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  1. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Every thing was expected, but let me just say stings time has passed... he looked god awful, and dont get me wrong i love him but jesus..... couple of things i want to say.... SETH MOTHER fucking Rollings, hes at another lvl, cena us actually getting better lol, that hurricane counter? In my life i would of though cena doing that.... and owens is fucking insane.
  2. RIP Nafe

    We technically saw him grow up on this site, i have shivers
  3. RIP Nafe

    Wow i cannot believe this, i remember how he would ask for advise about girls and prom etc....... Rip nafe didnt know you were going through this. Love you lil bro
  4. Ruling

    Yes, the only card nutella player controls is mind crush. It was an argument lol. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ruling

    Player A activates mind crush Player B activates pwwb to mind crush? What happends ? Thank you.
  6. The Official Tennis Thread

    Omg we love you federer please you got this
  7. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    bodan sparro and marcus dgz rooting for you
  8. ARG St. Louis

    congrats man!
  9. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

      LOL and you called me retarded..... goj lurk more, clearly u still dont get it.  TS Fearless, on 03 Jun 2015 - 08:12 AM, said:   I think this is by far the greatest post on this thread.  This is even a greater post. but lets put this scenario then pat. let's say two players run the best deck("the perfect deck"). what would be the scenario here? what percentage would be higher? the player drawing the stones because both decks are that powerful or does skill have a high percentage? really interested in this btw.        On to the person calling jae kim on his dq, for gods sake his deck was stolen lol everyone would of done exactly the same thing. dont kid yourself. and as soul said, joe you truely are a class act.   edit    about memoli, if he's the italian guy, if im not mistaken(which i can totally be), hasn't he been established as dirty player? correct me i'm wrong though.    another thing, my list was pretty accurate pretty similar to most pros on this site, but why has no one consider galileo? i think that guy is the nuts lol. he tops EVERYTHING he enters, or are you guys just doing north america? =(
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    hey guys, been a long time since i posted on this thread.      we all know raw is boring and smackdown is aids, nxt is really fucking cool, but has anyone fucking seen Lucha Underground?    I mean Lucha Underground has the potential to actually beat the wwe...... i've seen matches that feature innovation and things i've never seen before. 
  11. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    Thank you for clariying joe the the loop thing, i remember that your group was discussing the idea, but you guys didn't want to play something so degenerate and just let the idea go away lol.      so from all the list i've seen, we can all confirm that lazaro bellido is the greatest ygo player ever? i mean the guy was NEVER accused of anything and topped and won almost everything he entered lol.    and jeff, so brake doesn't play anymore? or does he still play but does not give a fuck? lol. and someone please tell me the guy that said frogs were tier 0 because of their images... i just want his name. i know he used to live in florida. 
  12. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    I love your post dennis, thank you for that.    Rapture, lol. Funny thing is last time we played for war it was plant format, guess who won? Yep, J o S e J u A n 2 - - Rapture 0, Plant mirror because you were just a lil n00b trying to make a name for himself. I still respect you though, I know edrag mirrors were insane and most times the skilled player won and you topped, no one can deny you are good because trust me i was rooting for you and read your whole report aka the rapture is coming and i enjoyed myself and not only that but i knew you were the better player against your opps by the way you describe your matches. But you always try to insult whenever i post because i say stuff from the past.   My point that I was trying to come across was that anyone know can pick up necroz(or tier 1 for that matter) and  can win. In the past you have picked up a tier one deck, but you would have still lost because there was not that much power creep and the better duelist almost always won because it was a grind fest and you could not put 8000 on the board.     I went to my locals(i live in puerto rico aids lol) and i went there two weeks ago to see the scene  and people were praising people that i used to BEAT them all the time, now they are consider elite players where in reality they would always scrub...... maybe i'm wrong and they just continue playing till they got good? i hope thats the case lol.    I know  I sounded arrogant, old, retarded and whatever else i was called lol, but i would love for someone like jeffjones(which has been on this site far longer than I  and still continues to have success irl) to tell me if it's just me living in the past like raptures says or you just have to have to adapt and accept that modern ygo is still ygo but the % of times you lose against an inferior player just because he can afford necroz is higher.    Maybe CaptainSureaka Joe Gio can write something here. At least I still have faith in ygo because one of my friends irl who used to play with me still plays and is playing necroz and we have a chat on wazzapp and no one has beaten him in the mirror of necroz in forever LOL and he just brags and brags which i find completely hilarious. I just really want someone old school that still plays to post his opinion on modern ygo vs old ygo.    And don't get me wrong, i've lurked always to this day  because once you play this game, you just cant withdraw yourself completely. So i've seen shadoll, burning abyss, necroz, satellar(iknow it's linear deneb search altair set 4 ur turn herp derp lol) and all decks that have been played for the past year.   Just had to post this because i sounded like a douche, when in reality i've played this game as long as anyone but the passion has just faded away even though i still play xD.  I plan on posting more but saw that the war section has been dead and that makes me so sad because that was this websites most priced possesion.    But to continue with the thread   top 5 (no order) lazaro bellido billy brake  jerry wang  hoban(i know i hated on you on the previous post LOL, but you still one of the best players and just to let you know people here in PR jizz your pants and netdeck you all the time and take your word lilke your god, but still the djinn thing was shady as fuck rofl, but hey u didn't cheat so that's funy as fuck)  jeff jones(yo jeff just want to say that people here were scrubbing hardcore with shadoll until you had your asian friend top with your deck, holy shit all of the sudden shadoll topped PR LOL )    shoutouts   i can't believe no one has mention galileo(this dude went 7th or 9th dont remember what position at nats, and went with FROG FTK  and fucking raped anyone, not to mention he still is beasting everyone and has ycs tops. this guy is very underrated.        edit - Props on something cool that i remember    props to the guy who smoked with an alligator and told EVERYONE that frog ftk was the best deck and people told him he was nuts, guess wat? he was 100% right... shit i cant remember his name :(   props to samuel pedigo who got 2nd i believe with fucking geargia in a format that no one knew wtf geargia was LOL   props to acp for inventing the gishki loop with trynet and getting top 32 because some pro player did not scoop because he wasn't aware of what was going on LOL    props to keener for getting second with spell book in worlds, (sorry asian guy rip his only out) was rooting for you man   cons to simon he for using the nail trick on european wcq(wow dude really? -_____-)   props to jeff jones for getting second with fucking PsyCHYS DECK or wtv is called i don't know how to spell  LOL   props to paul cooper for being so annoying with his tier one empy jar deck but now people i think respect him? lol   props to austin kulman for beating emon on nats (grats that you topped more events to prove that you were good)   props to claudio for united gosus, nothing but respect for you man always a class act.    props to soroshfor his rank 4 mermail deck that everyone and their mom netdecked(i hated you cuz my best friend irl netdecked and i couldn't beat him :()   props to billy brake for inventing plants and to this day one of my favorite decks to play   props to motherfucking jonathan labounty for topping with perfect circle (if orangeeyes still post we know you show him a list b4 the event)  that deck was so fun   props to kris perovic for being great goats and inventing motherfucking DDT, holy shit that deck was insane   props to motherfucking T for making that deck with metamorphosis and machine duplication holy shit that was so annoying   props to jae kim for being such a good ygo player, getting his stuff stolen, getting dqd cuz he got another deck, then winning thousands in poker   props to joejoe for making magical hat.dek and raping everyone around 2006 and being successfull also in poker    cons to peter gadget chang for adding traps instead of a gadget and still topping last ycs -_______-   cons to roy st cheat for stacking, stalling and still topping ycs ohio   props to paul levitin because even you cheat, bazoo return was such a good fucking deck   props to brady for keeping alive dgz war and having so many good duelist on all his teams   props to squiddy for being hated by everyone for not knowing how to spell but turning it around and being a fan favorite               tldr a lot of history of the top of my head, more to arrive if someone actually reads this wall of text aka Atem style <3  I have lot of memories...... JJ out.
  13. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    This is a more modern list, cuz u know it took you like 100 events to get good with your grandpa/grandma paying for all your trips, mr shadowman n00b. i remember u getting stomped and being the laughing stock of ygo.  not trying to put you down or anything but i've known you since forever and the amount of time and money u spent, clearly you are top 5. but all your other are just current players playing the game that is not ygo that only required money and playing lots, no real skill tbh i read this past features, all i read was aids.  yeah its all new yugiohs fault only cool kids could win in goat format but now all these gay new cards let all these faggots win tournaments come on KONAMI   wow froggy u got necro grats, oh btw, teledad, plant format(fun as hell the mirror was super fun except playing against karakuri with natbeast cuz u had to play prison -.-) , hell even rescue cat format was still consider ygo, everything after lord of tachyon is aids..... if you cant see this then your stuck on this shitty ass game. i read the winner of columbus report...    his report was more or less something like this    game 1 i djinn lock, he didn't have out game 2 i had out, and then i otk game 3 i djinnlock he didn't have out    wtf is this shit? dont get me wrong, i still play and i know what necroz is and shadoll etc.... but to read hoban's post just grind my gear. of course he can't say anything about the top players of the past cuz he was a full scrub aka the krusty krab. "please erase the  photo"... 
  14. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    who the fuck are you? yeah another random n00b
  15. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    This is a really good list except, emon lost to kulman lol.... i would def put a european up there...