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  1. I beat @Malcom's Multi's Multi 2-1
  2. Thanks guys. I apologize for my Canadian'ness
  3. Venmo isn't available in my area apparently.
  4. Looks to be an issue with sending a different currency from my own.
  5. Yeah looks like almost $10 CAD, to send $5 USD. $2.99 CAD fee. Even as gift.
  6. PayPal wants to charge me $3 (not sure if USD or CAD) to send $5 USD. Can I just send $7 CAD?
  7. I assume this is $5USD......(#canadian)
  8. Im guessing we have to shorten fusion decks to 15 cards? Or is there a way around this for DB?
  9. Who a I paypaling for this? And where can I send my decklist?
  10. Haven't played in a while, but do Lackey or DB work on Android? Or do you need a desktop client? I anticipate being on the road on the 23rd.
  11. Just to confirm this is April 2005 Goat Format, so pre-CRV right?
  12. I haven't logged in for years, but I'd play.
  13. Primal Origin (808)

    The Agent of ______ - Uranus The Agent of ______ - Neptune\   and possibly even (cause AST and the Agent archetype came out when it was still a planet)   The Agent of ______ - Pluto   I want this.