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  1. Giving away Jirachis

    1650-3893-8111 ign: Dan   Online now   edit: Just got it. Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    What the actual fuck just happened?
  3. The Official Wrestling Thread

    [quote name='Marcicus' timestamp='1333321568' post='3143290'] anyone else got a streaming site? the one linked isn't working for me. [/quote] http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/116275/1/watch-wwe---wrestlemania-xxviii.html
  4. Legend of Korra

    [quote name='Tygo' timestamp='1332900684' post='3139568'] Link to 2nd ep? [/quote] [url="http://www.gogoanime.com/avatar-the-legend-of-korra-episode-2"]http://www.gogoanime...korra-episode-2[/url]
  5. FFXIII-2

    Did it 9 times but didn't catch them. Soon as i got the fragment skill to increase crystal drop, tried it again, and got lightning. Still didn't get Amodar yet though
  6. The Official Wrestling Thread

    [quote name='Bhurt' timestamp='1323751143' post='3051376'] Does Kane have a brand? I haven't watched in a while. I really hope he is on RAW now. [/quote] Read hes supposed to stay on raw and will be pushed, as a heel.
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

  8. Dueling Network

    ggs wumbo. g1 i couldve played better. next game was long as fuck cause of the reaper lol
  9. Where do you live?

    Brooklyn, NY
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1321901883' post='3035375'] Surprised they only mentioned twitter 4-5 times during Survivor Series. And only once on commentary. Vince must of not been yelling at Michael cole. PLUG TWITTER GOD DAMMIT! YOUR TRENDING ON TWITTER SAY IT!! [/quote] and if you count, the times twitter popped up on the screen showing whats trending, the wrestlers twitters on the tron, etc, its about 50 mentions. 47 exact from what i read. if you dont count the wrestlers twitter names appearing on the tron its like 30 something idk. On everage, every 5 mins there was a twitter mention. and the logo would be on the screen for a good minute saying whats trending. Wouldnt be surprised if it gets worse tonight. Also, according to wwe.com, yesterday night marked the beginning of the 'Entertainment Era' I really dont know what to think... [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1321906957' post='3035452'] [i]Not only did The Rock score the pin over R-Truth in his tag bout against The “Awesome Truth” at Survivor Series but he nailed his WrestleMania opponent, John Cena, with a Rock Bottom after the match. He then spoke to the Madison Square Garden audience following the pay-per-view broadcast.[/i] [i]He started off his speech by saying “Can The Rock get some water? Jesus Christ!” The Rock told a ringside attendant “You better give The Rock some water, or I’ll kick your monkey ass.”[/i] [i]A loud chant then broke out with half the crowd chanting “You still got it!” while the other half chanted “Welcome back!” The Rock told the audience “to make up their damn minds.” He then addressed one-half of the crowd by saying “As far as you still got it, shit, I always had it!”[/i] [i]A “We want Ryder” chant then broke out. The Rock said “Yeah, I love him. I can’t believe how tall that son of a bitch is!”[/i] [i]A fan in the crowd yelled “Are you gonna cry?!” and The Rock responded, “Hell no! I’ll put boots to asses before I cry! There must be some good weed in NYC for people to ask if The Rock is gonna cry!”[/i] [i]The Rock continued speaking by saying that he came to entertain the fans tonight. He thanks them all and says tonight was the greatest night in the history of his WWE career. He says tonight is only the beginning and “the money isn’t that bad either.”[/i] [i]The Rock thanks the fans once more and says goodnight. He spent a lot of time shaking hands around ringside, including the announcers and attendants.[/i] Just..lol [/quote] I loved this lols.
  11. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I loved that ending just now lol
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

    [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1321837971' post='3034760'] [quote name='Killa4nia' timestamp='1321837675' post='3034755'] Survivor Series now!!! My picks: Team Barrett, Eve, The Awesome Truth, Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler. Word going around some failed a wellness test whom is competing tonight. [/quote] Probably cody rhodes, you see you big hes gotten? [/quote] I really hope its not him though =[
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I dont even know what im watching anymore [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1321323960' post='3029436'] Arrive Rock Bottom Leave [/quote] I loved this though
  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    [quote name='Sabrac' timestamp='1321227291' post='3028713'] Glad someone actually remembers. R.I.P Eddie. [i][size=4]– Chris Jericho stated Saturday night on Twitter that he will never wrestle for WWE again. He wrote:[/size][/i] [i][size=4][b]“Let me get something straight…I will never wrestle for the WWE again. But there is some big news coming up in the world of dance…”[/b][/size][/i] [/quote] What are the chances that he's still working the fans. Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AGC-_xRXTo Moment still makes me happy. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero
  15. Got rid of a roach for $65 yesterday in Philly. Good thing too, since I didnt know it went down to $50. Also few friends and I were able to pick up Ultra and Ulti Leviairs for $20 each. As well as Heroes from Legendary Collection for 1s and 2s. What is Ulti leviair currently going for, as well as The E heroes and Super Poly from Legendary Collection?