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  1. I won't be at Indy
  2. Considering hosting a goat format tournament at YCS Toronto on the Friday before, or potentially Sunday evening. Would there be any interest in such an event? Most likely something like $20 entry and 90% payout (10% to pay for the venue, depending on what it is, but in general the vast majority would be returned in prizes. Likely cash prizes.)
  3. Good meeting you, sir, and good job.
  4. Good job, my friend. Always great to see you.
  5. This deck sucks, and you're a bitch.
  6. Wow fuck you for no shoutout
  7. Always great to see you man, good showing yet again
  8. Yeah, if you're referencing the one with the ruling question I was there about
  9. I would try winged tortoise
  10. Sorry, but you're wrong about monk. Idc how it tested; dumping your dead shit to get diamond dude and male utopia/roach is too good. You're playing, what you , diamond dude turbo, and not running the best card to summon diamond dude with. Silliness.
  11. Needs summoner monk
  12. Warning is a bad idea.
  13. how exactly does someone take one of the most used Spanish words outside of Spanish speaking territories and fucking misspell it? Need more lemon pledge
  14. I don't think it was you they listened to.