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  1. I haven't been serious about yugioh since YCS Toronto, and as time passed I've felt less inclined to keep visiting here. I've learned a lot and feel like I've grown a bit from talking to you guys on this forum. I've made lots of friends through yugioh, and it's weird to see that most of them have either moved or stopped playing. When I started going to locals near the end of 2008, so many of the experienced players seemed untouchable. They had been playing for years, knew rulings, knew the cardpool, etc. I've been to locals only a handful of times this year, but every time I am the most seasoned/veteran player there. The others moved on or moved out of town. Not to say that the playerbase is dying; if anything it's at the highest it's been in a long time. It just feels weird to see all these new faces become the regulars. Anyway, I've had lots of big changes in my life this year and it's time for me to leave dgz. Most of you guys are great people and I wish you all the best. I should've made a stronger effort to talk to some of you personally. Marc, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to nats this year. Nik, thanks for being the first veteran player who was welcoming to me. Soul, I thoroughly enjoy all of your posts. Clayton, that war duel where I used Uria and you used 60 card GK Spy control was the most fun I've ever had in yugioh. Atem, thanks for the advice you gave. Triangles dan, the one post you made quoting a guy who said "dually noted" --> "noted twice" is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Thanks to all the dgz players I've met irl, you were all pretty chill.
  2. Chip grease sounds like a poor substitute for water
  3. Legault was my favourite character in Fire Emblem
  4. You guys have made me appreciate my mother more
  5. Happy Canada day
  6. 40 pounds is unrealistic nigga
  7. Fuck that was such a good game
  8. How do you study for midterms/exams?
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