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  1. No way to make it a command?
  2. Can you add a command for shuffling? The YVD in me keeps pressing ctrl s
  3. I'll play.
  4. I believe it's Jan 28th
  5. Anyone going to be at the Hartford ARG?
  6. the conclusion was that you can.
  7. The only card not legal is dimensional wall, 3 Skill Drain deals with TER. I have not built it for goat, but I assume the list would look similar to my newgioh CO burn deck.
  8. Have you tried CO burn instead? It sides easier.
  9. how do you join the goat discord?
  10. More cards in each set was one of the first things I brought up about this upcoming run, so I myself am in total agreement. 
  11. NEWGIOH plans to reset back to the starting point of 05 Goat format in December. What direction would you guys like to see the format take compared what Newgioh became this time?
  12. I have been playing zombies no turtles myself.
  13. I guess the format works well for his win a mat tournaments, idk never tried it before.