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  1. I didnt check but its prolly a year I have mine, have it  removed por favor  
  2. Well thats dependant on what the 2other water monsters/rest of hand actually are
  3. Apparently he didnt appreciate my sarcasm :( unfortunate he didnt get to meet my friend morphing jar
  4. Can I point out how stupid this is "- If the war is close and a team is consistently dodging they will lose a heart. Make sure to post screenshots of people logging out to dodge or saying no without a legitimate reason."   I am of the belief that War Council should try to eliminate as much of the grey area as possible, this rule does the complete opposite. Can someone define to me what exactly is consistent dodging or what exactly will be considered a legitimate reason? Warring is to be done for ones pleasure and if a person doesn't feel like playing at a given time his team is penalized? Last I checked teams were made of 7 players not 1 individual so setting up a game shouldn't be to hard and even then let's say the whole team is collectively dodging theres this neat thing called the 7 day rule which will generally rectifiy the situation.  Whats the need for another subjective rule that leaves the door open to poorous decisions and potential bias. I for one am very happy that I am not currently warring because under new ownership it's turned into quite the joke.  
  5. Tabman couldn't of said it any better, like VicKing Ive ruined you plenty of times. You really aren`t a good player and with your shitty attitude and constant attention seeking you've really hit the trifecta of dislikeable qualities.
  6. Its coming, we got this
  7. Only top 16?   Good job buddy, time to prepare for next event! ( Which I plan on attending) lol  
  8. Bobby 6-1 Sorosh 7-0  Aiello out   
  9. why arent u playing faggot fuck thank god someone realised how good they are, silly plebs using dragon ruler plants still -_-   Didnt get a way there :(
  10. no one cares
  11. Sorosh 4-0 Barone 3-1 Aiello 2-0-1 Marcus 3-0   Neumann dropped   this is what I got so far   
  12. Wiggles approved my thread why did it get deleted?????????
  13. Ah des esti de francophones! Salut
  14.   ur face! going to tdot?     Salut big!   I do love you good sir