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  1. Mass shooting in California

    Atheism also isn't fixing this. But, I get it is saying those guys are politicians and can try to do something to prevent it.
  2. Inv4 real movie has no Doomsday. New trend, trailers lie to viewers.
  3. So wonder woman is not the green arrow to help batman. Lex creates Doomsday? I was thinking it would be kryptonite. Someone said that kryptonite was going to cause hairloss somewhere. I should have saw a bigger villain coming. Hollywood doesn't know how to end it without a villain losing.
  4. Mass shooting in California

    ... You just said they were in their right minds. So you are contradicting yourself. And using this to say we can never have nice things is completely gw wrong thing to take out of this.
  5. I think a long break is needed

    Although, that is just flavor for rules. I don't have deaths planned, because my game is too Cray.
  6. Switching to local account on win10

    Let me Bing that for you, so I can get some Bing Rewards points. http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/25/windows-10/switch-local-account-windows-10.html
  7. New Digimon Adventure Series

    Is this confirmed?
  8. New Digimon Adventure Series

    Part two is 4 more eps. Part three is final 4 eps. I'll have to look up embodiment of death. But science believes nothingness can creat Life. And nothingness also represents deaths.
  9. Anybody else work at a university?

      Hawkings worked on the theory of imaginary time. There is no proof that I know that shows this was a means against ID. But it conveniently means the universe wasn't created at a single event. You can call it a stretch to say he thinks it supports ID. But it certainly does not disprove ID. He also is quoted on wikipedia as  Sure he is probably referring to some sciences that are predicted. But that is a pretty wtf quote for anyone who just goes along with the educated scientific school system.   Although I have never read it. Jastrow (agnostic) in God and the Astronomer There are many quotes where he states many scientist dislike some of the possibilities that the Big Bang Theory presents. And that is why many old scientist prefer the Steady State Universe, the Multiverse, and such.   I could try to find other quotes and such. But there is hate on the BBT in scientific communities (which != atheist, but is often used in their arguments).
  10. League of Legends

    It's a 447 page thread. My ten posts aren't going to amount to much. Out cow I googled, did tutorial. But I assumed it off 447 pages someone in Dgz might have something else helpful.
  11. people you hope die

  12. people you hope die

    TFJ. This is to dark.
  13. Dragon Ball Super

    Question is will Buu ever turn people to food. Will food people still wreck aka Gogeta.
  14. We can sponsor a few players. $10 contract, with 70% of prizes.
  15. Dragon Ball Super

    I was hoping Universe 6 had really weak Saiyans (for some Saiyan liberation). Strong Friezas and strong Namekians (for a Piccolo upgrade). Was hoping Team Beerus lost and got transferred over. Lots of training. Move back to stop some evil plot. Have Frieza help the Earth a bit. But this is cool too. Someone stronger than Goku. And some new Saiyans. Piccolo and Buu are Bleh.