i voted for someone but this means i dont' really want him dead right (???)
  12. k am i just dumb or something idk what you are talking about
  13. you guys are all suss and i think there is scum among you what is the problem here? wdym