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  1. Re: jazz I knew you were town but couldn't risk saying anything more specific like oh JC confirmed me as town and then got modkilled, in case I would get modkilled myself

    But then faint pointed it out and he lived so oops


    I scanned faint the night I was voted best girl fwiw but I didn't want to publicly say I trust him in hopes he'd stay alive for longer 


    Also who was gardener? You da real mvp

  2. On 8/6/2018 at 4:43 PM, Solstice said:



    Sorry, does this look right now?




    Malcolm (5): slick, antag, faint, mascis, soph


    Mascis (1): Haz


    Soph (1): Silver




    Best girl


    Lfn (1): slick,


    Wunter (3): Wunter, Jazz, soph


    Faint (2): lfn, faint

    I thought you told me to die yesterday, what changed? 


    On 8/6/2018 at 4:45 PM, slickz said:

    unvote lfn best girl 

    vote faint best girl


    26 minutes ago, rei said:

    Ties are resolved secretly ties for best girl equal no best girl if both or neither are girls or best girl going to the actual girl if there is one




    hmm i assumed faint won but it looks to me like best girl votes was actually tied upon the premature EOD

    yet a power went through so "both or neither are girls" didn't apply


    so is wunter actually a dude lol



  3. *checks notes*


    day 2


    soph thinks silver and zp are teammates (p38), though in fairness silver's vote on crei was to keep himself alive        
    soph 1st vote on ZP (town cred)




    wunter says he does not need best girl TODAY but would like it TOMORROW. Implies conditional power depending on even / odd phases?         
    agrees with zp kill but does not vote zp   




    antag thinks if tyranno is town, soph could be scum        
    antag hard reads solstice and walia as town        (p 40 something)



    walia explains why zp is scum and votes zp - makes me think walia is town     (p 40 something or 50 something)


    just a read, but if walia were scum and bussing he can just tack on his vote and not put in effort to explain why; this to me gives walia slight town cred


    jazz posts if zp flips scum to take a look at haz since zp gave haz a null read       (p52)


    I think haz leans town but overall this does deserve a mention



    Zp thinks silver deserves to die (but his vote is on me?) (p53), town reads solstice   


    i town read solstice too. this could be trying to swap the vote train onto silver, or distancing in case zp himself does die.


    wunter thinks zp malcolm soph are scum        


    good read? or working with perfect info?

    MALcolm thinks silver is scum upon ZP scum flip (which did happen), and thinks soph is town  


    Defense of soph for future reference     

    ZP says soph and jazz lean town (p63)                
    Zp says malcolm and walia lean scum (p64)     


    Potentially 1 town 1 scum in both instances?




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