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  1. YCS Bochum

    Malinowski, Sandor vs. Engin, Alpay Boulbassakos, Nick vs. Ly, Phi-Long Stefano, Memoli vs. Soegrimsingh, Sheik Beu, Matthias vs. Peiris, P
  2. YCS Bochum

    just 1 greek man...
  3. My style of using INZECTORS (tier1)

    im not travesty but he is nig xD
  4. My style of using INZECTORS (tier1)

    i dont mess with nigs sorry
  5. My style of using INZECTORS (tier1)

    guys im born2own manager!how dare to speak like that to L?? YES HE IS AN ACTOR!!!! He has 2on or 3d role at DEATH NOTE. L dont talk with big tits girls like [url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showuser=25400"]CheeseCake[/url]. i am your manager. leave this job to me!! So.. the build is the best inzector i have ever seen. I believe that L will top at albanian national. and he will participate at valcania yugioh championship.Ypu must post ur agent build too!! this magepower megamorph and united with stand! its just PRO!!!!
  6. Need someone to YVD?

    add me in msn or skype !! msn:darkshadow1989@hotmail.com skype:darkshadow1989gr yvd:pein-1989
  7. Need someone to YVD?

    pein-1989 im looking test my new banlist deck!!!