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  1. going deep unvote vote confuse rei slickz am i not kawaii enough for your love
  2. if it matters, opening post made no mention of any other potential faction aside from associates and conspirators
  3. ok i'll humor you unvote silver vote mascis lets see where this goes
  4. yes i am suspicious of you, but like i outlined, even if i am wrong and you are town, then that just gives more credence towards looking at soph, faint, and gaia after atm i don't look favorably upon either of you
  5. hazmat guy and slickz seem pretty townie i have no opinion on malcolm solstice and brandis oops
  6. Vote Silver I think him and mascis are both viable lynches given their connection made by the latter, and I am disinterested in policy lynching wunter if silver flips town, then that points towards mascis, soph faint and gaia (and myself I guess), for taking the lynch off of soph and onto silver. if silver flips scum, then that gives some townie cred for the aforementioned. Up to this point Soph has made fewer connections IIRC, like its only isaac that /really/ wants him dead right now(?), so that's less info to work with overall
  7. oh im the only vote on silver? wasted vote Unvote
  8. if you think he's scum you kill him lmao if you are right then you get to soak up town cred if you are wrong... well, let's hope you are right lol this is a power heavy game right, so like jazz had said before, just let someone shoot him out of the sky (or track / scan him), and go for an actual scummer (who could have a night power too !) 1. Vote Silver Lynching Wunter on the basis of "we kill him because we can't read him and he doesn't make an effort to let us read him", I do not agree with. Also shooting down random people like Brandis doesn't give us much at all to work with next day due to little to no interactions. 2. Is this like a "who do I like as a 2D anime girl" thing or a "who among the players here do I think best deserves the Best Girl vote"? If the former honestly i don't know, probably that girl in the screenshot you posted, the one that won the DG anime waifu poll. Unlikely to be someone basic like some character from love live or one of the other idol shows If the latter, I don't feel you would give it to just anyone, it'd likely be whomever asked for it (indicating they are likely a female character), who you believe best exemplifies townie behavior. Or if you think nobody deserves it, you should vote for yourself too, or not at all. alternatively if you are referring to "best girl" strictly in the context of the persona franchise, i know nothign about the games / series sorry Do i not make your heart go doki doki
  9. Mascis being confident that he is not of the same alignment as that other dude is a big thing
  10. I'm good with Malcolm's vote. Support me in all my kawaii endeavors! Yeah he threw it out of nowhere when barely anything had happened atm I don't think he's the best lynch for today though, as his death would only yield info on (up to) one player, myself, and I obviously know that I am town. Unvote Solstice
  11. holy shit hold up BIG BRAIN MOMENT HERE Silver is .... Silverdude?
  12. lol random trust list out of nowhere Vote Solstice
  13. S-s-scum? M-me? I'll have you know I like the good ol quote and floa, b-baka!
  14. this is like KOTF all over again flashback intensifies
  15. oh you can vote for yourself for best girl that is nice Vote LFN for best girl
  16. a bit of a stretch, like the guy literally said he has an exam to study for so he was gonna quota and run I don't get this meme. Or is this a real question idk
  17. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    I hope aurireviasfasdgfadfoir plays too!
  18. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    we don't deserve you
  19. Celestial Storm Singles Discussion Thread

    Espeon EX is rotating too, so there goes the spread + devolve thing Or just be good and draw Field Blower / your own stadium