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  1. The feels when the reset hits and you get 3 key frags for your 3 wins 😎
  2. That's already what it is basically. Alot of the high elo streamers go on about how it's terrible and how they're considering quitting(prob just talk but who knows, that's how it starts) or just go play on their smurfs because they don't want to solo queue into 5 mans. On Twitter players are trying to find a group to play with constantly because playing by yourself is worthless. I'm only plat 5 but my queue times are already 10 mins+ and you can always spot out the players who abused the system and got carried there by a team and are now playing solo because they get dumpstered and have no idea how to play the game on a basic mechanical and theoretical level. I can't stand dynamic queue. As for the guy who said the new champ select has to go with dynamic queue: why? What is the difference between a solo player picking 2 roles and multiple people picking 2 roles in one lobby.If dynamic was gone (like it should be) then the queue times would be fine, the match making would be more even, and solo players would have more impact on the game than just hoping their premade is better than the other. Fortunately I main jungle so I get to have more influence than other solo roles but I still feel useless when my premade 1. Doesn't listen to calls or 2. Makes their own retarded calls and then doesn't even type them out to me so I'm just forced to figure out what my team is trying to do. God dynamic queue is so tilting I can't even organize this post properly 😑
  3. there are people who like dynamic queue. I don't. And I don't mean to say this to offend you because I don't know anything about you but most people in favor of dynamic are filthy casuals and if I cared more I'd hunt down the the link but it was an article about how HotS chose dynamic queue because it was a more casual friendly queue. Again some like it. Some don't. But those who don't shouldn't be forced into it.
  4. New champ select and dynamic queue are not the same thing at all. They were simply introduced at the same time (tinfoil hat time boys) to further garner support for the idiotic dynamic queue. Riot always goes on about clarity but has not clarified this at all. If people actually knew that they were separate I bet at least 1/5th of those that support dynamic queue wouldn't anymore. Sorry I almost broke into a rant there.
  5. What time are you usually on? And holy shit it's been a quick minute since I last saw you on. Pretty sure the last time I played with you was with Ben in like season 3 lol
  6. Doing the same after I get to silver. There's no fun in the game anymore May as well get to gold before you stop so you get free shit when/if you get back
  7. I went 5-5 in placements got placed in silver 3 and haven't dropped a game yet. I forgot what silver was like, it honestly only feels slightly better than bronze. (I'm usually hovering around gold 1 so I'm not even a real person yet but some of these goddamn kids are so bad lol) Edit: Shout out to graves being able to straight up 3v1 kids all day. Epitome of balance.
  8. Computer decided I just NEED these updates. Draft will start in like 2 min
  9. Oh sorry I thought I put pm
  10. I have this problem where I make a bunch of different type Of characters and finish the game with none of them 😕
  11. Draft tomorrow at 930 central.
  12.   Needs one more
  13.   is the link to dgz fantasy league
  14. As soon as the new fantasy league creation opens up Ill make a league and post the link on here so we do our annual DGZ League. It should open up later tonight I imagine.
  15. I cant seem to find tournament coverage from any arg events. Im probably just braindead but does anyone know where to find them? Also is there a place where I can see how many people attended any major tournaments including YCSs? Im writing a business proposal for a retail class and would like to include some market research for the tournament circuits.                Alternatively Obi-wan will also suffice i guess.