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  1. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    2-0 over nesh my goat vs his recruiter. Ggs
  2. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    2-1 over Scumwood. My goat, his chaos recruiter. Ggs.
  3. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    We both ran goats. Ggs

    my goats vs his zoo
  5. Da D-Boyz Vs Detox

    2-1 over Tango me goats, him goats/reasoning gate then another match 2-0 over Tango me goats, him goats ggs.
  6. Da D-Boyz Vs Detox

    Can anyone play goats for war?
  7. Yes, he could not access his other account. I think his old account was KingTango not sure
  8. friend wants to sign up but is at work at the moment. Dgz: Tangowhacko Format: Goat only Discord: Tangowhacko Can play nights/weeknd
  9. How can I be wrong when all I said is that dont like it Lol
  10. DuelistGroundz username: Skully Discord username: Skully Formats: Goat only Expected level of activity: 3-5 times a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Soul, Jazz, Mascis (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: SJC Top, Nationals Top, won the Kris's Perovics second Newgioh tournament, play goats every week.
  11. Duelingbook

    Skully opt in
  12. No way to make it a command?
  13. Can you add a command for shuffling? The YVD in me keeps pressing ctrl s