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  1. NBA '10/'11 Season

    McGrady's return to Houston today. Let's hope the Rockets can pull out the W. The Pistons aren't doing so hot, so hopefully the Rockets can put our disappointing loss to the Bulls behind them. They probably should have won that game, but free throws hurt you in the end. Got to learn to make them. And nobody thought Derrick Rose would hit a pull up 3. It's Derrick Rose for gods sake.
  2. Barclays Premier League

    Mike Ashley really is an idiot. There goes another season Newcastle. They were playing pretty well. I mean, what the hell does he expect? They beat Arsenal, tied to Chelsea and just got promoted too. What a failure of an owner.
  3. NBA '10/'11 Season

    Spurs showing everybody what's up, despite being old. Poppovich is a fantastic coach and he knows how to get all the players involved (I think almost everybody on the Spurs scored today) as they tore the Hornets completely apart. Also, the Nuggets have quietly won 7 in a row and are only half a game behind the Lakers for 4th in the West. I'm not to keen on them (I think they'll fall apart in the playoffs and/or trade Anthony at the deadline). And despite their injury woes, Portland is showing some heart right now as they defeated the Clippers. To be fair, the Clippers starters are awful outside of Griffin and Eric Gordon. Nobody ever expects much from them. Hopefully Griffin will be traded to another team because we know Donald Sterling won't invest in his team at all.
  4. Barclays Premier League

    I love how Chelsea is starting to fall behind. They're all fairly old (Compared to some of the other teams). We'll see how they do when Lampard comes back though. Hopefully Man-U can take advantage of some of the bad form and propel themselves to the top. Their game last week (The one where Berbatov scored 5) should help them with the goal differential. You know know with Man-U though, they'll suddenly think it's OK to lose to an awful team like Blackpool.