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  1. @Malcolm so what did my naughty gift do anyway? both times i attempted to send out a gift it was to people on my nice list (little did i know rei was converted) but just curious
  2. Alas What could have been I forgot to pass out a gift night 3 too
  3. I was legit displeased when some poo poo head gave me that post restriction and i dieded can you not
  4. Haha
  5. v o t e M a r k u s
  6. floooooooooaaaataaaaaa
  7. f l o a t a
  8. f l o a t a !
  9. possibly? if you take away everyone that I think is town or that leans town, then you're left with those who could be scum or neutral, yes? or they could still be town and im wrong, who knows if i had to kill someone today hmm. Based on my limited knowledge (doing this from my work comp, and having only reread up to somewhere near the end of D2 from my comp at home) I think it would still be wunter or cunning I can't remember either of them have done or said anything thus far that makes me think they're town or scum, off the top of my head ofc i'd rather not find myself at MYLO / LYLO down the road, presuming I haven't died by then, with a couple people I have absolutely no read on the tiebreaker between the two then, is that rei thinks cunning is scum. By that, lynching cunning would provide insight on rei. If cunning flips scum then rei is likely town as I believe him to be, and we can be more trusting towards his scum read on jazz If cunning flips town, then we can nuke rei, though wrong=scum is arguably just as bad as alive=scum (additionally although I don't think of it as done with serious intent, cunning was defended by markus earlier this day phase) So i think I'd have to go with that Vote Cunning
  10. i mean i am null on cunning and i think rei leans town soooo.... hmmm i guess so, right?
  11. i saw that the first time around quality
  12. so, sorry, i dont have enough for now to decidedly pick between wunter / cumming (essentially the same person) nelbae beast gemstone malcolm multi for the last X # of scum (probably 1-2, if i had to venture a guess) i still think rei, digbick, and slickz lean town, faint is almost assuredly town, maybe jazz and markus too
  13. Actually I'll have you know im like 80% of the way through rereading day 2's content
  14. just because rei doesnt post ,doesnt mean he doesnt read the thread el mayo fwiw i have absolutely no recollection of you pushing for a lynch / lynches, whereas rei, whether he actually be town or scum, has done so, which can provide insight on his intentions / affiliation later on
  15. iSlickz still tunneling on me i see Tauros Charge engaged
  16. and if you guys are still pulling the "lol let's follow the scanner" trail, silverdude had mentioned 3 players as being scum off the top of my head im guessing his original post, which named mark as confirmed scum, was in reference to him surviving the lynch with his ability, not that he had actually scanned him zzz IDR who the ohter 2 he named were though (gemstone? jazz?), i have the post saved on my desktop at home but yea I'd probably take his mention of the other two with a grain of salt too, unless there's no uncertainty whatsoever in all of his posts that phase where he was calling them scum
  17. u fucks piling votes on rushing to hit majority is suspicious af the post to start the day literally said people who dont make quota get axed this time for real, nelbae! he's serious!!!!
  18. lol it's been a while since ive been in a mafia game and we're STILL on alive=scum? damnnnnnn
  19. why do you / did you trust beast dont think he's made any posts off the top of my head or interacted in such a way that makes me feel that he leans town
  20. i have never played with wunderslaus and cunning before so idk they could be town or they could be scum and neither result would surprise me
  21. yea i dunno on mark stuff ive mentioned before makes me think he shouldn't be scum but then he goes and invites someone he doenst trust to be his scouting buddy wtf
  22. its hard to read through 40 pages of stuff from Day 2 so ill do it later there might be stuff in there that'll change my reads on people
  23. Personally, given what we know of Mark's ability (e.g. not knowing of any limitations, like when it can be used, how many times he can cheat death, etc), if I were scum looking to break the tie I would have offed Tyranno over Mark for sure, provided that they are indeed both scum. I would immediately get rid of a liability on my faction in Tyranno that is going to die sooner rather than later, and am able to preserve alleged scum Mark's deflection ability for later in the game when it can be more effective against town (e.g. it's used to deflect the lynch onto a confirmed townie that scum has to NK and can never lynch). If I as Antag broke the tie to kill Tyranno, who flips scum, then that would boost my "townie" cred as well, which is a desirable result. Subsequently, seeing scummer Antag break the tie with a vote on Tyranno, that just seems odd to me seeing as it's the opposite of the play that I would make if I were scum. The outside play, of course, would to cast OMGUS votes like Juan and Scumwood did on each other that have zero traction towards the lynch, but I am currently unsure if that would be better than just killing comrade Tyranno in light of the above. This does not confirm Mark as town for me, however, as noted in one of my previous points where Tyranno called out Mark, Slickz, and JC as being scum; I can certainly see a world where Tyranno named 2 town 1 scum to hedge for townie cred in case Mark dies before he does. Assuming that my read on Slickz leaning town is correct, then that could imply that Mark is indeed scum